Shopify Unveils New Packages for Better e-Commerce Experience

Leading multi-channel commerce platform, Shopify Incorporation, has unveiled the latest in commerce technology at Shopify Unite, the annual conference that brings together the company’s global partner and developer community.

“Shopify’s real power comes from the variety and strength of our ecosystem,” said Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke. “Unite gives our developer and partner community access to our product roadmap. Together, and only together, we can shape the future of commerce and empower entrepreneurs around the world.”

This year, Shopify is transforming commerce by announcing platform enhancements and updates focused on giving direct-to-consumer brands everything they need to build and manage a business.

Shopify’s innovations include a newly updated Shopify Plus platform for enterprise brands, more global capabilities, and for the first time, Shopify is expanding its offering with a fulfilment network that will allow merchants of all sizes to deliver their products fast and at a low cost.

The new innovations launched by the firm include Shopify Fulfilment Network, which is available now for early access, and will provide merchants in the United States with a network of distributed fulfilment centres, and uses machine learning to ensure timely deliveries and lower shipping costs, putting their brand and customer experience front and centre.

Also, the company is bringing out the Shopify Plus, which provides a single view of a merchant’s entire business, tools that facilitate a consistent experience across stores, and an easier-than-ever way to create new stores, empowering enterprise merchants to move fast, build with the customer in mind, and unlock growth potential.

Another feature is the new Shopify POS, which is expected to be faster, more intuitive, and more scalable point of sale software, providing retailers with a simple interface, new customer service shortcuts, and access to all of Shopify’s POS app extensions.

The firm is introducing 11 new language capabilities, which are now available in the Shopify Admin globally, including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hindi, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean and Thai.

Another is the Shopify’s Translations API, which is to store translated buyer-facing content including products, collections, and blog posts, enabling merchants to provide the same consistent shopping experience in multiple languages.

The company said with Shopify Payments, all merchants can now sell in multiple currencies and get paid in their local currency, while the new online store design experience makes it even easier for merchants to customize the look and feel of their store to meet the evolving expectations of shoppers, without editing the code.

The firm said partners can now integrate subscription payments solutions directly into Shopify’s checkout.

Shopify’s most popular libraries will be available in GraphQL, allowing developers to leverage its speed and efficiency to build faster and more stable apps for merchants and with the Shopify App CLI (command-line interface), developers can now wrap all their app building steps into one command, scaffolding an app within seconds.

It said Shopify App Bridge is a new, consolidated tool that enables developers to embed their apps directly into Shopify, including desktop, Shopify Mobile, and Shopify POS, creating a seamless user experience for merchants.

Introducing new back office shipping features to help merchants sell more, better manage their order process, and improve customer experiences

New shipping features make it possible for merchants to set specific shipping rules and pricing for different products, and create automatic and more accurate visibility throughout the fulfilment process, including any activity happening in third-party apps and services.

Dipo Olowookere is a journalist based in Nigeria that has passion for reporting business news stories. At his leisure time, he watches football and supports 3SC of Ibadan. Mr Olowookere can be reached via

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