Christianity, Science and Technology: Is Suicide a Guess?

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By Nneka Okumazie

There’s so much guesswork in the process that leads to established science and technology that it is almost impossible to not involve guessing – or more acceptably referred to as experimenting.

When some people say throw things and see what sticks, it is almost like the only way to move forward in an unknown world – is guessing.

One method in drug discovery is high-throughput screening, where so many compounds are made to react with biological targets to see what has an effect.

There are often dead-ends, promises and pipelines, but the amounts of incurable diseases and things beyond scientific solution aren’t for lack of guesswork, it is that the guesswork isn’t working.

However, this process in science that sometimes produces breakthroughs is what some people believe is totality.

Some people see science as supreme adopting its methods to life. But life is beyond guesswork. Life, though uncertain, is most times – fact, and caution.

The facts can come from science and technology, but there are so many facts beyond science that never came by guesswork.

Some scientific facts were later found to be inaccurate.

Some had so much side effects or unanticipated use or consequences that some of the inventors almost would have wished otherwise.

Science is different from the facts of Christianity, where for instance, the scriptures say God is a spirit.

God is a spirit already answers the question that, yes, God exists.

A telescope designed to see physical objects, or whatever other instrument, can’t see God, or heaven.

The Lord God is supreme sovereign already answers the question that God, the creator, does not need to force anyone to believe or accept Jesus, because every individual has a little sovereignty, to do as liked within their power.

God so loved the world already answered the question that no matter the disadvantage anyone is born with in this world, whether it’s a rare disease, or genetic disease, or incurable, or certain ethnicities people think are disadvantaged, or in the location of natural disaster, or poverty, or tragedy; the love of God already came to hand everlasting Life – beyond this temporal world, where anyone would be lucky to be active after living a century.

Christ said He’s the resurrection and the life. Christ said He’s the way, the truth and the life. Christ said believing on Him is everlasting life.

So, as Christ is exactly life, what then is this breath, and what is this world?

What is it that would make someone think that they cannot live, then take a guesswork process (assuming OK elsewhere) to leap to their death – in suicide?

What is it that everyone, sometimes, would give up – temporarily or permanently on life, taking to addiction, greed, evil, envy, lust, hate, strife, anger, violence, etc. just to satisfy the mind or body?

Yes, this world is full of troubles.

When other people look at other people that looks like are lucky, there is sometimes, no higher falsehood than that.

There are some people that no matter their physical wealth, health, advantage or position, it is better not to wish their life on one’s self, not because great stuff shouldn’t be coveted, but that what it took to get there and maintain it is almost like a loss of life.

No science can answer what happens to the Spirit after death, maybe because science does not print spirit in its journals.

[Ecclesiastes 12:7, Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.]

Christ, the word of God, is life, and there’s no guesswork in Him.

The scriptures show so many examples where God spoke and it came to pass.

Yes, faith is required for genuine Christians and even if a miracle did or didn’t [seem to] happen, the names of God’s people are written in heaven.

Some would take unanswered questions as excuse for refusing Christ. They’ll say:

How about people that didn’t hear about Christ and died? OK, but you heard. Let God handle His judgement.

Obedience to Christ is hard in an unfair world? Yes, it ordinarily seems so without grace, but boundaries kept from bad habits are wished when addiction causes destruction.

What is the point of everything, if God can save why all this? OK, there is no point for anything, yet everyone seems selfish, everyone tries to leave something for their children and keep them from bad apples, everyone hates intrusion on their property, everyone likes to have the power to forgive debt or to get a payback.

A Psalmist in a struggle of life, lamenting terribly, did not know was speaking of the coming pain of His Lord.

[Psalm 22:16, For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet.]

Modupe Gbadeyanka is a fast-rising journalist with Business Post Nigeria. Her passion for journalism is amazing. She is willing to learn more with a view to becoming one of the best pen-pushers in Nigeria. Her role models are the duo of CNN's Richard Quest and Christiane Amanpour.

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