Christianity, Mental Health & Depression: What Dies Before Suicide?

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By Nneka Okumazie

There are some people alive now that their happiness is dead. That happiness maybe tied to some factors, or could just be the ability to cheer up.

There are people who just hate this body. They want to get out of it. They can’t seem to carry it or find a way to draw any strength to support it.

There are people that a part of them is dead, but they can’t identify.

For some, they believe their hope is dead.

It is likely that before effecting suicide, something else dies, or has since died, so they added the body.

It is possible that the existence of one death calls for more.

The saying that this is the best time to be alive is fiction to many lives.

Life is more fragile and the ability to persevere seems to be going out the door.

There is so much waste towards the pursuit of momentary satisfaction.

Precious factors continuously get killed.

Internet that should be a great resource to acquire useful knowledge is where many are addicted to memes, jokes or continuous entertainment leaving their ability to learn [real stuff] broken.

Economics that should have improved because of new places, people and changes is stuck in old models. It tries to fit in a populated world with sometimes horrible free market supremacy rather than immutable free labour policy.

Healthcare that is vital as existence is left to randomness. Risks to health are ignored if ruthless economics must thrive.

Coping mechanisms – drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, social media, pornography, etc. that seem to help in the moment, come with their known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

Most addictions bring their own death – even if they seem to hide the death of happiness or hope.

If there is death [of good] somewhere – known or unknown, there may be need for resurrection.

Many don’t just see how Christianity helps them. What if that definition of help is wrong?

If an individual is expecting addiction type gratification, or economics type advantage as what Christ must give to accept Him, then the individual should pray for more mercy to understand better.

There are people in this world who have some kind of economic value that will almost likely make it impossible for them to accept Christ because the paths are different.

Also, there are true Christians who in their prayers say to Christ that even if nothing else is done, that salvation is enough, because Christ did not give them what they deserved – from their sins, directly and indirectly.

In a world where there is attention on mental health, it will be important to always check on what has died, instead of umbrellas of depression, anxiety, etc.

It is important to not place hope or happiness on anything or anyone.

It may seem common or easy to say, when everything happening around can literally determine mood and outcomes.

But it is important to keep framing everything to avoid a death, or more.

For true Christians, they look unto Jesus always. They look beyond this earth and run with patience their Faith [and life] race, knowing that no matter what, they must not lose their soul.

[Luke 10:42, But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.]

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