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Christianity, Psychology, Space Science & Calm against World’s Problems



By Nneka Okumazie

Another way to describe the world’s problem is a lack of calm. There are many extended problems arising because of perception, threat, fear, nervousness, tension, etc.

The actual big problems that can include economics, environment, health, conflict, etc. are real, but there are anticipations of them, or signs make many go into destructive overdrive.

How is calm achieved? How can it be possible that in the face of a total tempest, at least the mind itself is not in turmoil?

The recommendation of science is psychology and psychiatry, but their failures are just too obvious, looking at social media alone.

Science is incredibly important, helpful and almost irreplaceable. There are extensions in science that use may not be known until a few years, or beyond.

Space science is mighty. There are parts of it useful to the earth. There are also parts that are just deep, abstract and – for now, unreachable.

There are critics of the field. However, knowledge is often better than ignorance.

Looking in another direction, it is possible to describe the scriptures as headspace science, such that no matter the problem – unique or difficult, anyone on earth has, there are many references in the scriptures that can bring calm.

Also, there are references to teach or learn patience. In recent times, patience is tougher even when people have nothing – so important – afterwards.

The scripture is the major storehouse of God on the earth – where everything for how to navigate life, in preparation for the next, is found.

The scriptures also show the amount of wisdom, skills, knowledge and other humans generally have.

Different people had different revelations, understanding and additional teaching through the scriptures, including after Christ left, showing how God kept giving knowledge.

There is something to be revealed to calm the worse tensions in the world. It is available in God’s endless storehouse.

Problem most times is how people don’t get dopamine – so to speak, because of the lack of palpable rewards from sticking with Christ.

Jesus said for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

It is possible many hate Christianity because they say religion is used for control, but how is it control – if possible, not benefit ‘anything’ per se, yet to stick with Christ.

Addictions, coping mechanisms, social media, etc. may seem like freedom to many, but are more controlling than instructions of the scriptures against this temporal life.

[Luke 6:21, Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.]

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