UN Chief Condemns Killing of 19 by Boko Haram in Lake Chad

By Dipo Olowookere

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr António Guterres, has vehemently condemned the attack launched by Boko Haram on Sunday in the Lake Chad region.

According to media reports, at least 19 people were killed when fighters with the terrorist group, Boko Haram, attacked the village of Malairi on Sunday.

In a statement issued on Monday evening, the UN chief called for those responsible for the deaths to be brought to justice.

“The Secretary-General remains deeply concerned about the persisting violence in the Lake Chad Basin region,” said his spokesman in the statement.

“He commends national and regional initiatives to bring peace and stability to the area and to address the root causes of the conflict,” the statement added.

The Lake Chad Basin region includes Cameroon, Chad and Niger, as well as Nigeria.

The Boko Haram insurgency began in north-eastern Nigeria nearly a decade ago, spilling over the border to the neighbouring countries.

The group’s activities, which include abductions and forcing captives to serve as suicide bombers, have displaced around 10 million people, as of 2017.

The Secretary-General again called on the international community to increase support to regional efforts to fight the militants, which include the establishment of a Multinational Joint Task Force.

Dipo Olowookere is a journalist based in Nigeria that has passion for reporting business news stories. At his leisure time, he watches football and supports 3SC of Ibadan. Mr Olowookere can be reached via dipo.olowookere@businesspost.ng

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