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Top 10 Apps to Track a Cell Phone’s Location in 2021




Curious about knowing someone’s location? If so, then you are in the exact place to determine. We will present the best apps to track a cell phone’s location in 2021. It is not such a complicated task as it seems.

Once you have a reliable application, half of your concern is off your shoulders. We are quite confident that by the end of this article, you will have the application you wish to spy with. Just stick to this article without skipping any part, and you will also know how these applications work.

  1. Spyier

The application of ages is Spyier. It is present for a long time in the market and has earned many followers and trust in this time-frame. Though it is quite old, it still has managed to provide all the facilities that any present-day application has facilitated its user with.

It has all the facilities that a person would need to spy peacefully. Even it has some edge cutting facilities that other applications have failed to provide. Seems interesting, right? If you want to discover more directly, go to the official site of Spyier.


Location tracking can be effortless when you choose to use Spyier’s Geo-fencing tool. This tool allows users to locate the target device wherever it is. The users can also keep an eye on the target device’s current and past locations with this tool’s help.

Further, they can also receive alerts about the target device passing some particular places. All the user needs to do is to mark a few places on the map. As a result, whenever the device gives a marked spot, the user will receive alerts.


Has someone thought before that location tracking can be this easy? Of course not. Spyier works for the welfare of people and to provide them with top facilities with ease. Spyier can be everything, but its services can’t be hard to utilize.

Easiness in the commands

Spyier comes with the easiest of all the commands to be followed. Anyone can get familiar with this tool very quickly. Even beginners can use this application without any issues. No kind of technical knowledge is required to work with this application.

Rooting or Jailbreakingier outfits its users to spy on someone’s phone without rooting or jailbreaking, software hack for android and IOS, respectively. It is also way more complicated to understand; thus, technical knowledge is required to use them.

Though other applications are not providing it, Spyier is determined to work for the ease of people. So it comes with the services and features which are facile in actual terms. Not only on the apparent level.

Live demo and the trial.

Eventually, the users can visit the official site to watch the live demo. It is placed there to dissolve any query related to Spyier when the user faces it. It also has a trial for a month approx. So that all of the questions be resolved.

The trial period helps the user become familiar with the application more precisely than a demo or the introduction available on the site. Also, the user gets to know what the application is about before buying the services. The user does not have to pay for the trial

because it is free.

  1. Minspy

An application that can be used to spy on any of the electronic devices is Minspy. It is the tool you can, without giving second thoughts, can rely upon as reliable and trusted by many. The android devices must be above android4 or more.

minspy-box-2019 (1)

There is no need for downloading the application or touching the device physically. Instead, you can perform your spying errands remaining miles and miles away from the target device. The icing on the cake is that it comes with very economical packages. So no worries regarding its subscription plans.

  1. Spyine

How can we forget about talking Spyine? The most loved application by the audience. Spyine has all the most straightforward commands and all the top-notch facilities. It works for both operating systems, just with a few differences, which you can learn by paying a visit to its official site.


It works as lights in the dark for people who require some precise application. It does not use any of the private data of the users against them. Further, it keeps its users’ privacy intact, which most applications have failed to provide. There are many such cases seen, but with Spyine, there is nothing to be worried about.

  1. Spyic

Spyic allows its users to spy upon the target device without touching it. Yes, it is possible that you can keep an eye on the target device without touching it.


All you need is to provide the ICloud details of the device to be spied, wait for the data to be synced, and let the application perform its work. Also, it works in the Stealth mode, so worries about being caught.

  1. Neatspy

Using Neatspy for your spying errands is entirely safe and secure. Further, it is also legal, so no concerns over the legal values should be there. People are using it worldwide, and they love it because of its high-performance and top features. Also, it keeps the privacy of its customer’s top priority and never uses their private data against them.


  1. Safespy

All the people who want to track someone can use the tracking services of Safespy. It is entirely safe and secure to be used. It allows the user to track without rooting, jailbreaking, and such things.

safespy-box (1)

They both are tough to execute programs and require technical knowledge, as well. But Safespy works for the ease of people and never comes with a service that can be challenging to implement.

  1. Spyzie

Spyzie makes its users see all the activities taking place on the target device remotely. With the assistance of Spyzie, you can see locations, see program history, monitor the area, and see pictures, recordings, contact numbers, names, and gain proficiency with significantly more. Nothing on the planet will stay undetected when you have Spyzie close by.


  1. TeenSafe

TeenSafe is among those reliable applications which people trust. As a result, you can make this application work according to your requirements whenever you need to without considering the lawful issues without any doubt legal to be used. This application is an ideal decision one could decide if they need their spying work flawless and private.


  1. FoneMonitor

The last application we will talk about today is FoneMonitor. You will not find anything like this when you require some cost-effective or budget-friendly tool. It gives a wide range of features in minimal amounts. Also, it is feasible for both operating systems. The user can trust it blindly because it is reliable to be utilized.


  1. Cocospy

Cocospy makes sure that its users get all the super facilities by them. So it has all the facilities to spy upon a person. Whether you are willing to know about the location or want to see that person’s social media activities, you can do all. With just one tool in hand, that is Cocospy.



We are sure that you may have found the one application you are willing to use for your spying errands. If you want to discover more about these applications, you can visit their homepages to find more complicated things.

Please keep us updated about your experience with these applications, as your feedback matters a lot. If you encounter some issue, you can contact customer care or come to us, and we will try our best to reach out to you in time.

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German Firm Partners Freddy Hirsch Nigeria to Boost Food Innovation



Freddy Hirsch Nigeria Boost Food Innovation

By Sodeinde Temidayo David

In a bid to boost food innovation across West Africa, a German-based nutrition supplier, Symrise AG, has partnered with Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, a manufacturer of ingredients.

According to the statement issued today by Symrise AG, the partnership will focus on the development, launch and commercialization of transformational food products, which includes general seasoning, bouillon meat, snacks, and instant noodles.

Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, a leading West African manufacturer of ingredients and flavours, boasts world-class Research, Development, and Application laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

On the other hand, Symrise AG is a global multi-billion-dollar fragrance, care, flavour, and nutrition supplier present in over 100 countries.

According to the Sub Regional Director, Flavour Africa Middle East, Symrise AG, Mr Sofiane Berrahmoune, the company is set to deliver its products and services at a greater speed to market in Africa, and for this reason, has partnered with Freddy Hirsch Nigeria.

Symrise AG spokesperson further stated that the partnership will give the company deeper access to valuable insights about Africa’s food industry.

This follows as increasing urbanization, rising incomes, a growing regional population, and evolving lifestyle changes are driving the African food flavour and enhancer ingredient market and increasing the consumption of processed foods and beverages.

The global flavour and fragrance market is projected to reach $36 billion in 2022 with Africa expected to play one of the biggest growth opportunities.

Also, according to a forecast for the period of 2020 to 2025, the Africa food flavour and enhancer market is foretold to witness a compound annual growth rate CAGR of 5.12 per cent as the continent proved to be a growing market.

Mr Berrahmoune concluded his statement by saying “together, we are stronger than ever, committed to co-create with Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, combining the best of our strengths and leveraging our strong global footprint with our winning local flexibility, market, and consumer understanding.”

Also speaking on the partnership, the Managing Director of Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, Mr Kojo Brifo, expressed that his company is set to achieve its vision of creating authentic African flavours and tastes.

He noted that Freddy Hirsch has invested in a Research, Development, and Application laboratory and a manufacturing facility with world-class quality management systems, in West Africa.

Mr Brifo added that partnership with Symrise AG will provide an acceleration of flavour development across West Africa and will increase the creativity of customized flavours, help our customers attain speed to market, and enhance their operational agility.

Together, Symrise AG and Freddy Hirsch Nigeria are set to position themselves as the leading contributors to the evolution of the food and beverage industry in West Africa and the Middle East.

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Bolt Commences Food Delivery Service in Nigeria



bolt in-app calling feature

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

In order to offer good working conditions to food couriers and profit to restaurant partners, a leading ride-hailing platform in Africa, Bolt, has launched a food delivery service.

A statement from the company said the Bolt Food Delivery will offer customers competitively affordable, efficient food delivery service and help to provide easier access to daily essentials.

With over 30 million customers worldwide, Bolt has built its ride-hailing platform efficiently to offer the best service in the sector to drivers and riders, positioning the company as a leader in Nigeria’s mobility sector. The company will now extend its expertise to food delivery to advance the sector with innovation and technology.

“We are excited to launch Bolt Food, which will allow Nigerians to order food from their favourite restaurants and receive it quickly and safely at their home or office,” the Bolt Nigeria’s Country Manager, Mr Femi Akin-Laguda, said.

“Our ride-hailing business is built on efficiency and easing mobility for riders while offering drivers a flexible opportunity to earn more income.

“Bolt is eager to bring this approach to food delivery and ensure that our partner restaurants benefit from our loyal customer base. This is also a way for us to augment the earning opportunities for Nigerians by contributing to the gig economy.

“We will ensure that it is worthwhile for couriers on the platform like drivers have benefited from our ride-hailing platform,” Mr Akin-Laguda concluded.

The entrance of Bolt Food to Nigeria will help restaurants have a broader reach to customers, with Bolt acting as a reliable platform for affordable delivery and efficient service. At the initial stage of the launch, customers can only place food orders from more than 100 restaurants in Lagos Island. Bolt is looking to add new restaurants to the app daily while also expanding to other parts of Lagos soon.

To place an order, users can download the Bolt Food application on their smartphone, with an array of different restaurants and available menu options to choose from. The application also provides customers with various price ranges and an estimated delivery time. Initially payments will be paid by cash, and customers can specify the location for contactless delivery drop-offs upon order arrival.

Bolt Food was first launched in Estonia in August 2019. The service is also available in South Africa, Ghana and Kenya.

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ICAN Rebrands for Greater Dynamism, Deeper Inclusiveness



ICAN Rebrands

By Aduragbemi Omiyale

For greater dynamism and deeper inclusiveness across generations, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) has rebranded with a new corporate logo and visual identity.

At the unveiling of the new logo and identity at an event held on Wednesday at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos, the leading umbrella body of the accounting profession in Africa disclosed that the transformation signifies its leadership, resilience, indelible footprints, growth and dynamism.

Business Post gathered that ICAN, with this new beginning, has pledged its unwavering commitment to members and other stakeholders with a greater positive impact towards nation-building.

The institute said it was poised to promote professional excellence, deepen its advocacy and facilitate accountability and transparency across the economy.

Explaining the choices of the colours and the new identity, ICAN said the predominantly blue colour in the new logo evokes professionalism, trust, reliability, stability, depth, benevolence and vibrancy of the organisation.

It further said the green stripe at the bottom represents vitality, freshness, growth and youthfulness while the two white stripes evoke a feeling of dynamism, integrity, transparency and new roads leading to new places and horizons.

The new identity in alignment with global trends is modern, innovative and professional. It is designed to work effortlessly across digital and physical channels.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Mr Obafemi Hamzat, commended the leadership of ICAN on the rebirth while acknowledging the contributions of the institute and accounting professionals in national development.

According to him, “ICAN is maintaining its leadership in the profession and adapting equally well to the global disruptions, even coming out stronger and youthful.”

In her speech, the president of ICAN, Ms Comfort Olu Eyitayo, stated said, “Today marks a new beginning as we consolidate the immense contributions of the founding fathers and past presidents of our noble Institute. The accounting profession is dynamic and they have firmly established a lasting legacy: the philosophy of keeping pace with the times.”

“In 56 years, ICAN has sustained its enviable status as the most influential and prestigious professional accountancy institute in Africa.

“Our unmatched contributions to national development are the unique selling point that has accorded the institute its enviable position. The ICAN brand is not just the toast of employers, but the products of the Institute are distinguishing themselves across all sectors – public or private.

“Our gathering this evening is to witness the rebirth of ICAN. This rebirth further amplifies what we represent as an Institute: promotion of Accuracy and Integrity and the continuous and conscious drive to act in the public interest.

“We are here to witness the launch of the Institute into an era of greater dynamism and deeper inclusiveness across generations. We are here to celebrate the new face of ICAN for Greater Visibility and Impact,” she enthused.

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