How to Download 1xBet App in Nigeria?

October 6, 2022
1xBet app

Mobile betting has never been so thrilling and effective in Nigeria as it is now with the 1xBet application. The state of the wagering experience on your gadget sometimes seems to be even smoother compared to the desktop version. The bookmaking company has invested tons of money and time in application development, and now the whole effort pays off with satisfied Nigerian customers and a large, loyal 1xBet playerbase. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the undertaking of downloading a 1xBet mobile app and highlight the advantages of the app.

1xBet, the bookie that was founded back in 2007, has firmly conquered the hearts of Nigerian bettors and can proudly aim to be called the #1 wagering platform in the region. The never-ending development and deep care for its customers explain the rapid growth of the company’s coverage. Moreover, 1xBet operates absolutely legally, meaning that all security protocols are up-to-date and ensure the safety of the data that you provide the company with, including personal information and details of your bank cards. If you are looking for a place to wager, 1xBet would be a great choice since the company’s license is valid till 2024, and there’s no background indicating that it won’t be extended.

Downloading 1xBet App in Nigeria

As with any self-respecting and trustworthy company, purchasing the 1xBet app is a convenient and quick process. The ultimate user experience is ensured alongside simplicity and security. It’s hard to believe, but the application is absolutely free and could be obtained without any charges. Here’s how to begin the journey with 1xBet:

  • Apple devices
    1. Go to the App Store and type in “1xBet Nigeria”.
    2. As an alternative, you can go to the 1xBet web and find a direct link to the application.
    3. Hit the “Get” button.
    4. Once pressed, the software will initiate and finish the setup process.
    5. When the program is prepared, click on the 1xBet icon to get started.
  • Android gadgets
    1. Go to the 1xBet page.
    2. Click on the “Smartphone App”, which is located above the company logo.
    3. Hit the “Android” in the new tab.
    4. Make sure that your device permits operations with software from unknown sources.
    5. Once the APK is ready to use, activate it and observe the setup process.
    6. When the program is prepared, click on the 1xBet icon to get started.

With a decent online connection, the setup can be completed within 1-2 minutes. You’re also able to get a desktop version of the software for your computer and laptop, which is more convenient to use when wagering from the phone isn’t an option.

The Perks of Using The 1xBet Mobile App in Nigeria

The main reason any of us would consider switching to the application is forced by the high pace of life. We’re always on the move, and there’s no certainty that we will have access to the PC throughout the day. Thus, we set a high bar for the app since it should cover all our needs.

What helps the 1xBet app stand out from the crowd is the mentioned simplicity and functionality. Every single service, be it any sort of payment, placing a wager or spectating the live-stream, can be executed by utilizing the mobile app without losing the tiniest percentage of productivity. When you first begin with the application, you get to see the definition of ultra-fast 1xBet registration, which is represented by four available options: one-click, sign-up with phone number, full registration using email, and sign-up using social networks. Once the sign-up is finished, you’ll notice that the deposits and withdrawals can be initiated, controlled, and executed with one tap of the finger.

Additional features accessible in the app also help to advance your experience to a new level. For instance, the cash-out feature and spectating the live-streaming of your beloved sporting events are available without any extra cost. Wherein the usage of the internet traffic won’t increase at full steam. It’s pretty much the same as watching a video on YouTube. The numerous promotions will also be conveniently compiled in a special promo tab, which won’t make it as difficult to search for them as for the Chamber of Secrets.

With all of that being said, and taking into consideration the legality and chargeless download, the 1xBet app can be considered the supreme mobile application for wagering in Nigeria.


An international beast of the gambling industry, 1xBet, is slowly but surely crowding out rivals in the Nigerian wagering market. With operation being entirely legally and uninterruptedly, the firm ensures the top-notch quality of its services, making them the best offered in the region. You barely get to see a bookie with such deep and unconditional care for customers. The customer service staff assists users via email, telephone call, Telegram message, or direct message on any other social media platform. Every element of this gear resides in its place, ensuring that the mechanism functions in its best condition and won’t disappoint a user with a bug or a slight moment of unavailability.

The 1xBet application is absolutely innovative and advanced in Nigeria and cannot be challenged or overshadowed. So, whether you’re a complete betting novice or an avid bettor, you’ll be more than pleased if you mark our words and try the 1xBet out.

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