How to Choose Ink Cartridges for Multi-functional Printers

By David Blakey

Printers have become an essential part of everyday life. They help us in fulfilling our printing, scanning, copying, faxing needs. One can easily print his tickets, coupons, T-shirts, project or presentation reports within a few seconds from anywhere.

But, remember, to deliver you the best results, printer loses its ink cartridge life. And it becomes a great headache for the owner to choose the perfect ink cartridge among a number of options. So, let’s make your task easy and discuss the few tips to choose the perfect ink cartridge for your multifunctional printer.

Getting to know about your user’s manual

Almost all manufacturers offer user manual with their product, same the case with the printer. In these manuals, all the details about printer and cartridge are clearly mentioned that which cartridge will be best for your printer and how to replace it. But in any case, you do not find the user manual then you can search on the manufacturer’s website. This will help you choose the ink cartridge of original or compatible brands.

Know Your Requirements

The printing requirement varies for everyone. Like many need to work on text-based documents, then it’s better to choose a black ink cartridge, as they are cheap printer cartridges too. On the other side, if you prefer to work more on coloured documents, like coloured texts, pictures, business presentations, school projects or assignments then coloured cartridge is the best choice. But they little-bit bears high cost compared to others.

Check the Size of Printer

Accurate cartridge size identification is very crucial as it will help you for choosing the right cartridge with perfect fitting in the first go. For this, you need to check the sticker located somewhere on the body of your printer. Most probably it is on the backside of the printer.

Know About Page Yield Capacity

This refers to the number of pages that a cartridge can print. Like if you are using occasionally printer then cartridge with 1200 page yield capacity can be a good option, as the cost is spread over the life of the cartridge. On the other side, if you take more print outs, then you can check for 2300 page yield capacity cartridges.

Choose From OEM, Compatible or Refilling

OEM cartridges are originally manufactured from the printer’s manufacturer and are blessed with the highest quality. But with a high cost too. Compatible cartridges are manufactured from a third-party manufacturer. These are designed to according to wide printer range, therefore can fit in any printers. At last, remanufactured cartridges are the cheapest among all the categories as these are made from recycled cartridges.

Check the Warranty

As you know all cartridges do not come with the warranty, mainly, remanufactured. Therefore, while buying a high page yield cartridge for your printer, always considered the warranty factor provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure you that in case of any faulty shopping you will surely get its replacement.

Choose Between Individual or Bulk Purchase

If you are a business owner, then buying ink cartridge is bulk will be a sensible decision. As you need them on a regular basis for fulfilling your printing needs. In addition, many retailers also offer discounts on bulk purchasing from them. On the other side, if you use the printer for personal use then purchasing an individual cartridge will be worth, as it cost you little high cost.

Bottom Line

Finally, the choice of printer varies from person to person based on their requirements and printer. But the above discussed basic tips will help you to make your choice more effective and easy. Moreover, these tips will make you aware of some hidden facts that the seller may not guide you.

David Blakey was born and raised in Australia. He is working for Hot Toner, the leading online supplier of Premium brother printer cartridges, Toner Cartridges and Other Consumables for Printers. He is hardworking, competent and trustworthy. He loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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