Christianity, Protests, Elections: What Works Power?

November 4, 2020
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By Nneka Okumazie

Assuming the amount of power [possible] in any organisation, or group is 100 per cent. Those in position have a share, as well as others and factors too.

When the leaders apply certain pressure, they may be under the effect of possible loss of power or keeping the balance.

In some countries, the president has a lot of power, but there are other officials, offices, agencies, corporations, etc. that also hold power.

There is a lot of power with information service – the press and in recent times, social media. There is also power with currency, high-value commodities, etc.

When people protest in some countries and the government cracks down deviously on them, there’s a higher amount of weight pulled against their share of power.

The president can be under pressure from some groups. It could be the political party, military, union, ethnicity, religion, networked individuals, etc.

The president may act in ways to placate some, justifying the need, but in truth using the power to keep other powers.

This power structure happens in many places and spaces as well, where within 100 per cent people want more or guard against the threat to theirs.

The strife for power retention is sometimes detrimental to considerations for possible new directions that may lead to progress – if successful.

Power retention has also led to progress in some societies and few, in others.

Some societies are driven by risk-taking – building their courage from it, to win the price if things go well.

While some other societies are driven by the fear of deprivation – so that to have and acquire at any cost, for personal or associated comfort – is the goal.

Power may be the worse addiction many have – since its ability to give an advantage, take from others, get free passes and have status is unparalleled.

Power is limited, just like life. Power can be colourful but it is rare to have unique powers in ways no human can match. There may be a powerful leader in a county, state or province, but there are hundreds of similar, even presidents.

This world of power ruthlessness – in making profits or seeking possessions – is attractive to evil.

True Christians follow the Lord, knowing that position is temporal but all power belongs to Jesus.

[Psalm 73:25, Whom have I in heaven but Thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside Thee.]

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