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Leke Adeboye, Cut the Crap!

By Nneka Okumazie

Leke Adeboye made a distasteful video joking about famine, when there’s none in Nigeria. The video went viral and was widely panned. The video was one of several others he made on social media to make himself seem relatable and cool. But in doing so, he seemed to have given himself not a very great name, by haters, online.

There is no point joking around because the Church has so many enemies, so does your father. There is no point taunting, or arming Daddy Freeze, a strange individual bent on destroying the church.

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Anything you say or do can be picked up by critics to prove a point in this heightened times when the role of the church in society is so misunderstood. And you don’t have to be the linchpin. Not as a minister that you are or as a biological family member of the lead pastor.

You have also made some not really great retweets, and some really unnecessary video posts on Instagram. Be highly cautious if you can, or cut the crap, the scrutiny is immense.

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Your social media strategy should not be extemporaneous. Even when you mean well, or obviously joking it will be taken out of context and weaponized.

You also don’t have to expose ‘all’ the behind the scenes of every crusade or revival trip of your father. He’s not a politician running for office, no need to put him in the crosshairs of haters.

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Social media is an easy temptation to do or say something often, and you don’t have to be driven by that. You can still be there on very limited use, or heavy use, your choice, but you probably have to screen your posts before they go live and may be purge some of your older posts and videos too – just like you deleted the famine and farming video. Your recent Instagram posts with just pictures wishing others well are cool.

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