More Incidents At Philly’s Valley Forge Casino Resort

February 14, 2023
Valley Forge Casino Resort

The Valley Forge Casino Resort has long been a popular destination for tourists and casino enthusiasts alike. The only such resort in Philadelphia, Valley Forge, was opened in 2012 and has welcomed many visitors through the years. However, the venue has been the scene of multiple incidents in recent months. More than enough to raise concern among authorities and customers alike. From counterfeit $100 bills to a potential lawsuit, this resort doesn’t seem to be getting a break lately. Continue reading to find out more about these odd events and others.

Counterfeit $100 Bills Identified

The story of counterfeit $100 notes appearing in casinos began in 2020. More specifically, in December, four Philadelphia residents were arrested for using counterfeit money at several casinos. At the Valley Forge resort, one of the detainees allegedly used 20 fake $100 bills.

All the $100 bills used by the offenders had the same serial number, and the staff failed to identify that the money was not legitimate. Furthermore, in March 2022, another such banknote was identified at the location and authorities contacted the Secret Service for further investigation.

The same thing happened in June and again in July when three more $100 counterfeit bills were discovered at Philadelphia’s casino resort. It is unclear whether the more recent events are related to the first criminal activity. It did, however, raise concerns about the venue’s ability to authenticate the payments received.

Unlucky Player Flees with his Bet

A player at the Valley Forge casino used cheques to place a $1,200 bet in September 2022. Everything seemed normal at first, but the man quickly realized that he had lost his bet and grabbed the cheques from the dealer’s grasp before fleeing the casino. Pennsylvania authorities launched an immediate search for the individual, the sole indication being that he was wearing a hat with an “M” insignia on it.

It’s still unclear how the suspect got the money from the dealer or why the security personnel didn’t catch him before he fled the casino. But one thing is certain: such an event will undoubtedly motivate other disgruntled players to try to make a break with their lost bets.

Stolen Money

On December 31, 2022, an unfortunate incident occurred when $200 was stolen from the Valley Forge Casino in Pennsylvania. The thief was identified as a 61-year-old casino security guard from Philadelphia. The money had been placed in an envelope by mistake at the casino’s front desk by an unnamed 34-year-old Coatesville resident. The envelope was then given to the casino’s security team by an employee. The guard then grabbed the envelope, put it in her pocket, and fled the casino. However, she was not able to get away with her crime and was eventually apprehended by state troopers. She has been charged with theft and receiving stolen property.

Card Counter Allegedly Roughed Up

Robert Forlina, filed a lawsuit against Valley Forge Casino after claiming he had been physically assaulted by its security team, which included a state trooper. He had been accused of counting cards at the blackjack table and, as a result, was allegedly searched, chained to a seat, and denied water before the casino cashed in his chips and returned some of the money they had taken from him.

Forlina sued the casino and its security team for false arrest, false imprisonment, illegal search, assault and battery, and malicious prosecution, and sought in excess of $150,000 in damages. Unfortunately for Forlina, a federal appeals court upheld the lower court’s dismissal of his lawsuit against the casino, stating that the casino had not violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, as Forlina had claimed.

Final Thoughts

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Dipo Olowookere

Dipo Olowookere is a journalist based in Nigeria that has passion for reporting business news stories. At his leisure time, he watches football and supports 3SC of Ibadan.

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