Transactions Rise 23.28% at Nigerian Stock Exchange

nigerian stock exchange

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

Data released by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) revealed that total transactions on its trading platform appreciated by 23.28 percent in the month of November 2018 to N149.72 billion from N121.45 billion recorded in October 2018.

It was further disclosed that the cumulative transactions from January to November increased by 10.48 percent from N2.06 trillion recorded in 2017 to N2.28 trillion in 2018.

Foreign investors outperformed domestic investors by 12.70 percent in November 2018, while the total foreign transactions increased marginally by 1.05 percent from N83.48 billion in October to N84.36 billion in November 2018.

Furthermore, the foreign outflows increased by 15.78 percent from N42.66 billion to N49.39 billion with an inverse reduction in foreign inflows which reduced by 16.72 percent fromN40.82 billion to N34.97 billion over the same period.

The data noted that the total domestic transactions increased by 72.13 percent from N37.97 billion in October 2018 to N65.36 billion in November 2018.

Business Post reports that between 2011 and 2015, foreign transactions consistently outperformed domestic transactions.

However, domestic transactions marginally outperformed foreign transactions in 2016 and 2017, accounting for 52 percent of the total transaction value in 2017.

Also, foreign transactions which stood at N1.54 trillion in 2014, declined to N518 billion in 2016, but increased significantly by 133 percent to N1.21 trillion in 2017 thereby accounting for 48 percent of total transactions in 2017.

Over 11-year period, domestic transactions have decreased by 62.46 percent from N3.56 trillion in 2007 to N1.34 trillion in 2017. However, there was a significant increase in 2017 by 11 percent from N634 billion recorded in 2016.

Modupe Gbadeyanka is a fast-rising journalist with Business Post Nigeria. Her passion for journalism is amazing. She is willing to learn more with a view to becoming one of the best pen-pushers in Nigeria. Her role models are the duo of CNN's Richard Quest and Christiane Amanpour.

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