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The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Hack Texts (2021 Updated)



minspy Phone spy app

Texting is more preferred than even calling in recent times. It is becoming an increasingly popular mode and new messaging apps have transformed texts. All the texting apps make it so much entertaining to text. 

The year 2020 saw an increase in the usage of texts and messaging. This also brought an increase in search for ‘iPhone hack texts’. With a great demand for iPhone hack apps, there was a lot of competition to cater to it.  So, let’s find out which is the best and most reliable way of hacking texts.

Minspy: Best iPhone Hacking App

Minspy is an amazing web-based application. It provides impetus to its users to see the text messages on an iPhone. The highlight of this application is its time efficiency. In just a matter of a few minutes, you can access someone’s iPhone texts remotely.

Minspy also offers a brilliant keylogger feature. This feature allows its users to view all vital keystrokes on the iPhone. You can have a look at the true and holistic picture of the texts. You can see the drafted texts, deleted texts, archived texts and all changes made.

Why Select Minspy?

The competition of spy apps can be bewildering and confusing. As it turns out, there are many players and competitors in the spy industry. Despite the perfect competition, Minspy is class apart.  Below are some of the core features that make Minspy stand out:

Stealth Mode

You can spy for as long as you want, you will never be detected with Minspy. The web-based application has been designed in a way that minimizes detection. There will be absolute secrecy of procedures.

The stealth features are nicely embedded into the very functioning. Your spying would be safeguarded. The security is so stern that even Minspy’s own employees would not be able to access any information. This is the kind of security that makes it stand out.

No Jailbreaking and No Rooting

The requirement of jailbreaking or rooting through the iPhone can make one apprehensive. Even if the iPhone users is 1000 miles away from you or even on another continent, you would still be able to hack into their text messages.

Awesome Spying Features

Minspy’s spying features are very simplistic and elite at the same time. Even the premium features of most spy apps do not stand a chance in front of the basic features of Minspy. You can see someone’s messages and you can also see their social media, WhatsApp messages, emails as well.

You can also see someone’s GPS location, notes, calendars, exchange of media and even their browsing history. Anything that is happening on the iPhone, you will be able to see it. Minspy also has abundant features and functions laid out in premium and family plans.


Amazing User Interface

Spy apps can be complicated but Minspy has a great user interface. The user interface is so friendly and convenient to use, you would just know what to do. Even new users at Minspy require any technological prowess to work with the application.

How to Hack Someone’s iPhone Texts

iPhones are expensive because they seem to be very sophisticated.  People have a perception that the security of the iPhone is so intact that it cannot be hacked into. Hacking is not only simplified for iPhones but also unbelievably quick. All you need is the right platform.

Minspy is the right platform. It can make one break into an iPhone in under 5 minutes. It is the most coveted, simplified and simplest way to hack into an iPhone. The procedure is just an array of simplistic features that allow hacking into someone’s iPhone texts:


As the first and foremost step, you need to log into and sign up for Minspy’s web app. You can sign up through your email ID. This is the only information that will be required from the user’s end to register.


After signing up, you need to select the plan that the user desires. Minspy has a lot of different plans to choose from with distinct features. You can pick the plan that suits you well with respect to the volume and extensity of your hacking.

Minspy has plans like premium and family plans that offer a varied set of features. You can do a quick assessment of your requirement and then pick the perfect plan for yourself.


After you have selected the plan, you will get an email on your registered email ID. The email will contain the link for setting up the application. The installation would only take a few minutes. Once the setup is complete, you would then need to choose the ‘target platform’.

As the intent is to hack into an iPhone, you need to select ‘iOS’ as the target platform.



Now, all you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone user. That’s the only thing between you and the target iPhone’s messages.  As soon as you enter the iCloud credentials, you would be able to link into the target iPhone immediately.

minspy-verify-icloud-id-guideThe process will not even take 5 minutes if you have the iCloud credentials in place. It is the most eased out process in place. If you have the required information, it will be easier to spy online than even check the phone for real.


All these functions, features and convenience make Minspy the best-suited alternative for hacking into an iPhone. This platform ensures that iPhone hack texts are done in a much simpler way. It is the most economical hack for reading iPhone texts. So, do not stay in suspense and see for real what is really going on behind the pings.

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Nigeria Needs Cutting-Edge AI Applications—Osinbajo



cutting-edge AI applications

By Adedapo Adesanya

Nigeria needs to invent and produce cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for education, business, medicine and security.

This was the view of Nigeria’s Vice President, Mr Yemi Osinbajo, at the founding class (2021) of the Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM), Lagos.

Mr Osinbajo, while giving a keynote address at the event, also called for an effective collaboration between public and private sectors to build world-class institutions focused on innovation in science, technology and management sciences that would help proffer solutions to the country’s challenges.

NUTM is a top-notch school of innovation and technology focused on nurturing leaders in Nigeria and Africa, promoted by Mr Okey Enelamah, immediate past Industry, Trade and Investment Minister.

“The most significant problems of this generation, especially in Africa, will require innovation in science, technology and the management sciences, especially entrepreneurship and innovative leadership if we are to stand a chance of resolving them,” the VP was quoted as saying in a statement released by his media aide, Mr Olaolu Akanda.

The Vice President said that the graduands of the NUTM programme had what was required to be among those who would in the future, provide solutions to national and global challenges in different sectors.

“I think sitting before us today, the graduands of the NUTM Scholars Programme, we might just be beholding the men and women with the answers to some of the world’s most significant challenges.

“And there are many challenges indeed. We need to invent and produce cutting-edge AI applications for education, business, medicine and security.

“We need to design the educational innovation required to train millions of children in or out of classrooms all across the country and on our continent, and provide the techniques for delivering opportunities in technology on the scale,” he said.

Mr Osinbajo said that in Agriculture, Nigeria needed to invent advanced devices, precision agriculture methodologies, and robotic systems

He said such inventions would guarantee the huge yields per acreage or volumes in dairy and livestock to meet the food security needs of a country headed for the third position in global population size in a few short years.

“And we are waiting for the breakthrough in the treatment of peculiar African health challenges such as sickle cell disease, fibroids and cancers.

“There is so much to do. But we know that ground-breaking innovation in technology or commerce will always be the product of the work of well-trained people.

“Which is why the NUTM Scholars Programme was designed to offer cutting-edge knowledge in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design; Management; Perspectives in breakthrough Leadership ideas, Critical thinking and Writing.”

According to him, the goal of the university is to train and equip highly sophisticated crack technology, innovation and management experts.

“The students are the first cut of that dream team. And, we are holding our breath waiting for you to step into your destined roles.

“First, every major innovative breakthrough in science, technology or the social sciences was the product of patient collaborative work, sometimes across nations.

“There is no innovation yet around the hard and, sometimes, long task of creating rare value,” he said.

According to him, the second reason why most people will never attain significance is that they are only interested in themselves and their personal successes.

“But to earn significance, one must do something much bigger than oneself, a big idea, a massive game-changer should always be your target.

“Third is developing a mindset that you are as good as anyone who has ever developed a game-changing idea.

“Problem-solving innovators are, after all, men and women not spirits. And this is important because the way not to achieve is to have a mind that is incapable of seeing huge things,” he said.

While commending the founders, management and academics of the NUTM for the great work, Osinbajo told the graduands that those who built Dubai were men and women, not spirits.

In his welcome remarks, Mr Enelamah, who is also the Chairman of the Governing Board of the University, thanked the vice president for attending the event.

He added that NUTM was a pioneering higher education institution that had been established to nurture leaders and innovators to create an impact in Africa and other parts of the world.

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Flutterwave Partners Currencycloud for US, Europe Expansion




By Adedapo Adesanya

Flutterwave has partnered with Currencycloud to stimulate its expansion in Europe and the United States as it hopes to gain wider traction.

The company plans to launch in Europe and the US, strengthening its services to customers, making it possible for them to send and receive money from any part of the world with its distinct virtual accounts, quickly and efficiently.

As a result, users will now be provided with more service options globally as they will be able to receive payments not just using debit cards, but via other new channels, and will ensure total transparency to foreign exchange charges for international payments, giving customers access to multi-currency wallets.

The current development shows the company’s interest in scaling beyond its existing reach globally, not just in a particular region as it journeys to reach every nook and cranny of the world.

According to the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Flutterwave, Mr Olugbenga Agboola, “This partnership marks our ongoing commitment to creating a payments infrastructure that links the world to Africa.”

“Our shared value of simplifying payments, coupled with the speed with which we could launch in a new market leveraging Currencycloud APIs were just a few reasons why we partnered with them.

“Through our partnership, we are excited to offer new and existing customers more payment options to grow their business, access new markets and build their customer base,” he further said.

In addition, Mr David Heitzmann, vice president of Sales and general manager of North America at Currencycloud said that the company’s goal is to reimagine the way money flows around the world.

“The partnership with Flutterwave is a great example of this, and we are thrilled to be able to support Flutterwave in their mission,” he pointed out.

Right away, the incorporation of Currencycloud’s API into Flutterwave’s technology has been done. Existing and new customers can start leveraging the innovation.

Flutterwave was recently listed as one of the 100 Most Influential Companies in Time’s recently published magazine.

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Social Engineering: The Mindset of a Cyber Criminal



computer crime Social Engineering

By Rotimi Onadipe

Who is a cyber criminal?

A cyber criminal is an individual that commits crime with the use of a computer as a tool or as a target. Cyber criminals operate in many ways but the most common way cyber criminals operate in today’s digital age is through social engineering.

Social engineering is a strategy used by cyber criminals to manipulate or trick people into revealing their personal or sensitive information. In most cases, it involves interesting and convincing stories from cyber criminals to lure unsuspecting individuals, companies or organisations into falling victim.  Common social engineering attacks include:

  1. Sending of fake distress messages to unsuspecting victims.
  2. Sending an email with a link that will redirect an unsuspecting victim to a fake website.
  3. Sending a message to an individual that he has won a lottery involving a huge amount of money and asking him to provide his bank account details or other personal information.
  4. Sending attachments or apps containing malware to unsuspecting victims.
  5. Pretending as a bank, internet service provider, business partner or social media platform administrator and asking of password, PIN or other personal information from an unsuspecting victim.

The internet can be a very good tool for learning, creativity, sharing useful information and connecting with people but despite its great benefits, it is also used by cyber criminals to commit crimes.

In today’s technology age, cyber criminals can be very smart when it comes to online fraud. They will use all kinds of tricks to target their victims around the world.

As internet usage increases on daily basis so do the amount of sensitive and personal information which are made available on social media. The cyber criminals are aware of this and they always want to take advantage of it.

However, we must be informed that we all have personal or sensitive information that is worth something to cyber criminals which they can sell out to other criminals or unsuspecting victims. This is why it is very important for us as individuals or organisations to understand the mindset of a cyber criminal.

The mindset of a cyber criminal:

  1. He thinks faster than his victims.
  2. He is always searching for people’s personal and sensitive information and he is ready to get it at all costs.
  3. His main motive is to obtain money or personal information from his victims.
  4. He is always learning and thinking of new strategies to defraud his victims.
  5. He wants to make friends with as many people as possible to increase his chances of getting more victims.
  6. He doesn’t give up on his victims no matter how pathetic the victim’s situation is.
  7. He wants to use his cyber security knowledge to defraud anyone that comes in contact with him at any time.
  8. He believes in using different identities to convince his victims.
  9. He spends a lot of time studying the mindset of his victims.
  10. He has a special interest in defrauding aged people and young children because they are the most vulnerable to cybercrime in today’s digital age.

Conclusively, we must be informed that our greatest weapon and best defence against cyber criminals is to educate ourselves about their strategies so that we can understand their mindset.

Rotimi Onadipe can be reached via +234-8169121819 or  

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