Tips and Tricks to Master Your Gameplay in Hangar Map in PUBG Mobile

December 22, 2022
PUBG Mobile

As one of the most popular multiplayer battle royale games, PUBG Mobile has gained popularity. The maps are the most thrilling aspect of the game. The game has long been renowned for its fresh features, outfits, and levels. A prime illustration is the introduction of PUBG Mobile’s new Hangar Map. They will examine various PUBG cheats strategies on our site for mastering the new Hangar map in PUBG Mobile’s Arena Training.

Strategies for PUBG cheats


Ammunition management may be challenging. In the early stages of the game, collect every kind of ammunition until you discover a set of guns that you are happy with. Remove any extra ammunition to create room in your backpack for other goods. If your buddy finds the bullet you dropped beneficially, it is advised to label it. As you advance through the game, keep an eye on how much ammunition you have and continue looting enemy boxes. To avoid delays between battles, make sure you keep reloading your gun.


Sharing your winnings with colleagues is a wise practice. If you have no use for something, there is no purpose in holding it; instead, give it to someone who might. If you discover additional ammunition, scopes, or healing, mark the goods on the ground and let your teammates know about them.

Graphic settings:

The video game PUBG Mobile uses many resources. The majority of top tablets and smartphones should provide the sharpest graphics. It is advised to choose the maximum frame rate your device can support and set the settings to Smooth. The gameplay is pretty smooth at 90 frames per second, which is the best choice. A phone or tablet with at least a 90Hz display refresh rate is required. The game responds to your commands more quickly at a greater frame rate.

Voice access:

Utilizing the in-game voice chat feature is the best and most efficient method to interact. To avoid disrupting the other players on your team, ensure you are not playing in a noisy setting before turning on your microphone. You may use the ‘touch to talk’ feature or rapidly toggle your microphone on and off using the toggles. To provide your crew with precise directions, you should also use the compass on the top.

Know the zones:

On the map, the red zone is a haphazardly placed area to be avoided at all costs. If you don’t find shelter until the area is safe, bombs falling from the sky might blast you away. Don’t get alarmed if you encounter the first two circles in the blue zone because they don’t deal much damage. The final few circles are what you need to be concerned about.

Auto pick up:

Auto-pick items are available in PUBG Mobile. You may activate or disable this function from the options and even specify a cap on ammunition, recovery items, throwables, and scopes. This can save you a lot of time and space in your rucksack by avoiding the need to pick up every single object on the ground.

Use vehicle properly:

You can employ a variety of vehicles throughout the game. Drive carefully since the noise your opponents produce makes it simple for them to find you. Additionally, keep an eye on your vehicle’s health bar to avoid ending up in a pile of burned trash. Carrying a gas can with you makes it easier to replenish your automobile when necessary.

Freefall speed:

You push forward with your controller as soon as you exit the airplane and drop toward the earth. This takes you to the ground more quickly so that you aren’t floating down while others are grabbing weapons and getting ready to kill you. Your “chute” automatically opens, so you don’t need to worry.

Final verdict

Before charging into a structure to set up an ambush, plan your approach. To track down enemies effectively, check your corners, pay attention to footsteps, deploy grenades, and work with your squad. Running directly into the opposition will never be beneficial. The PUBG Mobile tips and methods stated above will undoubtedly aid you in improving your performance as a player. Adjusting your settings, landing in the ideal PUBG locations, and equipping yourself with the appropriate equipment and weaponry may significantly increase your chances of getting a chicken supper.

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