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7 Business Taboos that Every Professional Should Know



Business Taboos

Whether it is your normal routine or you want to lure in business investors, the key point here is to trigger their desire and offer convincing proof of a prospective enhancement to their profits.

Somehow, you want your business to grow and expand. While this may seem an obvious thing, there are certain behaviours you must always avoid. Try as much as you can to create a favourable atmosphere within your business to attract funding from investors. With a financially stable business and a promising future, you can sit back and play your favourite online game with friends using your free spins as you watch your business grow.

Business Tips – Avoid These 7 Taboos at Your Peril 

Here are 7 business tips to lure the right investors to your business. It would help if you never overlooked them.

  1. Never Propose To Every Financier within Your Business Database

While there may be many investors out there, not all mean good for your business. It would help if you researched what most individual investors do to follow their business tips and criteria. Note that investors are time conscious and emphasize particular businesses. Reaching up to every financier may limit your chances of understanding which one is likely to be helpful to your business. Pitching to anyone you see on the list is likely to negatively impact your status when you start looking for funding for your subsequent principal idea.

  1. Don’t Cold Call Every Investor to Request for an Appointment

According to various small business tips, it is always good to seek advice from the investor’s confidant. Further research shows that only 2% may result in an appointment of all the calls you make. Most investors will treat cold calls as spam. Also, in the current setting, many people consider telephone calls a huge disruption.

Business Taboos1

  1. Never Assume You Have the Answer to the Big Issue

Why would you want to assume things? It is always good to be realistic and sure when making decisions. Many businesses fail to qualify for funding due to their extremely limited upside. Most investors want to put their money in businesses exhibiting low-risks, enhanced-growth brands, and services for good returns.

Ensure your brand’s solution is research-based, and the issue should be worth resolving. In any case, consumers don’t find any reason for a fix; you shouldn’t expect investors to either. For instance, while people are finding techniques to utilize their mobile devices effectively, others saw the necessity of a remote control device for homes and developed a set of equipment to affordably preset security and temperature functions.

  1. Shun Industry Discussions

Besides adhering to the various business tips and tricks, listening and sharing ideas with other people is also important. Every business bears its unique terms. At their worst, you will find some terms bastardizing the connotation of certain words and discuss a sense of unwarranted pride. Of course, in a technical or medical field, certain phrases are applied for comprehensive communication. As a startup, you need to be cautious when learning how to apply the phrases correctly.

  1. Avoid Jumping Into an Already Packed Category

Various startup business tips will help you make the right decision, especially if you contemplate joining an already overcrowded business category. In this case, you must ensure that your business is unique. Within the overcrowded cupcake market, maybe the best way is to distinguish your brand from others by increasing the size a little bit, and hence, the difference.

Always have something that sets your business apart. For instance, how are you going to market your products differently? Make this point clear, particularly if your brand falls into the trendy group.

  1. Avoid Operating Devoid Of A Net

While others may be taking risks, you should never try that with the investor group. One of the best business tips is practising your pitch until slides aren’t necessary anymore. You can offer it anytime, and you can adjust it immediately, depending on your investor’s interest.

Business Taboos2

Make sure to analyze your tone within 5 minutes and also get into a 30-minute presentation. Get ready for any questions from your probable investor. The faster you provide precise answers, the higher the chances of luring the investor into your business idea.

  1. Don’t Allow Your Delivery to Disprove the Intent

The new market research areas include emotion analytics or the information relayed to others regarding the speaker. While you might be made to believe that you are earnest in your presentation, intelligent tone, innovative technology can read your expression and detect how exasperated you are.


Do you intend to be like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk? It is until you give it a try that you will understand what it takes. The idea here is that if you want to go far with your investment plans, you should try as much as you can to avoid certain habits. As mentioned above, it all lies in being honest with yourself and working out things correctly.

Before we go, we would also like to answer any burning question about these business taboos. Would you mind letting us know about your past experiences and your feelings about the above-mentioned business tips? Your success is our success; let’s move together!

Edward is enthusiastic about assisting businesses, especially local firms, in developing a more personal online relationship with their consumers and prospects. While trading and market research is his strong USP, his expertise in finance works like an added charm to his credentials! He is a finance genius!



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How Much Do You Really Know About Credit Restoration? Learn More Here



Credit Restoration

Like most people, you probably think of credit restoration as a way to fix your credit score after you’ve made some mistakes. But what if I told you that credit restoration is about so much more than just fixing your credit score? Credit restoration can be one of the most important steps to rebuilding your financial life. So what exactly is credit restoration, and why is it so important? Keep reading to find out.

What is Credit Restoration?

In short, credit restoration is the process of repairing your credit history and improving your credit score. However, for credit restoration to be effective, it’s essential to understand the factors that go into your credit score. Your payment history is the most important factor, accounting for 35% of your score.

This means that if you have a history of late payments or defaults, your credit score will suffer. The next most important factor is your credit utilization, which makes up 30% of your score. This is the amount of debt you have compared to your credit limit: the lower your credit utilization, the better.

Should You Find a Credit Repairing Service Provider?

If your credit score is suffering, you may wonder if you should find a credit repair service provider. While these companies can be helpful, it’s important to remember that you can do most of the work yourself. A good credit restoration service will help you understand your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). They will also dispute any inaccurate or outdated information on your credit report. Following the proper steps can improve your credit score and get you back on track financially.

Credit repair companies often charge high fees, so it’s crucial to weigh the cost before you decide to use one. Go online for information on the best experts. If you decide to use services that can help restore your credit, choosing one that is reputable and has a good track record is essential. You can check reviews online to see what others have said about the company or ask for recommendations from friends.

What is the Credit Restoration Process?

The first step is to order your credit report from all three major credit bureaus. This will give you an idea of where you stand financially.

Next, you’ll want to dispute any negative items on your report by writing a letter to the credit bureau. Be sure to include any evidence you have to support your dispute.

Once you’ve disputed the negative items on your report, it’s time to focus on rebuilding your credit. This can be by paying down your debt and making on-time payments. By taking these steps, you can improve your credit score and get back on track financially.

How Do I Start Credit Restoration?

If you’re ready to start credit restoration, the first step is to get a copy of your credit report. You can get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Once you have your credit report, please review it carefully to identify any negative items you want to dispute.

Also, take a look at your credit utilization ratio. This is the amount of debt you have compared to your credit limit; the lower your credit utilization, the better. Besides, it’s elemental to develop good financial habits like paying your bills on time and staying within your credit limit.

If you find any negative items on your credit report, you can dispute them by writing a letter to the credit bureau. Be sure to include any evidence you have to support your dispute. Once you’ve disputed the negative items, it’s time to focus on rebuilding your credit. You can do this by paying down your debt and making on-time payments.

Why is Credit Restoration Important?

Credit Restoration Important
















There are a few reasons why credit restoration is so important. First, your credit score is one of the most critical factors in determining your financial future. If you have a low credit score, you’ll likely have difficulty qualifying for loans and lines of credit. You may also be charged higher interest rates, making it difficult to get out of debt.

Second, your credit history is a reflection of your financial responsibility. If you have negative items on your credit report, it’s essential to take steps to improve your credit history. This will show future lenders that you’re committed to paying off your debts and making on-time payments.

Finally, credit restoration can help you save money. If you have a high credit score, you’ll likely qualify for lower interest rates on loans and lines of credit. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

Credit restoration is a necessary process that can help you improve your credit score and get back on track financially. If you have negative items on your credit report, dispute them. Also, focus on rebuilding your credit by paying down your debt and making on-time payments. By taking these steps, you can improve your financial future.

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NGX Rebounds by 0.16% on Renewed Bargain Hunting



Cross Deals

By Dipo Olowookere

Renewed bargain hunting spurred a 0.16 per cent growth on the floor of the Nigerian Exchange (NGX) Limited on Tuesday, with BUA Cement and others in the forefront.

Business Post reports that the gains printed by 10 stocks during the session were enough to wipe off the losses reported by the 22 depreciating shares.

Cutix rose by 7.50 per cent to N2.15, Lasaco Assurance appreciated by 5.88 per cent to N1.08, Union Bank improved by 3.45 per cent to N6.00, and Academy Press expanded by 2.97 per cent to N2.08, while BUA Cement gained 2.63 per cent to sell for N54.60.

Conversely, UPDC REIT finished the day as the heaviest price loser after its value went down by 9.86 per cent to N3.20, PZ Cussons lost 9.27 per cent to close at N9.30, Courteville reduced by 8.93 per cent to 51 Kobo, Japaul dropped 8.11 per cent to quote at 34 Kobo, while Coronation Insurance declined by 6.82 per cent to 41 Kobo.

It was observed that the market was very quiet yesterday despite the bargain hunting as only 204.2 million shares worth N1.6 billion exchanged hands in 3,643 deals compared with the 210.8 million shares worth N2.2 billion transacted in 4,122 deals on Monday, implying a decline in the trading volume, value and number of deals by 3.17 per cent, 25.02 per cent and 11.62 per cent respectively.

FBN Holdings was the most traded equity yesterday as investors exchanged 36.8 million units for N396.2 million, with eTranzact executing 30.0 million units valued at N68.4 million. UBA traded 20.5 million units worth N143.7 million, Access Holdings transacted 20.1 million shares for N171.5 million, while Eterna traded 12.3 million stocks valued at N86.1 million.

At the close of trades, the insurance, energy and consumer goods counters lost 0.97 per cent, 0.51 per cent and 0.36 per cent apiece, while the industrial goods and banking sectors grew by 0.96 per cent and 0.31 per cent respectively.

As a result, the All-Share Index (ASI) increased by 80.03 points 49,709.46 points from 49,629.43 points, while the market capitalisation went up by N43 billion to N26.812 trillion from N26.769 trillion.

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Again, NASD OTC Market Capitalisation Falls Below N1trn



NSE market capitalisation stock value

By Adedapo Adesanya

The market capitalisation of the NASD Over-the-Counter (OTC) Securities Exchange went below the N1 trillion mark on Tuesday after the bourse closed lower by 0.39 per cent due to a series of losses in the past trading days.

The value of stocks at the OTC market depreciated by N3.9 billion yesterday to N996.35 billion from N1.000 trillion, while the NASD Unlisted Securities Index (NSI) went down by 2.97 points to end the day at 756.86 points as against the 759.83 points it recorded in the previous session.

The unfavourable outcome was triggered by the trio of NASD Plc, Central Securities Clearing Systems (CSCS) Plc, and Niger Delta Exploration and Production (NDEP) Plc.

NDEP Plc lost N19.50 to end the day at N190.50 per share versus N210.00 per share, CSCS Plc decreased by 58 Kobo to trade at N14.33 per unit versus Monday’s N14.91 per unit. while NASD Plc declined by 16 Kobo to close at N14.33 per unit as against N14.91 per unit of the previous day.

However, the share price of FrieslandCampina Wamco Nigeria Plc improved during the session by N1.34 to N90.09 per unit from N88.75 per unit.

On the activity chart, the volume of securities increased by 378.1 per cent to 571,592 units from the previous day’s 119,564 units, the value of trades went down by 55.3 per cent to N10.4 million from N23.2 million, while the number of deals grew by 157.1 per cent to 18 deals from the seven deals reported on Monday.

AG Mortgage Plc remained the most traded stock by volume on a year-to-date basis with 2.3 billion units valued at N1.2 billion, CSCS Plc stood in second place with 686.5 million units worth N14.2 billion, while Food Concepts Plc was in third place with 147.8 million units valued at N128.4 million.

CSCS Plc also remained the most traded stock by value on a year-to-date basis with 686.5 million units worth N14.2 billion, VFD Group Plc was in second place with 11.1 million units exchanged for N3.3 billion, while FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria Plc was in third place with 14.0 million units valued at N1.7 billion.

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