Expresso Senegal Delights Subscribers with InstaVoice Services

By Dipo Olowookere

Leading mobile network company, Expresso Senegal, has launched the InstaVoice Messaging service, and InstaVoice Channels in the West African country in partnership with Kirusa.

With the launch, Senegalese can now follow their favourite celebrities as well as get the latest news on soccer and others.

“This partnership with Kirusa is a unique opportunity to accomplish our primary objective of delivering innovation.

“InstaVoice is a highly novel and differentiated platform that provides seamless communication features to our subscribers, and they can expect to connect uninterrupted in Senegal and across the world,” says Koudy Wane, VAS Manager, Expresso Senegal.

Kirusa is a global leader in telecom and social media solutions.

With the deployment of InstaVoice Messaging service in Senegal, an Expresso subscriber can send a message to another Expresso subscriber by simply dialling ‘star’ followed by the recipient’s number. The recipient gets an SMS with a voice dial number, where the message can be listened to, for free.

The celeb and sports content services, which are offered as a part of InstaVoice Channels, bring celebrities, soccer clubs and their fans together.

Using the voice blogging feature, celebrities express their emotion and share their joyous and challenging moments on a regular basis; the voice messages are delivered instantly to the fans, creating a “Voice Twitter” like experience.

Some of the popular Senegalese celebrities who have already signed up on the platform are, Bakhaw Dioum and Simon Kouka.

“Sharing his excitement on the same, Bakhaw Dioum said “I am thrilled to be on Instavoice Channels as it allows me engaged with my fans on a different level. I congratulate Expresso Senegal on striking this worthwhile partnership with Kirusa and bringing home a service designed to boost fan-celebrity engagement.”

The sports content service is another component of the unique InstaVoice channels platform that provides daily soccer updates, such as team news, pre and post-match analysis, quotes from team players and managers.

Users can follow all English Premiere League Clubs, along with UEFA and La Liga. One can get alerts on football news, players, matches, goals, penalties and much more.

Barinderpal Singh Mumick, Vice President Operations at Kirusa, said “The partnership with Expresso has been forged to deliver Kirusa’s best mobile solutions that will serve to provide an enhanced messaging experience, along with live updates on sports and entertainment. We hope to receive a great response in Senegal with Expresso subscribers.”

Dipo Olowookere is a journalist based in Nigeria that has passion for reporting business news stories. At his leisure time, he watches football and supports 3SC of Ibadan. Mr Olowookere can be reached via

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