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Best Child Actor Gets Gift from SPAR at Realtime Film Festival



Best Child Actor Gets Gift from SPAR at Realtime Film Festival

For her role in the movie entitled The Coffin Salesman, Mariam Kayode has been rewarded by SPAR as the Best Child Actor.

The leading hypermarket store in Nigeria, which is renowned for supporting noble Nigerian projects that have built the capacity of Nigerian children in the creative industry, explained that it took this step in continuation of its drive to encourage youngsters in the creative industry.

The brand with the maxim My Nigeria, My SPAR has enhanced the quality of lives of Nigerians through all her touch points, while demonstrating her ethos for the country.

The Coffin Salesman, directed by Imoh Umoren, was showed at the third edition of the RealTime Film Festival, which took place at multiple places across Lagos, Nigeria and drew participants from all across various Africa.

Commenting on the reward for the uprising actor, the Group Head Marketing, Mr John Goldsmith, noted that Nigerian children needs to be aided to achieve their aims in life. It has been discovered that many children who are interested in film productions and performing arts have not had a leeway into the industry.

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“Creative expressions cannot be separated from the realities of this age. Nigerians are doing great exploits globally and we need to nurture the upcoming talents which will in turn enhance the creative industry in the country in general.

“Our brand will continue to support the development of the Nigerian child through various initiatives,” Mr Goldsmith said.

In his response to the support from SPAR for the Film Festival, the Artistic Director, RealTime Film Festival, Mr Stanlee Ohikhuare, said, “The organizers and volunteers of the Film Festival appreciate the support of SPAR in extending the frontiers of the festival. The emergence of talented children can be encouraged with incentives that will contribute to their overall success in the industry.”

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He noted that, “The Creative industry in the country will blossom the more if brands like SPAR and others support the ingenuity of everyone with the film making sector. We look forward to rewarding more upcoming talents and we will equally celebrate their creativity till they come into maturity in the industry.”

In her response to the award, Mariam said “I am excited to be a recipient of the award this year, SPAR has rewarded me for being a part of the movie industry and I will give my best to acting till the brand becomes so proud of me. This year’s award will spur me more into action. Every company that encourages children like SPAR is developing the future of Nigeria.”

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The festival is the only festival with a competitive category for films made by kids. During the festival, there is a workshop where children are taught the rudiments of filmmaking and their productions are shown at the annual festival.

The event attracted people from Corporate and Social Nigeria alongside A-list movie artists and celebrities.  A total of about 178 short movies of various genres from 156 countries were screened alongside four feature films.

As renowned of SPAR Nigeria, the hypermarket brand has always translated the shopping experience of Nigerians and every shopper based on their Choice, Quality, Service and Value. SPAR Nigeria is a part of the global retail chain originating from Holland. SPAR international has given the Master Franchise of the SPAR brand to Artee Group for its operations in Nigeria.

Modupe Gbadeyanka is a fast-rising journalist with Business Post Nigeria. Her passion for journalism is amazing. She is willing to learn more with a view to becoming one of the best pen-pushers in Nigeria. Her role models are the duo of CNN's Richard Quest and Christiane Amanpour.

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Society Reporters to Honour Exceptional Nigerians, Others



Sunday Adebayo Society Reporters SRELA

By Dipo Olowookere

Preparations are in top gear to honour some Nigerians and others who have distinguished themselves in their various endeavours.

The honour would be bestowed on these persons by a renowned lifestyle online news journal, Society Reporters, published by an ace journalist, Mr Sunday Adebayo.

Mr Adebayo, in a statement made available to Business Post, disclosed that the presentation of the awards would be done later in August 2021 at the maiden edition of the Society Reporters Excellence Leadership Award (SRELA).

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According to him, the awardees and recipients of the awards were carefully selected by the selection panel and ratified by the governing board of SRELA), noting that the respected persons would be officially unveiled very soon.

Speaking on the essence of the award, Mr Adebayo, who used to work with Encomium Magazine, disclosed that “SRELA is positioned to be an epoch-making event in the society like no other to celebrate and honour those that deserve the crest and creating unity in various industries across the board.”

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He further said the awards aim to celebrate the commendable feats that define the personality of awardees/recipients; feats that have secured their position as high flyers with excellent perception and outstanding ratings in their respective categories.

He hinted that the event will hold yearly to reward excellence and leadership with limitless imagination and bold execution to foster unity among the top players in various sectors at large.

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Already, industry watchers have expressed confidence that SRELA will be a good platform for the recognition for achievements, exposure for organisation, and access to industry leaders.

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Sound Sultan: The Poetic Ambassador on Migration UN Never Had



Sound Sultan

By Segun Adesokan

Motherland, referring to Nigeria in his song, at the time of its release, was timely and its messages even till the present day is rich and timeless as it could be passed off as an immigrant travel guide.

The early part of the song had reminded us about how Chinedu had borrowed some money to fund his trip to Chicago. It further adds: how Nnamdi had also sold off his car to facilitate the trip of a beloved to America. In the middle of it all is also the emotionally drained lover or spouse left behind, whose wellbeing and fragile mind is left hanging in the balance, sadly in some instances, some partners never return.

The song perhaps appears to have critically observed the obsession of many immigrants whose inordinate or misplaced quest for survival believes that immigrating to the West or other European countries is a critical means by which survival is sought, hence Sound Sultan’s Motherland came in handy: offering some counsel, suggesting that sometimes, a sojourner may have to beat a retreat by returning to his ancestral home, Motherland, given the fact that sometimes, in a bid to survive in a foreign land, the unpredictability of such adventures may unavoidably require one to do so.

As often the case with many immigrants from Nigeria and by extension many others from African countries, who had at one time or the other undertaken such adventurous trips in search of greener pasture abroad, even the period leading to their departure also comes at a great cost and sacrifices as some families sell off assets and other prized possessions to fund such trips, unsure whether the risk would eventually pay off or not.

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While the craze in search of the golden fleece rage on, some Africans in their desperation may have also thrown caution in the air, leading to situations where thousands have reportedly died in the wake of risky voyages across Mediterranean or Sahara wastelands, as hundreds have also fallen prey to wild beasts, transnational armed syndicate and human traffickers who deal in drugs and séx slaves, having promised many unsuspecting victims an elusive Eldorado life, waiting for them in Europe.

Many African households have believed some of these false narratives built into their psyche for many years and it has become so difficult to undo.

The late singer was never opposed to the idea of people seeking better opportunities or greener pastures outside the country, but rather also reminds them about home and the need for them to apply cautious optimism where applicable, in their quest to travelling overseas.

Notwithstanding, the home would still be home regardless of the prevailing circumstance which may have forcibly led to one’s uneventful return.

This writer believes late Olarewaju Fasasi, fondly called Sound Sultan, as a social crusader, an iconic singer using his musical crafts as a vehicle to remind us about the need to be introspective, also feels compelled to note that Motherland, mirroring the life of most immigrants and some of the challenges often associated with it, brings to the fore also a social problem and the need for concerned international organisations like UN and its relevant agencies to do more in terms of advocacy and policies in reversing the tales of woes of many migrants.

Though UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes for the first time the contribution of migration to its sustainable development, thus, 11 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contain targets and indicators relevant to migration or mobility for which parts of its Agenda’s core principle is to “leave no one behind,” not even migrants.

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The SDGs’ central reference to migration is made in some of its major targets, which is to facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies.

Other targets directly related to migration mention trafficking, remittances, international student mobility, and more. Moreover, migration is indirectly relevant to many more cross-cutting targets.

UN, more recently, through International Organization on Migration, a leading partner on the inter-governmental organisation in the field of migration works to ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.

 In 2016, IOM entered into an agreement with the United Nations, becoming one of its specialized agencies.

However, the above plans and efforts of UN appear commendable but today’s realities in some part of Europe and other Asian countries, judging by their immigration policies at present largely remains a far cry from the much-advertised SDG’s policies.

While many Africans battle so hard to grapple with harsh realities and hostilities of their host countries ranging from racism, prejudice, little or too rigid legal documentation processes for immigrants, and biting chances of economic survival, many have also become susceptible to illegal drug dealings which in most cases often result in cruel fate or even avoidable deaths.

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The sad news on the passing of Sound Sultan, one of Nigeria’s notable songwriter, artist, producer, and comedian, who a few weeks ago was reported to have lost the battle to a cancerous related aliment around the throat, brings with it feelings of pain, grief, and national loss.

By national loss, Nigeria just lost a voice and a social crusader reputed for his numerous campaigns against bad governance, injustice, corruption, and bad leadership a major clog in the wheel of Nigeria’s progress. He will fondly be remembered for his many statesmanly roles towards mobilizing the citizens through his several songs on how to constructively hold them accountable to their constitutional functions.

To the memory of the late singer, President Muhammadu Buhari also penned a glowing tribute to him for his contribution to basketball development in Nigeria.

He was even reported to have co-owned a basketball team. D’Tigers, the Nigerian men basketball national team, would also honour the late singer by wearing T-shirts bearing the late singer’s name and image on it, for his roles in promoting the sports.

Coincidentally, his death would also leave a lasting memory following D’Tiger’s phenomenal triumph over the US men basketball national team, a feat no African team had ever done, the same day he was said to have died.

The Motherland crooner died at age 44 in the US and his remains have since been buried in the US, same day, according to Islamic rites, leaving behind his three kids and his beloved wife.

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Olamide Maintains Street Decent on Global Stage With UY Scuti



UY Scuti Stephen Chibuzor

By Stephen Chibuzor

Ever since Olamide emerged in 2010 with the freestyle-inspired hip-hop single Eni Duro, the Lagos native has kept us on our toes: his first three albums, Rapsodi, YBNL and Baddest Guy Ever Liveth were indigenous rap albums that defined hip-hop as a commercial genre in Nigeria.

From his fourth tape, Street OT, he began to incorporate more pop-leaning sounds as he delivered Afropop anthems like Story for the gods (2014), Lagos Boys (2015), Wo (2017), Science Student (2018), Woske (2019) and Infinity (2020).

“I’m a citizen of the world now, so my choice of sound is a combination of all the beautiful music I’ve heard. This is a full-time pop album, and its way, way above everything I’ve ever done.

“My son is a huge fan of astrology, and one day he asked me what the biggest star in the universe was. I found out; it stuck in my head and I titled the project that because it’s the biggest move I’ve made in my career,” Olamide said.

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Olamide has retained his reputation as the most charismatic Voice of the Street by consistently delivering streetwise lyrics during his pop transitions. On his latest project, UY Scuti, his Caribbean pop sensibilities are the highlight of the 10-track tape. It’s buttressed by some brilliant beat making—throwback Caribbean harmonies produced by Eskeez (“Julie”), undiscovered guest features—Fave (a newcomer in the Nigerian music scene), and Layydoe (who infused an afro bashment vibe), and Olamide writing from his most self-assured position yet.

It’s as if Olamide spent the last year scouring through streaming service playlists for rhythms that could make his lessons from the streets that raised him feel more thrilling and reflect his expanding worldview. He was able to adapt Caribbean melodies into his sound without damping his sharp-witted pen game and it emphasized his prestige as the biggest star.

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Fans’ reaction to the pop direction of UY Scuti has been positive as it pulled over one million streams on Boomplay alone within the first 24 hours after it dropped.

It surpassed other new releases to trend number one in the country on other streaming platforms though, the bonus track, Petty was available exclusively on Boomplay.

The streaming service also showed support for the project’s rollout through strategically located billboards and with their primary focus on African local and urban music for its over 60 million MUA, the favourable numbers confirmed that Olamide’s globe-trotting approach to the album didn’t discourage his local fanbase. It’s a testament to his endearing character that has also allowed him numerous opportunities to be endorsed as an ambassador to some top local and international brands.

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UY Scuti positions Olamide as one of Afropop’s ambassadors as the genre continues to grow more internationally renowned following recent Grammy awards and other international recognition.

As reported by Boomplay, UY Scuti has been played over 4 million times on the platform which is impressive within the context of the streaming platform’s 68 million MAU. Olamide continues to release new albums yearly, keeping fans entertained without being afraid to experiment and explore new sounds.

Stephen Princewill Chibuzor popularly called papi wemba is a music enthusiast, Afrobeat music curator, entertainment and lifestyle PR consultant and serial entrepreneur who writes at his leisure. He is currently making magic with Boomplay as their PR Manager (Nigeria)

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