Christianity, Hiroshima & Nagasaki: The Greatest Wealth is a Great Example

devastation of Hiroshima

By Nneka Okumazie

No matter how rich, powerful, strong, connected or whatever else is coveted any human being was a thousand years ago, it is probably valueless to the majority today.

The world is often shaped by increase and example.

Increase of people, places, trade, knowledge, inventions, policies, government types, etc.

Increase and example can be positive or negative.

This world, being unpredictable, takes turns – that for individuals, most times what keeps in check are examples – great ones, not necessarily increase.

The fun or whatever else anyone had many years ago is worthless to whatever is needed for someone trying to solve a problem – today. Maybe they didn’t ask that – what example or increase is this.

The fun or desperation for comfort anyone – who should be doing something else – is having now, is likely worthless, for the good of the world [as an increase or good example].

One of the ways to look at true Christianity is followership of the greatest being that walked the earth.

Looking at the enormity of the power of Christ on earth that wasn’t deployed, but total humility, passionately compassionate, merciful, helpful, and more, nothing puts anyone near those – ever.

Sure there have been great leaders and selfless examples, but Christ is the ultimate.

Many can argue against the Christian faith, but what good is it to fight an example, whose imitation will make the world a far better place, conquering envy, lust, greed, evil, wickedness, pride, unknown intentions, deception, corruptible power, etc.?

It may seem for some people that why follow Christ if no money, health, status, or desired love, why?

What example exceeds Christ even after having those?

And how long can those last, for one, or for the number that would benefit as acquaintance or gifts, in this world of more vacuum – as problems.

Christ in anyone is more than the capabilities of possessions or good life.

The example of Christ is still difficult to understand, creating a world but going in to face its worst: beyond anything called complex.

[Mark 10:15, Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.]

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