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Basic Employee Benefits You Need Be Aware Of



Employee Benefits

Employee benefits constitute additional perks that employees get on top of their salaries from their employers. Benefits are valuable to both the employer and the employee. As an employer, you can attract and retain great employees if you offer them good packages. 


On the other hand, benefits are valuable to employees since they offer relief in the time of need. There are different types of benefits, the perks you get depend on your company and the position that you hold.  Read on to learn the basic employee benefits you need to be aware of.

Life Insurance

Life is unpredictable, and you can pass away at any time leaving behind some dependents. Life insurance offers protection to your family when you die, and they get the benefits as a lump sum when you die. You can privately acquire life insurance, but this option is expensive since these policies are offered through employers in most cases.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is probably the most important benefit that you should know of and must have. Health care is costly, and few people can afford it out-of-pocket without insurance. You can consider getting individual or group insurance as a matter of personal preference. There are various types of group insurance available in the healthcare marketplace, and these are designed to suit the needs of different people. These insurance plans cover surgeon and physician fees, prescription drugs, and hospital rooms. Coverage can also include your family depending on the type of policy that you hold.

The industry usually determines health insurance policies, and employers may pay the entire premium for their employees. In some instances, the employer just pays a part, and the employees top up the difference. Living without medical insurance is a great risk since anything can happen. Most employers offer group policies that cater to the universal needs of the majority of people in the company.

Disability Benefits

Workplace injuries are common, and they can incapacitate you for a specific period or you may suffer permanent disabilities. When you are not able to perform your job, you will lose some income and this can affect your welfare and that of your family. When you are eligible to get this benefit, it protects you when you are incapacitated. This type of benefit includes short term disability insurance that covers a few weeks following your accident. It usually lasts a short period when you are expected to recover fully and return to work. On the other hand, you could be entitled to a long term disability when the injury is permanent. In such a scenario, you may get disability benefits until your retirement age.

Retirement Benefits

As we age, there shall come a time when we leave employment and retire. Therefore, retirement benefits aim to help different people with a pension or income that can sustain their lives and families when they leave their careers. There are two types of retirement plans that include defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans. Defined benefit plans are also called pension plans, and the benefit amount is usually predetermined by your years of service and your salary. In the case of a defined contribution plan, the employee or employer makes specified contributions, but the benefit amount is attached to investment returns, and these are not guaranteed. A good example is a 401k plan.

Paid Leave

Paid leave or time off is another benefit that you should know since it gives you relief and a short break from work. The common types of paid off time include vacation leave, sick leave, and vacation leave. Some companies combine these so that the employees can use them as consolidated perks during the time of need.

Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits as the name suggests are often viewed as minor non-cash perks, but they play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining talented workers. They include non-production bonuses, child-care, tuition assistance if you want to take part-time classes.

Basic Employee Benefits

However, most firms require that employees take courses related to their current job responsibilities as part of career advancement. In most cases, full-time employees are eligible to get fringe benefits, and their job posts also determine the perks they can get.

Many companies offer a variety of benefits as part of service packages that are designed to protect the interests of the employees. An organization that offers lucrative benefits stands better chances of retaining talented employees. Some of the basic employee benefits include health insurance, life policy, retirement plan, paid leave, and disability benefit. Different factors determine your perks like a position in the company and industry.

Aduragbemi Omiyale is a journalist with Business Post Nigeria, who has passion for news writing. In her leisure time, she loves to read.

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Outrage as NNPC Appoints French-Swiss National to Head Oil Trading Business



Jean-marc cordier oil trading business

By Adedapo Adesanya

Nigeria’s oil company, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited, has appointed Mr Jean-Marc Cordier, a former Vice President of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), to head its oil trading business.

This was disclosed in a statement signed by Mr Garbadeen Muhammad, the Chief Corporate Communications Officer of the organisation, saying Mr Cordier joined as the Head of its oil trading arm, NNPC Trading Limited.

He said Mr Cordier’s appointment was in furtherance of the ongoing repositioning drive in the company toward improved growth, better performance and service delivery.

According to the company, the renowned international oil trader, a French/Swiss national, holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance with Distinction from Paris 9 University.

“[Mr] Cordier comes into the role with a rich background spanning over 30 years in physical oil, oil derivatives and risk management with significant experience in reorganizing and creating a trading business,” he said.

He spent 24 years with Elf Trading/Total Trading in various positions as Trader, Trading Desk Manager in Geneva and four years as the Global Trading Manager at Addax Energy in Geneva.

At ADNOC in Abu Dhabi, UAE, he served as Vice President, Middle Distillates, Senior Vice President of Risk Management, Senior Team Member in charge of building the trading activity for ADNOC and the launch of ADNOC Global Trading (AGT) in December 2020,” he said.

Mr Muhammad said that Cordier had since assumed duty.

Business Post understands that the French-Swiss national’s appointment has sparked outbursts from stakeholders who complained that it doesn’t align with the promises of the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), which promises more Nigerian involvement in the country’s oil company.

While some argued that expatriates have always held posts in oil companies, others said NNPC should endeavour to promote the local content drive of the federal government.

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Jobrole Introduces Flexible HR Plan for SMEs



Chigbo Okeke Jobrole Flexi HR Plan

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

An outsourced human resources (HR) management solution designed to accelerate the activities of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country has been introduced by a leading talent management company in Nigeria, Jobrole Consulting Limited.

This plan, called Jobrole Flexi HR, will enable small business owners to navigate common HR challenges while focusing on core business operations.

It is an integrated human resources and business solution designed to meet the administrative needs of Nigerian small businesses and help them grow from sole proprietorships to flourishing organizations with select employees and clientele lists.

Jobrole Consulting is reputed for its wide-ranging human resources solution for high business performance, and this new package further cements its status in the industry.

The Director of Strategy and New Market at Jobrole Consulting, Mr Chigbo Okeke, informed newsmen that the Jobrole Flexi HR plan was to justify that people are a strategic resource for every business.

According to him, no matter how large or small a business is, there is always a need to use effective HR strategic planning techniques to manage the company’s resources and minimize human resources issues.

“We are excited to introduce Jobrole Flexi HR plan to the Nigerian SME market. This is an outsourced HR management solution that assists start-ups and other small-to-medium-sized businesses in reducing operational issues such as staff identity risks, recruitment turnaround time, hiring costs, and developing HR policies for your organization.

“These HR activities are vital business functions, strategic to the operational success of all businesses. We help our clients carry out these tasks and get them done without a hitch while they face their core business operations,” he said.

Mr Okeke added that, “Nigerian small businesses must prioritize building a comprehensive human resources programme into the company’s overall business strategy.”

This, he said, is critical to increasing their bottom line and capable of strengthening their organization’s competitive advantage.

Some Flexi HR deliverables include staff recruitment, onboarding and documentation, employee background checks, performance management, payroll management, and HR policy development.

He urged small business owners in Nigeria to take into account that the HR role is key to their operations, noting that with the changing nature of the work environment in recent years, it is now very clear that the role of HR is very significant for small and bigger businesses because the value one or a few employees add to the business’s performance is quite significant and immeasurable.

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Former NBS Chief Yemi Kale Joins KPMG Nigeria as Chief Economist



Yemi Kale KPMG Nigeria

By Aduragbemi Omiyale

The former chief executive officer of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Mr Yemi Kale, has joined a leading audit firm, KPMG Nigeria, as a partner and chief economist.

Mr Kale was also Nigeria’s Statistician General of the Federation between 2011 and 2021 and was very respected for how he projected the agency as a reputable stats agency.

In a post on Thursday, KPMG said Mr Kale would lead the company’s view on macroeconomics and enhance the breadth of our solutions involving economic modelling and macroeconomic analysis in private and public sector clients.

“The partners and staff of KPMG Nigeria are pleased to welcome Dr Oyeyemi Kale to our firm as he assumes the role of Partner and Chief Economist of KPMG Nigeria.

“Yemi holds a B.Sc. Honours degree in Economics (first class), Addis Ababa University, and an http://M.Sc. (Distinction) and PhD in Economics from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

“He has deep experience, gained from both the private and public sector, in macroeconomic analysis, financial, economic and investment research and fiscal and macroeconomic policy advisory.

“From 2011 to 2021, he served as the Statistician General of the Federation/Chief Executive Officer of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

“As our Chief Economist, Yemi will lead the firm’s view on macroeconomics and enhance the breadth of our solutions involving economic modelling & macroeconomic analysis in private and public sector clients,” the announcement read.

Under his watch, the stats office released data that were favourable and unfavourable to the ruling government with fear.

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