How to Judge if Your Wife is Cheating on You?

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Unfortunately, you could just be correct if you feel your wife is cheating on you. That’s the aspect nobody wants to recognize. It’s because you’ve had your doubts and want to set your client at rest if you’ve made your way to this post. 

Perhaps you have gotten caught in a spiral of depression and with each passing day, you notice yourself becoming more suspicious. This isn’t simple. And neither is your wife dreaming about sleeping with someone else.

For very various reasons, women cheat more than males cheat. So you need to be completely sure before you go and accuse her of sleeping around. If you need some evidence for your peace of mind and to back up your assumptions when you confront her, here’s how you can tell that she’s sleeping with someone else.

She pays a lot of attention to her phone

Yeah, everyone pays a lot of attention to their phones these days, but you will be right to doubt her motives if she prefers to browse through social media or respond to text messages instead of talking to you.

According to psychologist and therapist Dr Tracey Phillips, it could be a sign of deception to hide stuff from you on their phone:

“In your presence, they might try to avoid receiving any questionable calls or texts.”

She may not even know she’s doing it, but if she has an affair, you can bet she’s going to be defensive and offended by the implication that she’s doing something other than posting her new selfie photo.

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Pay attention if your wife is unreachable for long periods

This could be a cause for alarm if your wife unexpectedly stops answering your calls and answering your messages. Note if you have difficulty obtaining an answer multiple times a week, as well as the period of the day when this happens. Seek information when she provides you with reasons to see if her narrative shifts and consider if the explanation makes sense.

Let’s say, for instance, your wife normally answers your texts when she’s in the office, but she hasn’t answered lately. Chat about what’s going on with her. She’s likely been busy working on a major project, but it’s also possible that she’s spending quality time with somebody else optimizing their texts.

Attitude Changes

Your wife can encounter stressful situations or problems with other relationships that can contribute to attitude changes. Consider other factors, as well as the possibility for unfaithfulness, when you see these symptoms.

  • Signs of low self-esteem are displayed by your wife.
  • Your wife has a sense of uncertainty about herself, you realize.
  • There’s more derogatory about your wife than ever.
  • It makes your wife more skeptical of you.
  • More frequently, the wife appears to be picking battles.
  • If you suggest infidelity or scandals, your wife gets protective.
  • You do not feel pleased with the answer when you ask for reassurance about cheating.

Significantly less, or more, or different sex in your relationship

An indication of unfaithfulness may be both decreased and improved levels of sexual activity in your relationship. Less sex happens when someone else is focusing on your wife; more sex happens because she is trying to cover it up.

Another potential indication of adultery is that you think less emotionally connected to the sex you and your wife have. Yet another potential indication is that new strategies and practices are being incorporated into your sex life by your wife. As much as you would like that, outside of your relationship, it’s likely that she is learning new techniques.

Emotional intimacy has faded

No relation is as strong after a few years as it was in the first few months. That said, over time, we begin to bond and communicate safely, coming to trust each other with our secrets, our wishes, and other significant aspects of our lives. The method is referred to as developing emotional intimacy.

And emotional intimacy is what, long after the flower is off the rose, holds us bound to our significant other, so to clarify. So if your wife probably seems to you to be less emotionally sensitive and romantic and does not seem to want you to be emotionally sensitive and romantic, that’s a clear sign that their attention has changed, most likely to an affair partner.


It is an awful feeling to worry that your wife is cheating, so you will want to get to reality quickly. Often the indications of cheating are hard to recognize, particularly if you’re getting slighted.

Research the actions and appearance of your wife to look for odd changes if you’re concerned about your relationship. Pay close attention to her social behaviours, her actions at home, and her appearance changes.

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