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FIFA Cancels U-20, U-17 Tournaments Slated for 2021, 2022



$1.5bn FIFA Relief

By Adedapo Adesanya

The Federation of the International Football Association (FIFA) has cancelled the men’s U-20 and U-17 World Cup tournaments in 2021 due to the novel coronavirus.

The football body noted in a statement that it had carried out the decision because COVID-19 continues to prove a huge challenge to the organisation of the biennial events.

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the bureau of the FIFA Council has decided to cancel the 2021 editions of the men’s FIFA U-20 World Cup and FIFA U-17 World Cup, and to appoint Indonesia and Peru respectively, who were due to host the tournaments in 2021, as the hosts of the 2023 editions,” the world football’s governing body said in a statement.

This means that Peru will host the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2023.

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges for the hosting of international sporting events and to have a restrictive effect on international travel,” FIFA said in its statement.

“FIFA has therefore regularly consulted the relevant stakeholders, including the host member associations as well as the confederations involved in both tournaments originally scheduled to take place in 2021.

“In doing so, it became clear that the global situation has failed to normalize to a sufficient level to address the challenges associated with hosting both tournaments, including the feasibility of the relevant qualification pathways.”

Equally, FIFA also put off the next editions of FIFA U-17 and U-20 Women’s World Cups slated for India and Costa Rica in 2021 and 2022.

The cancellation was confirmed in a letter by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to all national associations affiliated to CAF dated December 20, 2020.

“We regret to inform you that due to the worldwide situation that was strongly affected by the COVID-19 as well as the difficulties all confederations are facing to complete the qualifiers phase, FIFA decided to cancel both the U17 & U20 Women’s World Cups -2020,” the letter from CAF headquarters to affiliate associations stated.

“Consequently, the phases of all the continental qualifiers in both categories are as well cancelled,” the body said.

The FIFA Women U-20 World Cup, 10th edition had initially been scheduled to be played in January and February 2021 while the U-17 Women’s World Cup to be hosted in India was shifted from November 2020 to April 2021, but both tournaments are now officially off.

Adedapo Adesanya is a journalist, polymath, and connoisseur of everything art. When he is not writing, he has his nose buried in one of the many books or articles he has bookmarked or simply listening to good music with a bottle of beer or wine. He supports the greatest club in the world, Manchester United F.C.


Suspension of Online Casino Services in Kenya: What Are the Implications?



suspension of online casino services in Kenya

The Kenyan government has recently implemented a number of regulations that have resulted in the suspension of many online casino services across the country. This move has been made in order to protect citizens from gambling addiction and other potential risks associated with online gaming. While this is an understandable decision, it does come with some serious implications for local businesses and individuals who rely on these services for their livelihoods or entertainment. In this article, we will look at why these decisions have been taken, what impact they could have on those affected, and alternative options that people may want to explore when looking for online casino services.

The Potential Impact on Local Businesses and Individuals

The suspension of online casino services in Kenya has had a significant impact on local businesses and individuals who rely on these services for their livelihood or entertainment. For many, the closure of these sites has resulted in lost wages and decreased opportunities for employment. This has been especially problematic for those who are self-employed, as they typically lack the protection afforded to those employed by larger companies. Furthermore, some businesses that partnered with online casinos to offer bonuses or promotions have also seen a decrease in revenue due to the closure of these sites.

The impact on individuals is difficult to quantify, as it is largely dependent on their individual circumstances and level of engagement with online casino services. For the most part, online gambling was an activity undertaken mainly by males aged 18-35 in Kenya. While there is likely to be some financial hardship for those that had become accustomed to using gambling sites as a source of income, the biggest impact may well be felt emotionally. The sudden termination of access to these services can leave people feeling isolated and vulnerable, particularly if they were relying heavily on them as a social outlet or even an escape from their day-to-day lives.

It is important to note that this decision by the Kenyan government did not come without warning; multiple public awareness campaigns were launched prior to the announcement in order to educate citizens about the risks associated with gambling addiction. Furthermore, regulators have also been reaching out and providing support to individuals affected by the suspension in order for them to find alternative sources of income or entertainment.

Exploring Alternative Options for Online Casino Services

Exploring Alternative Options for Online Casino Services is necessary for those looking to still enjoy the pleasures of online gambling without risking their safety. While the Kenyan government’s suspension of online casinos has effectively put an end to their operations in the country, there are still various options available for those seeking to engage in gaming activities.

The most obvious replacement option for those looking to use online casinos is land-based casinos. Although they do not offer the same convenience as virtual sites, these establishments provide a safe and regulated environment where customers can participate in games such as slots, poker, blackjack, bingo, and more. Moreover, land-based casinos often take additional steps to ensure customer security through robust safety protocols that include CCTV monitoring and entry screening.

Another viable option is mobile gaming apps, which have seen a surge in popularity in recent years due to their accessibility and convenience. Mobile apps provide users with a broad range of casino games, such as slots and table games right from their smartphones or tablets. These apps are also generally secure and regulated by national authorities, so customers can rest assured that their funds are protected from fraudulent activity or misuse.

Finally, social media platforms have become increasingly popular for online gambling over the past few years as they allow users to play against friends or strangers without needing to make monetary deposits. These services typically feature skill-based games such as dominoes or card games like poker that require players to use strategy rather than luck alone in order to win money or win points that can be exchanged for real money prizes. This makes them particularly attractive to casual gamers who don’t want the risk associated with traditional casino games but still enjoy wagering on their skillset.

How Can People Seek Help if They Are Struggling With Gambling Addiction

For those struggling with gambling addiction in Kenya, there are a number of organizations and services available to provide support and advice. The National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) is the primary government department responsible for overseeing problem gambling in the country. The NCPG provides a range of services, including advice and information on local support networks, free counseling sessions, financial assistance for those affected by their own or someone else’s gambling addiction, as well as outreach programs across the country.

In addition to the NCPG, there are also several independent organizations that specialize in providing help and support for individuals affected by gambling addiction. These include Gamblers Anonymous Kenya (GAK), which offers a variety of resources such as self-help groups, one-on-one counseling sessions, and educational material related to problem gambling. There are also websites, such as Bet Responsibly Africa which offer detailed advice on avoiding problem gambling and how to seek help if required.

In recent years, the Kenyan government has implemented a number of regulations that have affected the betting industry by suspending the online casinos of Betway and other betting giants across the country. These decisions have had a significant impact on local businesses and have left many people without options for engaging in gaming activities. Fortunately, alternatives such as land-based casinos, mobile gaming apps, and social media platforms catering to skill-based gaming provide potential solutions. Those struggling with gambling addiction can seek help from organizations such as the National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG), independent groups like Gamblers Anonymous Kenya (GAK), and websites such as Bet Responsibly Africa. Additionally, mobile apps like Gambling Control can be used to set spending limits when betting online and ensure that users stay within their means.

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How Big is the Crypto Gambling Industry in Nigeria?



crypto gambling

Nigeria has the biggest percentage of crypto owners in Africa, according to Statista. More than 15 million Nigerians—mostly young tech-savvy people—own cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Unsurprisingly, Nigeria is the biggest market for crypto sports betting sites. To be fair, Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country. It has a population of 200M+ people, making it an excellent target audience for iGaming businesses.

But why is the country falling in love with crypto gambling?

Crypto is a Viable Store of Value

The biggest reason for crypto gambling’s popularity in Nigeria has everything to do with Bitcoin being a store of value. According to Cointelegraph, roughly 17 million Nigerians store half of their financial assets in crypto.

Cointelegraph says Nigerians love Bitcoin and Ethereum because the country lacks adequate financial services. Sure, Nigeria is full of banks and mobile payment apps.

However, most of them don’t process payments to international betting sites. And if they do, they tend to be slower and more expensive than using cryptocurrencies.

For the uninitiated, cryptocurrencies are a limited commodity. Bitcoin has a maximum of 21 million coins. More than 19 million coins have already been mined from the blockchain. By the time the last Bitcoin is mined in 2040, the cryptocurrency will be a scarce commodity. This will, in turn, magnify its value.

Crypto Supports International Payments

Sports betting is legal in Nigeria. The best sportsbooks in the country have licenses from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. Some of them also operate with licenses from the Lagos State Lottery Board.

That said, many Nigerians prefer to bet through offshore betting sites located in Europe or the Caribbean. Foreign sportsbooks provide bigger bonuses, better odds, and quicker payments.

Unfortunately, using offshore sportsbooks means relying on payment methods with cross-border support. This is where crypto comes in. Bitcoin supports transactions in all countries.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Enugu State or Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you want to send money through Bitcoin, all you need is a crypto wallet and Bitcoin in your account.

Most crypto casinos support a minimum transaction amount of $10. As such, crypto betting is affordable to the majority of Nigerians. That said, crypto also supports large amounts, making it an excellent option for high rollers.

A Growing Number of Crypto Sportsbooks

Crypto betting hasn’t always been a thing. Until 2017, it was difficult to find a betting site with support for altcoins. Things are changing, though. New crypto sportsbooks keep cropping up.

To the millions of Nigerians who love crypto, these new sportsbooks solve all their problems. First, they provide a way to deposit money reliably. Most of them accept the top five cryptocurrencies.

You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or USDT. Top betting sites also reward you when you complete your first deposit. They might give you a risk-free bet. This means you bet using your money. But if you lose, you get a free bet.

The most popular welcome reward, however, is the 100% bonus. You get exactly what you deposit. If you deposit 10 LTC coins, you receive 10 Litecoins. If you deposit one BTC, you receive an equal amount as a bonus.

Beyond bonuses, crypto betting sites rival PayPal and Visa sportsbooks in every other way. They’re mobile-friendly. They provide efficient customer service and support a wide range of sports.

Fast Payments

Speed is one of Bitcoin’s biggest selling points. Bitcoin processes payments on an average of 20 minutes. Surprisingly, most people actually prefer to use Ethereum and other coins because they’re faster.

Ethereum—the most Googled cryptocurrency in Nigeria—processes payments in under five minutes. If you use Ripple or Solana, the payment speed lowers to a minute or less.

Speed is crucial for sports betting. Picture this. You had forgotten Nigeria has a game against Ghana in the afternoon. You’re confident in the Super Falcons. But for you to bet on the team, you must deposit money quickly.

Bitcoin provides convenience in such situations. It completes deposits to betting sites quickly. It might be slower than PayPal. But PayPal doesn’t work in Nigeria. Also, it’s considerably fast for withdrawals—most bookies take 1-3 days to process betting cashout requests.

Crypto Provides Financial Autonomy

As we mentioned earlier, half of crypto owners in Nigeria buy Bitcoin to store their wealth. The reason crypto is such a popular option for securing assets is that it provides autonomy.

Once you buy Bitcoins and store them in a safe wallet, they belong to you permanently. It’s not like fiat cash. If you store one million Naira in a bank, there’s no guarantee your bank will let you withdraw it a week after.

With crypto, you have total control over your funds. You can use it to bet on football. Or you can keep it as an investment. You don’t need permission to use your digital currencies. And yet, these funds could make you rich during a good bull run.

Low Payment Fees

Another reason some Nigerians prefer to bet with crypto is that it’s cheaper than local banks. Banks charge fixed amounts, say $20 for every payment. If you plan to spend less than 2000 Naira, it doesn’t make sense to pay via wire transfer.

Credit and debit cards offer free deposits to online merchants. But most of them draw a line where sportsbooks are concerned. They refuse to work with betting sites, especially offshore bookmakers.

Crypto does not discriminate. It operates through a decentralized ledger not owned by any single entity. As such, it processes payments between any two parties regardless of the industry.

When it comes to fees, crypto is all about minimizing charges. In fact, crypto is against transaction fees. It’s just that the entire crypto industry wouldn’t thrive without fees.

You see, every crypto payment needs verification before it’s added to a blockchain. The people who verify these transactions use expensive resources. To reward them, everyone paying with Bitcoin must contribute a small fee to the miners.

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How to Play Aviator and Win Real Cash Prizes



How to play Aviator

Aviator is one of the newest games you can play at online casinos from software provider Spribe. You can find it on some of the top online gambling websites like Bitcasino, where you can win real cash prizes like slots and table games. The rules are simple and quite engaging once you get the hang of it, so here is the basic information you need to get started.

What is Aviator from Spribe

Spribe is famous for developing some of the most engaging games using modern mechanics in online casino gambling. Aviator is their take on the crash game genre, where you place a bet and cash out before a crash happens. In the context of the game, a crash means flying away. That is the gist of the game. Here’s how to play it for beginners:

How to play Aviator at online casinos

Aviator is a game of chance and intuition. It will use your casino account balance as your bankroll to place bets and send winnings after every round. Once you have made an account with money deposited, you can play Aviator the same way as any online casino game. Here are the steps:

  • Wait for the betting window to open
  • Place a desired amount as your stakes
  • Click on ‘play’ to stake your bet on the next round
  • Watch the multiplier ascend with the aeroplane’s upward flight
  • Click on ‘cash out’ before the plane flies away

If you successfully cash out while the plane is still flying, then you win back your stakes multiplied by the current multiplier value. Failing to cash out in time means you’ll lose all your bets for that round. There are two interfaces you can use in Aviator to play the game. Both have the same function, and you can use either or both at the same time.

Tips on winning Aviator

Aviator is an easy game, and the best way to enjoy it is to find your own way to win. However, there are some strategies you can employ in your sessions. These tips can help you create a low-risk strategy, perfect for beginners to this type of game.

Use both betting interface

The two-betting interface provided by Aviator allows gamblers to have a flexible way of playing. One strategy you can try is using one for safe betting while the other takes risks. Your goal is to have one of their cash out during safe intervals and win enough money to cover the potential loss of the other. Meanwhile, you can cash out the other one when it reaches a higher multiplier.

Find the sweet spot

The sweet spot refers to the most profitable spot in Aviator near the most common point of flying away. This experience can be different for each session because the outcome is determined by a random number generator (RNG). The easiest way to find this is to check the last 10 rounds using the game’s history and see which point is crashing most commonly and round that down.

Bet small and keep volatility low

What makes the Aviator game fun is its high potential payout, even for small bets. Keeping the stakes low means you are unlikely to lose money over a long session while benefiting from the game’s high multipliers for payouts. Even a consistent 3x cash out can guarantee that you can earn big profits in Aviator than in any other game.

Check out bonuses for Aviator before playing

Just like any online casino game, Aviator can also benefit from bonuses. There will be promotions promoting it sometimes but it can be played using general rewards from the casino. That’s why you should play Aviator at online gambling websites with generous giveaways.

Learn more about Aviator right here:

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