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The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Hack Texts (2021 Updated)



minspy Phone spy app

Texting is more preferred than even calling in recent times. It is becoming an increasingly popular mode and new messaging apps have transformed texts. All the texting apps make it so much entertaining to text. 

The year 2020 saw an increase in the usage of texts and messaging. This also brought an increase in search for ‘iPhone hack texts’. With a great demand for iPhone hack apps, there was a lot of competition to cater to it.  So, let’s find out which is the best and most reliable way of hacking texts.

Minspy: Best iPhone Hacking App

Minspy is an amazing web-based application. It provides impetus to its users to see the text messages on an iPhone. The highlight of this application is its time efficiency. In just a matter of a few minutes, you can access someone’s iPhone texts remotely.

Minspy also offers a brilliant keylogger feature. This feature allows its users to view all vital keystrokes on the iPhone. You can have a look at the true and holistic picture of the texts. You can see the drafted texts, deleted texts, archived texts and all changes made.

Why Select Minspy?

The competition of spy apps can be bewildering and confusing. As it turns out, there are many players and competitors in the spy industry. Despite the perfect competition, Minspy is class apart.  Below are some of the core features that make Minspy stand out:

Stealth Mode

You can spy for as long as you want, you will never be detected with Minspy. The web-based application has been designed in a way that minimizes detection. There will be absolute secrecy of procedures.

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The stealth features are nicely embedded into the very functioning. Your spying would be safeguarded. The security is so stern that even Minspy’s own employees would not be able to access any information. This is the kind of security that makes it stand out.

No Jailbreaking and No Rooting

The requirement of jailbreaking or rooting through the iPhone can make one apprehensive. Even if the iPhone users is 1000 miles away from you or even on another continent, you would still be able to hack into their text messages.

Awesome Spying Features

Minspy’s spying features are very simplistic and elite at the same time. Even the premium features of most spy apps do not stand a chance in front of the basic features of Minspy. You can see someone’s messages and you can also see their social media, WhatsApp messages, emails as well.

You can also see someone’s GPS location, notes, calendars, exchange of media and even their browsing history. Anything that is happening on the iPhone, you will be able to see it. Minspy also has abundant features and functions laid out in premium and family plans.


Amazing User Interface

Spy apps can be complicated but Minspy has a great user interface. The user interface is so friendly and convenient to use, you would just know what to do. Even new users at Minspy require any technological prowess to work with the application.

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How to Hack Someone’s iPhone Texts

iPhones are expensive because they seem to be very sophisticated.  People have a perception that the security of the iPhone is so intact that it cannot be hacked into. Hacking is not only simplified for iPhones but also unbelievably quick. All you need is the right platform.

Minspy is the right platform. It can make one break into an iPhone in under 5 minutes. It is the most coveted, simplified and simplest way to hack into an iPhone. The procedure is just an array of simplistic features that allow hacking into someone’s iPhone texts:


As the first and foremost step, you need to log into and sign up for Minspy’s web app. You can sign up through your email ID. This is the only information that will be required from the user’s end to register.


After signing up, you need to select the plan that the user desires. Minspy has a lot of different plans to choose from with distinct features. You can pick the plan that suits you well with respect to the volume and extensity of your hacking.

Minspy has plans like premium and family plans that offer a varied set of features. You can do a quick assessment of your requirement and then pick the perfect plan for yourself.

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After you have selected the plan, you will get an email on your registered email ID. The email will contain the link for setting up the application. The installation would only take a few minutes. Once the setup is complete, you would then need to choose the ‘target platform’.

As the intent is to hack into an iPhone, you need to select ‘iOS’ as the target platform.



Now, all you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone user. That’s the only thing between you and the target iPhone’s messages.  As soon as you enter the iCloud credentials, you would be able to link into the target iPhone immediately.

minspy-verify-icloud-id-guideThe process will not even take 5 minutes if you have the iCloud credentials in place. It is the most eased out process in place. If you have the required information, it will be easier to spy online than even check the phone for real.


All these functions, features and convenience make Minspy the best-suited alternative for hacking into an iPhone. This platform ensures that iPhone hack texts are done in a much simpler way. It is the most economical hack for reading iPhone texts. So, do not stay in suspense and see for real what is really going on behind the pings.

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Visa to Acquire Swedish Fintech Tink for €1.8bn




By Adedapo Adesanya

Global payment service, Visa, said Thursday it would acquire Swedish financial technology firm Tink for €1.8 billion ($2.2 billion), months after the US credit card giant dropped a bid to acquire the startup’s American rival, Plaid.

Tink is an open banking platform that connects 3,400 financial institutions in Europe with more than 250 million customers and gives its clients access to aggregated financial data.

Visa’s planned takeover of Tink’s US competitor Plaid was abandoned earlier this year after it was blocked by US authorities on competition grounds.

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Tink started in 2012 when it launched an app allowing Swedish consumers to track their personal finances in one place, by connecting to multiple bank accounts.

Over the years Tink pivoted to providing business solutions for banks and financial institutions by leveraging financial data, and in 2020 the company scrapped its personal finance app.

In a statement, Visa wrote, “Tink enables financial institutions, fintechs and merchants to build tailored financial management tools, products and services for European consumers and businesses based on their financial data.

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On its part, Visa said, “By bringing together Visa’s network of networks and Tink’s open banking capabilities we will deliver increased value to European consumers and businesses with tools to make their financial lives more simple, reliable and secure,” Visa Chief Executive Officer, Mr Al Kelly said.

Speaking on the deal, Mr Daniel Kjellen, CEO and co-founder of Tink said the deal would allow the company to move faster and reach further than ever before.

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Tink is already “integrated with more than 3,400 banks and financial institutions,” and “will retain its brand and current management team, and its headquarters will remain in Stockholm, Sweden,” Visa said.

The deal, which Visa said would be funded from cash on hand and is subject to regulatory approval.

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Data Centre Launch: MainOne Assures Ghana Customers 100% Uptime



Appolonia Data Centre

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

As the leading carrier-neutral data centre provider in West Africa, MainOne, is preparing for the launch of its data centre in Accra, Ghana, customers have been assured 100 per cent uptime.

A statement from the firm disclosed that the facility would be launched this month and it would boost business operations in the area.

MainOne is the leading provider of connectivity, cloud and data centre solutions in West Africa. The Appolonia Data Centre is located 20 kilometres from the heart of Accra.

The centre will expand MainOne’s already robust infrastructure and service profile in West Africa because it was built to cater to the increasing demand for colocation and interconnection services by multinationals and businesses seeking shared services for their ICT resources in a world-class facility.

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The Chief Operating Officer of MDXi, a subsidiary of MainOne, Mr Gbenga Adegbiji, stated the “Appolonia Data Centre is a state-of-the-art facility being built to the highest standards required for today’s digital infrastructure and consistent with the MainOne brand.

“With the assurance of the high quality of service designed to meet business requirements for digital colocation and cloud infrastructure, the Appolonia (Accra) Data Centre will provide a highly secured, resilient and scalable solution for our customers.”

Mr Adegbiji further said “the operations of the Uptime Tier III certified Appolonia data centre will be based on the global MDXI Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which have been proven with 100 per cent facility uptime of the Lekki Data Centre since its launch in 2015.”

Set for launch in June 2021, the 100-rack Appolonia Data Centre offers customers the opportunity to host infrastructure in a facility guaranteed to provide high levels of availability and rich connectivity with a global network of customers, partners and suppliers thus ensuring 24×7 online delivery of services to businesses.

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“We established this data centre in Ghana to bring the highly sought services which MainOne is known for closer to institutions in the country,” Emmanuel Kwarteng, Country Manager, MainOne Ghana noted. “We are confident that the Data Centre will not only deliver state-of-the-art services but also create jobs and ultimately contribute to the economic growth of Ghana.” All data centre staff are directly employed by the company and are trained on the latest technology deployed to keep the data centre running smoothly. There are staff dedicated to monitoring all critical systems in the data centre to ensure that proactive actions are taken to guarantee availability on 24X7X365 basis.

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The Appolonia Data Centre has also been fitted with high-definition CCTV motion detection cameras, laser-based perimeter intrusion detection systems, and three levels of security barriers before access to computer rooms.

Access to the facility is restricted to pre-authorized individuals with identification only and there is an access management system to record access history for audit purposes.

A dedicated service delivery team assists customers with onboarding and ongoing service management. Remote Hands and Eyes Support services are available for customers to troubleshoot or perform various maintenance activities to ensure their equipment operates as expected while allowing our customers to focus on their core business.

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Six Affordable Nokia Phones You Can Purchase



Nokia Phones

Buying a phone can be arduous, especially when you want great design, durability and functionality at a reasonable price.

The exciting news is, despite your budget, there is the perfect Nokia phone for your needs. Every Nokia phone is built to last, undergoing tougher tests than the industry average, giving you peace of mind.

Each phone is beautiful with a timeless Finnish design and provides experiences at a great value. Three reasons to choose a Nokia phone is because you will love it, trust it and want to keep it.

Together for longer with Nokia 1.4

Nokia 1.4Feel more connected to the people and things you love with the Nokia 1.4. The big 6.51” HD+ screen is perfect for learning and playtime with the kids, and it’s easy to capture beautiful photos with the versatile Camera Go app and focus on what you love with a built-in macro camera. Like family, this is a phone you can count on- featuring a two-day battery life1 Qualcomm chipset and fingerprint sensor.

Enjoy all of these and more with the Nokia 1.4 selling at N46,500.

Cherish every moment with Nokia C20 and Nokia C10

With the all-day battery life and stunningly clear 6.5” HD+ screen, spending a quiet moment alone or with your family has just become more enjoyable. Immerse yourself in your favourite tunes while travelling to work or settle in to watch a film with the kids.

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The latest additions to the popular C Series range bring forward much-loved features like Android 11TM (Go edition), adding up to 20% faster speeds, and improved security features, as well as Nokia smartphone durability with quarterly security updates for two years.

Nokia C20

The Nokia C20 is an ultra-high value smartphone that comes with standout features that include the front and rear LED flash to capture those special moments even in low-light. Spend more time speaking to those you love. With fast 4G, you can keep in touch with family on facetime, even on the move. With its Octa-core processor and the latest operating system, you can rely on C20 to get things done swiftly. Enjoy all this and more with just N40,400.


Nokia C10Nokia C10 is the most affordable device of the new portfolio. The Nokia C10 showcases its Nordic heritage in tandem with Nokia smartphones’ trademark durability, and the superior build quality stems from rigorous testing and attention to the most minute details. The ergonomically designed casing with a micro-texture finish makes it easy to hold even for the smallest of hands.

The Nokia C10 is available in stores or on the Nokia official store on Jumia  for only N36,000.

new Nokia 3310

A modern classic reimagined -the new Nokia 3310

Fall in love over again with the iconic Nokia 3310, built with care and made to last. With the new Nokia 3310, you can enjoy longer conversations with family, friends and colleagues; and trust its long-lasting battery to take you through the day.

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Remember the legendary Snake game? It is back with an even better twist and a little update that makes it more fun to play in colour.

Access popular web content with Opera Mini Browser and manage communication easily with seamless Dual SIM switching.

With four attractive shades to choose from, you can pick a Nokia 3310 that matches your style at just N19,000.

Nokia 105

Long-lasting battery with everyday essentials Nokia 105

Inspired by the heritage of Nokia phones, its contoured modern design makes the Nokia 105 a great fit in hand. Featuring inherent colour throughout its polycarbonate casing, minimising the visual impact of knocks and bumps, Nokia 105 is built for everyday life, delivering the quality, reliability and robust design fans expect from a Nokia phone.

Call family and friends for hours on end without worrying about the battery life. With up to 2,000 contacts and 500 SMS storage space, you’ll always have the information that matters to you, ensuring you stay connected with all your contacts from one device.

Additionally, take your music on the go, with Nokia 105’s built-in FM radio and light up your way with the ever-popular LED torchlight – simply press the up key twice to quickly turn the torch on and off.

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Get the Nokia 105 for only N6,400.

Nokia 5310

Mix up the beat with the Nokia 5310

Keep the music flowing both indoors and outdoors with the Nokia 5310. Mix up the beat, anytime, anywhere, thanks to the MP3 player and wireless FM radio.  Enjoy the sound of your favourite songs wherever you are with the dual front-facing speakers.. The Nokia 5310 also comes with dedicated music buttons, meaning you can adjust the volume and shuffle through tracks with ease.

With all the reliability you would expect of a Nokia phone, the Nokia 5310 has a battery life that keeps you connected day after day. Stay connected more with a battery that lasts for up to 30 days in standby mode, and keep those calls going from sunrise to sunset.

Get the Nokia 5310 for N17,700, from any offline partner store or the  Nokia official store on Jumia.

There you have it. Six phones specially curated to make your life better and keep your wallet smiling.

You can purchase your Nokia mobile at any offline partner store – Finet, Slot, Spar, Pointek, Royalline or 3CHub or the Nokia official store on Jumia.

1Battery is based on a real-life usage test by HMD Global.

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