My Wife Still Regrets Almost Wrecking our Marriage–Afeez Owo



By Dipo Olowookere

Yoruba actor and filmmaker, Abiodun Afeez, otherwise known as Afeez Owo, has disclosed that his actress wife, Mide Martins, still regrets her actions that almost ruined their 17-year-old marriage.

Recall that sometime in 2016, his wife claimed on social media that her husband had abandoned her and the kids.

The issue was tensed and it was feared then that the woman would eventually leave her husband. It was not the first time such had happened. However, close friends and family members waded into the matter and resolved it for them.

Speaking with Punch recently, Afeez Owo blamed his wife’s friends for the 2016 crisis.

He accused them of wrongly advising his wife in a bid to wreck her home.

“There will always be challenges in a home but it depends on how you handle them.

“Friends nearly ruined our marriage; my wife was wrongly advised.

“As we speak, she still regrets all those things she did or said.

“Couples will always fight, but they don’t need to let their neighbours know about it. We’ve made our mistakes and we have learnt from it. We don’t pray for that anymore,” Mr Owo said.

He also rubbished claims that the reported fight was a publicity stunt for a movie, saying people were fond of spreading rumours.

On how he met his Mide Martins, the actor said, “God just said she would be my wife.

“When my ex-girlfriend cheated on me then, she was one of the people who begged on her behalf but I had already made up my mind.

“It was after a while I started dating Mide. We have been married for 17 years. I have known my wife for 25 years. My wife is like my mother and I love her so much. She also sees me as her father.”

Mr Owo has also assured his wife that he has no plans of marrying another woman despite being a Muslim because he does not want trouble for him.

“My father did not try to marry many wives because he was a peaceful person and I take after him in that regard.

“Though the Quran permits us to marry more than a wife, I am not interested in it. It will bring more problems for me and I don’t want it,” he declared.

Additional information from Punch

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