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Top 10 Apps to Track a Cell Phone’s Location in 2021




Curious about knowing someone’s location? If so, then you are in the exact place to determine. We will present the best apps to track a cell phone’s location in 2021. It is not such a complicated task as it seems.

Once you have a reliable application, half of your concern is off your shoulders. We are quite confident that by the end of this article, you will have the application you wish to spy with. Just stick to this article without skipping any part, and you will also know how these applications work.

  1. Spyier

The application of ages is Spyier. It is present for a long time in the market and has earned many followers and trust in this time-frame. Though it is quite old, it still has managed to provide all the facilities that any present-day application has facilitated its user with.

It has all the facilities that a person would need to spy peacefully. Even it has some edge cutting facilities that other applications have failed to provide. Seems interesting, right? If you want to discover more directly, go to the official site of Spyier.


Location tracking can be effortless when you choose to use Spyier’s Geo-fencing tool. This tool allows users to locate the target device wherever it is. The users can also keep an eye on the target device’s current and past locations with this tool’s help.

Further, they can also receive alerts about the target device passing some particular places. All the user needs to do is to mark a few places on the map. As a result, whenever the device gives a marked spot, the user will receive alerts.


Has someone thought before that location tracking can be this easy? Of course not. Spyier works for the welfare of people and to provide them with top facilities with ease. Spyier can be everything, but its services can’t be hard to utilize.

Easiness in the commands

Spyier comes with the easiest of all the commands to be followed. Anyone can get familiar with this tool very quickly. Even beginners can use this application without any issues. No kind of technical knowledge is required to work with this application.

Rooting or Jailbreakingier outfits its users to spy on someone’s phone without rooting or jailbreaking, software hack for android and IOS, respectively. It is also way more complicated to understand; thus, technical knowledge is required to use them.

Though other applications are not providing it, Spyier is determined to work for the ease of people. So it comes with the services and features which are facile in actual terms. Not only on the apparent level.

Live demo and the trial.

Eventually, the users can visit the official site to watch the live demo. It is placed there to dissolve any query related to Spyier when the user faces it. It also has a trial for a month approx. So that all of the questions be resolved.

The trial period helps the user become familiar with the application more precisely than a demo or the introduction available on the site. Also, the user gets to know what the application is about before buying the services. The user does not have to pay for the trial

because it is free.

  1. Minspy

An application that can be used to spy on any of the electronic devices is Minspy. It is the tool you can, without giving second thoughts, can rely upon as reliable and trusted by many. The android devices must be above android4 or more.

minspy-box-2019 (1)

There is no need for downloading the application or touching the device physically. Instead, you can perform your spying errands remaining miles and miles away from the target device. The icing on the cake is that it comes with very economical packages. So no worries regarding its subscription plans.

  1. Spyine

How can we forget about talking Spyine? The most loved application by the audience. Spyine has all the most straightforward commands and all the top-notch facilities. It works for both operating systems, just with a few differences, which you can learn by paying a visit to its official site.


It works as lights in the dark for people who require some precise application. It does not use any of the private data of the users against them. Further, it keeps its users’ privacy intact, which most applications have failed to provide. There are many such cases seen, but with Spyine, there is nothing to be worried about.

  1. Spyic

Spyic allows its users to spy upon the target device without touching it. Yes, it is possible that you can keep an eye on the target device without touching it.


All you need is to provide the ICloud details of the device to be spied, wait for the data to be synced, and let the application perform its work. Also, it works in the Stealth mode, so worries about being caught.

  1. Neatspy

Using Neatspy for your spying errands is entirely safe and secure. Further, it is also legal, so no concerns over the legal values should be there. People are using it worldwide, and they love it because of its high-performance and top features. Also, it keeps the privacy of its customer’s top priority and never uses their private data against them.


  1. Safespy

All the people who want to track someone can use the tracking services of Safespy. It is entirely safe and secure to be used. It allows the user to track without rooting, jailbreaking, and such things.

safespy-box (1)

They both are tough to execute programs and require technical knowledge, as well. But Safespy works for the ease of people and never comes with a service that can be challenging to implement.

  1. Spyzie

Spyzie makes its users see all the activities taking place on the target device remotely. With the assistance of Spyzie, you can see locations, see program history, monitor the area, and see pictures, recordings, contact numbers, names, and gain proficiency with significantly more. Nothing on the planet will stay undetected when you have Spyzie close by.


  1. TeenSafe

TeenSafe is among those reliable applications which people trust. As a result, you can make this application work according to your requirements whenever you need to without considering the lawful issues without any doubt legal to be used. This application is an ideal decision one could decide if they need their spying work flawless and private.


  1. FoneMonitor

The last application we will talk about today is FoneMonitor. You will not find anything like this when you require some cost-effective or budget-friendly tool. It gives a wide range of features in minimal amounts. Also, it is feasible for both operating systems. The user can trust it blindly because it is reliable to be utilized.


  1. Cocospy

Cocospy makes sure that its users get all the super facilities by them. So it has all the facilities to spy upon a person. Whether you are willing to know about the location or want to see that person’s social media activities, you can do all. With just one tool in hand, that is Cocospy.



We are sure that you may have found the one application you are willing to use for your spying errands. If you want to discover more about these applications, you can visit their homepages to find more complicated things.

Please keep us updated about your experience with these applications, as your feedback matters a lot. If you encounter some issue, you can contact customer care or come to us, and we will try our best to reach out to you in time.

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Most Insightful Types of Eyelashes Boxes



Eyelashes Boxes

If you’re running a cosmetic business, you can manufacture these boxes to impress your customers and to extend your sales. These boxes are created with the client’s favoured packaging material and also the involved whole brand is imprinted on them.

Dreamy, supernatural eyes with a flutter of luscious eyelashes are solely found within the novels.

In reality, not everyone’s endowed with the long, thick lash line. Similar to makeup is employed to reinforce your options; false eyelashes are accustomed to creating your eyes look sound.

There are such a big amount of brands and kinds of eyelashes obtainable within the market, it may be confusing finding the proper one for you. Material, shape, thickness, and length are vital factors to stay in mind once shopping for falsies. So, eyelashes boxes can enhance the outlook of items.

Types of Eyelashes:

For convenience and to own an improved understanding, I’ve classified eyelash boxes into 3 main sorts.

  • Strip Lashes Boxes: These are the common kind of eyelashes boxes we’re acquainted with; within the type of a strip. They’ll be applied to your natural lash line with a skin-friendly adhesive. Except for some individuals, these may be a bit significant and tough to wear particularly for extended durations.
  • Individual Flare Boxes: These are available tiny clusters that may be adjusted among natural cilia in custom eyelash boxes. They’re conjointly applied with adhesive and are comparatively more leisurely to wear. They conjointly look additional natural and don’t place a lot of strain on the eyes.
  • Individual Single Boxes: These are available in tiny parts, simply 2 or 3 lashes. They are adjusted among natural eyelashes and provides the foremost realistic look. If you would like to wear them while not creating it obvious, this is for you. In my expertise, these are in all probability the foremost comfy to wear for extended durations. You don’t even feel you’re carrying some foreign in your lashes.


False eyelashes have to return an extended means since their dawn. At first, it had been simply artificial lashes that were very uncomfortable to wear; some individuals were even allergic to those artificial materials.

No smart makeup whole makes these low-cost synthetics any longer. There are unit four main materials used for creating falsies. Silk eyelashes are artificial; they’re soft and have a luscious feel to the touch.

These are the most affordable kind you’ll be able to realize lately. They are available within the strip, flare, and individual hair type. These lashes aren’t ideal for carrying for extended durations.

Real mink lashes return from the fur of Siberian or Chinese mink. These are harvested from farm-bred minks. These are soft, fluffy, and comfy to wear. I in person don’t like carrying these as a result of, albeit firms claim that minks aren’t injured throughout the gathering, no living being deserves to be treated sort of goods. However, would companies tend to feel if a large unbroken

These boxes are visually enticing for the customers for retailers, it’s vital to point outputting and appealing things significantly if there ought to be a happening of restorative things since people like to purchase attractive things.

To create the business proportion of eyelashes they have seductive packaging for show. To form your eyelashes additional seductive and engaging before customers, you have got to gift them in a very putting approach. Custom prints and plans build a packaging appearance all the additional putting and eye-getting for purchasers initially sight.

Different Patterns:

By victimization enticing colour patterns, designs, styles, and layout on these boxes, you’ll grab the eye of the shoppers to a larger extent than before.

A solid client provides high-quality eco-friendly boxes for shipping and shows functions to the Lash Vendors out there. Sturdy and durable material proof against environmental factors is most popular to use whereas the aim is to ship the things, particularly at the customer’s place.

These boxes for shipping purposes have all the mandatory details written on them relating to the cargo and products themselves.
They usually are available custom-built boxes that do not solely draw the eye of girls however conjointly defend the eyelashes.

Companies tend to build these boxes in numerous designs and shapes to modify your show eyelashes appealingly to your potential customers.

Everyone must have seductive and marvellous Eyelashes to form them look partaking. Several individuals either girls or men haven’t got thick eyelashes so that they would like artificial ones to form their eye appearance higher.

As Eyelashes are delicate and touchy cosmetics parts, they have uncommon security to abstain from any disintegrating and collapsing packaging has quality in business sectors to defend artificial eyelashes from any hurt so, eyelashes boxes are created and planned according to fashion. These containers are usually altered hoping on the quantity and size of the Eyelashes.

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Lagos Seals Home Affairs Supermarket Over Expired Items



Home Affairs Supermarket

By Dipo Olowookere

One of the retail stores in the Ogba axis of Lagos State, Home Affairs Supermarket tucked on 21, Ijaye Road, has been sealed by officials of the Lagos State government.

The place was shut down on Thursday for allegedly displaying some expired products for sale to unsuspecting members of the public.

The General Manager of the Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA), Mr Afolabi Solebo, explained that the agency took the action as part of efforts to rid the metropolis of all forms of unwholesome products and ensure that consumers’ rights are protected.

According to him, when LASCOPA arrived at the supermarket, it found on its shelves some expired products such as Kelloggs Krave (Chocolate Hazelnut) and frozen foods.

Mr Solebo lamented that despite several public enlightenment campaigns and warnings by LASCOPA, store managers still sell expired and hazardous products which are inimical to human health in contravention of the state government’s directives on the sale of unwholesome goods.

“I personally discovered the expired items on the supermarket shelves on February 23, 2021, while on a routine check of supermarkets in the area.

“On discovering the expired products, I told the staff to remove the items from the shelves, which they did in my presence, only for the monitoring and enforcement team to [later] go there and discovered that the items have been returned to the promo shelf,” the General Manager of the agency said.

He noted that LASCOPA had to seal Home Affairs Supermarket in the interest of the general consumers in the state, adding that the organisation will not fail to initiate litigation if retail shops and supermarkets do not stop displaying expired products for sale.

While charging consumers not to hesitate to report any supermarket or shops within the state where expired products are sold, he enjoined residents to submit their complaints free of charge by visiting the office of LASCOPA at 2b, Soji Adepegba Close, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, or send correspondence to the agency’s e-mail addresses: and for necessary action.

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Iyayi Redefines Nigeria’s Media Buying Industry With AdTraders



Elo Iyayi AdTraders Media Limited

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

The media buying industry in Nigeria will soon witness a transformation with the birth of AdTraders, founded by a respected name in the advertising sector, Ms Elo Iyayi.

Ms Iyayi started her career in advertising in 2004 and worked with notable firms like McCann Erikson, Lowe Lintas Lagos, 141Worldwide, Leo Burnett Lagos and SHAREMIND Lagos.

During this period, she managed accounts of big brands like Nigerian Breweries Plc, British Airways, Unilever Nigeria Plc, where she lent her expertise to well known and loved brands like Close-Up, Knorr, Lipton and Omo, as well as Hayat Kimya, custodians of Molfix, Bebem, Familia and Papia.

She further worked with British American Tobacco (Dunhill, Benson & Hedges, Pall Mall and Craven), as well as Philip Morris- Malboro and Chesterfield.

After working with these brands, she felt there was still a gap somewhere, which inspired her to set up AdTraders and according to her, no one could have anticipated the effect of COVID-19 on an already fragmented audience.

She said even advertisers, who anticipated the decline of TV’s power in the wake of the internet, must be aghast at the impact of streaming channels and podcasts, while less time in the car and office has made significant inroads into radio’s listenership.

Ms Iyayi submitted that such innovation can create havoc for an advertiser or with the right media buying partner by their side, it can create enormous opportunity.

This is why it makes sense to join forces with AdTraders; an agency with the flexibility and foresight to adapt to this ever-changing landscape, she stated.

The industry expert explained that AdTraders’ approach is a long-term one as the agency strives to nurture relationships rooted in a thorough understanding of the brand, its goals and aspirations, so that – through ongoing measurement and a data-driven response – the agency is able to adjust strategies in order to achieve optimal effectiveness.

Ms Iyayi believes that the flux to the media landscape is currently experiencing is just the beginning. Going forward, it is inevitable that the trends that defined innovation today will be forgotten by tomorrow. This is why AdTraders focuses on helping brands get to grips with what may come to be, rather than what is.”

Therefore, in line with this, the agency works non-stop to create real value. This is achieved thanks to the input of a highly experienced team of negotiators, skilled at creating deal structures that make media spend work harder for clients.

Added to this, the team is well-versed in the pros and cons of all media touchpoints, objectively identifying that which offers the most cost-effective buy for clients, she said.

She assured that AdTraders brings a fresh perspective that turns its back on the staid and irrelevant, helping clients to plug into a new type of consumer living in a new type of environment.

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Nestle Rebrands Milo RTD Packs for Cleaner Environment



Milo RTD pack

By Ahmed Rahma

A leading beverage company, Nestlé Nigeria Plc, makers of Nestle Milo, has changed the pack of its Ready-To-Drink from plastic to paper straws for a cleaner environment.

In a statement by the company on Monday, this is with the aim of eliminating 60 metric tonnes of plastic yearly.

The company added that the bold step was to deliver on its global commitment to make 100 per cent of Nestlé’s packaging recyclable or re-usable by 2025 to protect the environment.

The newly developed paper straws are 100 per cent biodegradable as well as safe and easy to use and consumers can purchase the new packs starting this February.

Speaking on the paper straws for Milo Ready-To-Drink (RTD), Mr Wassim Elhusseini, the MD/CEO for Nestlé Nigeria, said: “We are proud to take this leading action to protect the environment.

“Transforming how we make, use, reuse and recycle our packaging plays an important role in the bold commitments we have made to reduce packaging waste and mitigate climate change.”

“This is proof that Nestlé and other companies can be a force for good in society by providing products that are good for people and good for the planet,” Mr Wassim reaffirmed.

Also, Mr Olutayo Olatunji, Category Manager, Beverages, Nigeria, stated that, “By introducing papers straws, Milo is shoulder-to-shoulder with consumers to improve our environment.”

“We are doing our best to guarantee that our consumers continue to enjoy the delicious MILO RTD they love with the added assurance that it is packaged safely and sustainably,” he further said.

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Nigerian Int’l Trade Expert Unveils Platform to Link Buyers, Sellers



Olugbemiga Ojo EXIM Trade Options

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

One of the major problems Nigerian manufacturers face, especially those on a small and medium scale, is selling their products in the international market.

Selling for export is what many people see as a daunting task but for those who know the nitty-gritty, it is one of the easiest forms of trade.

It is unfortunate that this gap seems to have been left wide open and this may have prompted a Nigerian international trade expert, Mr Olugbemiga Ojo, to take up the task to assist business owners to tackle this issue head-on.

The alumnus of the Harvard Law School on Thursday, February 4, 2021, launched a platform called EXIM Trade Options.

The initiative, which was introduced under Lakinberg LLC, is to boost export and import trade on the African continent and across the world.

The trading platform is structured to manage the end-to-end of the supply chain for both importers and exporters from any part of the world with the protection of the legal framework and insurance against losses.

It provides array of opportunities, with four payment and service packages to accommodate different capabilities including SMEs.

Speaking at the unveiling, Mr Ojo, a Notary Public in Washington DC and the State of Maryland, explained that the new platform creates a seamless flow of the supply value chain linked to reputable buyers and sellers around the world.

He assured that the company will provide end-to-end support to clients’ transactions “whether you buy, sell, or want to see samples [and provide] matches for goods and services that will accelerate your business growth.”

This, Business Post gathered the company hopes to achieve this with the assistance of the brilliant minds on the team, which include Mr Joel Patenaude, who is the Executive Vice President of the company, and Mr Peter Ojo, the Vice President of the firm.

The CEO of Lakinberg LLC, Mr Olugbemiga Ojo, is a renowned corporate commercial attorney with expertise in international trade law.

No wonder at the launch of the platform, several dignitaries and stakeholder in the industry were present to honour him, including the MD/CEO of the Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL), who was represented by the Assistant General Manager Mr Eze Nwakanwa.

Others at the event were the CEO of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) represented by Mrs Getrude Ukuoanem; Mr Tunde Sodade of Lekki Free Trade Zone and Mr Gary Scotland, the Head of West Africa Trade and Investment Hub at United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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Cold Stone Creamery Unveils Mobile App



Cold Stone Creamery

By Ahmed Rahma

A leading ice cream brand across the world, Cold Stone Creamery, has launched a mobile application and an e-commerce site to make it easier for its Nigerian customers to make orders.

The company disclosed that the new app is simple, fast, easy to use and offers indulgence on the go, expressing optimism that it would grow its customer base.

“As a food and lifestyle brand, we are all about bringing satisfaction to our customers as well as making their lives easier,” the Marketing Director of Eat’N’Go, Mr Ilyas Kazeem, stated.

“We have offered all kinds of indulgences over the years, and we believe that our customers enjoy our products. It has only become expedient that we make things easier for them by bringing indulgence right to their pocket.

“Now, our customers can order their favourite flavours from the comfort of their homes and have their ice cream delivered to them in minutes. They will also enjoy 50% off select items when they order using the App,” he added.

Commenting further, Mr Ilyas revealed how the brand is fast embracing digital innovations, saying, “Despite being a food brand, we are very big on digital innovations.

“The world is evolving and it’s important who also move with it. So, why not make their favourite dessert available just by tapping a few buttons on their phones.

“We believe that the launch of this App and E-Commerce site is a step in the right direction and we will continue to initiate ground-breaking innovations.”

Cold Stone Creamery is a franchisee of Eat’N’Go Limited. Together with the sister companies, Domino’s Pizza and Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Youghurt, Eat’N’Go is always on the outlook for initiatives to better serve their customers.

Earlier in 2020, Cold Stone partnered with Jumia as a means to offer delivery services to her customers.

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