Airtel Gets NCC Approval to Reject Calls from Glo Subscribers

Airtel Glo subscribers
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By Adedapo Adesanya

Due to the failure of Globacom to settle its interconnect debts to Airtel, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has granted Airtel Networks Limited an approval to partially disconnect Globacom from its network.

The partial disconnection will make it impossible for Glo subscribers to make calls to Airtel network but the arrangement is set up that can however, receive calls from the network.

The disconnection is to take effect from Monday, October 28, 2019.

Airtel would not be the first telecommunication company to accuse Globacom of not fulfilling its end of the bargain as MTN had earlier in the year laid the same claim and threatened to cut off the network but saw an intervention of the industry’s regulator, the NCC.

Telcos settle interconnect bills through clearing houses approved and licensed by the NCC. The bills are generated from charges for calls from a particular network that terminate on another network.

In a statement released by the NCC’s through its Director of Public Affairs, Mr Henry Nkemadu, dated October 18, it was disclosed that Glo mobile was notified of the application and was given opportunity to comment and state its case.

“The Commission having examined the application and circumstances surrounding the indebtedness determined that the affected operator does not have sufficient reason for non-payment of interconnect charges,” the statement read.

“All subscribers are, therefore, requested to take notice that the Commission has approved the partial disconnection of Glo mobile by Airtel in accordance with Section 100 of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 and the Guidelines and Procedure for Granting Approval to disconnect Telecommunication Operators,” it added.

At the expiration of 10 days from the date of the notice, subscribers on the network of Globacom will no longer be able to make calls to Airtel but they will be able to receive calls. The partial disconnection, however, will allow in-bound calls to the Glo mobile network.

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