What Users Should Expect from WhatsApp in 2021

WhatsApp Worldwide users

By Adedapo Adesanya

In 2020, WhatsApp released some updates, like the famous custom wallpapers, the new search tool emoji, as well as the ability to mute your chats forever.

In 2021, the popular chat app is poised to developing new tools and functionalities for its over 1 billion users worldwide.

These are some features that Business Post have gathered will come to light this year.

Internal Announcements on WhatsApp and New Terms of Use

On February 8, the application will update its terms of use, which will accompany a tool that the company will use to send specific announcements to users.

It is worth mentioning that these messages will not be sent through a chat, but will appear as a particular notice in the application, it may redirect to external sites or require specific actions from users

Holiday Mode

The application is currently developing vacation mode to allow users to archive conversations and groups for a time to mute and disable chat notifications.

This need arises from the fact that many users do not want to be part of a conversation, but are in turn unable to withdraw for some reason.

Purchases Directly from the App

As is already known, a WhatsApp account can be used as a business medium, which makes this option very useful, since, like applications related to it, not long ago, they integrated purchases through said messaging app.

Calls and Video Calls: Desktop Version

As can be done on Android and iOS devices, calls and video calls are the main innovations that WhatsApp will unveil during 2021 for web and desktop versions. The functionality is already being tested and it is one of the most anticipated.

Choice of Many Devices

The use of the same account on four different devices is expected, although it is not yet known if these include tablets and other electronic devices. However, the application can be used without the main smartphone being connected to the internet, which allows using the WhatsApp Web even if the phone remains off.

Self-Destruction of Certain Visual Content

The company is working on a function that has the purpose of improving the level of privacy of its platform. It is a tool that deletes any attachment – image, video or animated Gif – sent to a contact after the recipient has opened it. This is considered a very useful option that will help users conserve space, although the user has the option to decide whether or not to add the validity of said files.

Adedapo Adesanya is a journalist, polymath, and connoisseur of everything art. When he is not writing, he has his nose buried in one of the many books or articles he has bookmarked or simply listening to good music with a bottle of beer or wine. He supports the greatest club in the world, Manchester United F.C.

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