Best Hospitals for Thymus Cancer Worldwide

April 27, 2023
thymus cancer

According to the American Association of Oncologists, thymus cancer is rare and accounts for about 0.5% of all tumors. The illness does not show any signs at the initial stage but, at the same time, has a high potential for malignancy. It is characterized by rapid growth and metastasis.

Over the years, we have accumulated statistics on the leading hospitals in Europe and the US for treating thymus cancer. And we can recommend to patients exactly where they will be treated most effectively. So keep reading, and we will share with you the necessary information.

Criteria for selecting the best hospitals for thymus cancer

Not only an error-free diagnosis and the results of further treatment but sometimes life itself depends on the correct choice of the treatment center and attending physician. Therefore, it is necessary to collect all possible information in order not to be disappointed in the chosen hospital in the future:

  • Hospitals specialization. It is essential in the treatment of advanced cases of thymus cancer.
  • It is necessary to look at clinic articles, scientific developments, and the introduction of various treatment methods for thymus cancer.
  • Information about oncologists and thoracic surgeons who work in this hospital.
  • It would be good to get acquainted with the reviews of specialists in this field but not working in this clinic.
  • It is advisable to choose several hospitals and compare them.
  • The second opinion is an opportunity to verify the accuracy of the diagnosis, to hear an alternative point of view of an experienced specialist, or to learn about alternative treatment options.

Finding a hospital with the online service AiroMedical is fast, simple, and effective. It is enough to specify the doctor’s specialty or the disease’s symptoms in the search bar to find the right specialist. Then, in a few seconds, the system will provide you with a relevant list of the hospitals.

Top hospitals for thymus cancer treatment in the United States 

University Hospitals Michigan Ann Arbor

Langone Hospital New York

Wisconsin University Hospitals Madison

Benefits of Medical Treatment in the US

Several essential advantages of the list of hospitals in the US:

  • Reliable diagnosis, the accuracy of which determines the choice of a treatment plan and the effectiveness of the procedures.
  • Hybrid operating rooms, the latest microsurgical and minimally invasive operations equipment.
  • World-class thoracic surgeons who are proficient in all modern methods.

Top hospitals for thymus cancer treatment in Europe

University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany

Marien Hospital Marl, Germany

Teknon Medical Centre, Spain

Anadolu Medical Centre, Turkey

Benefits of medical treatment in Europe

European medicine offers the most current opportunities for timely thymus cancer detection and comprehensive diagnosis. Treatment in hospitals in Europe is also:

  • World leadership in the number of scientific papers and discoveries in medicine.
  • Use of unique developments and author’s methods.
  • Careful monitoring of compliance with international standards at all stages of manipulation.

Top hospitals for thymus cancer treatment in Poland

Medicover Hospital Warsaw

European Health Center Otwock

Gamma Knife Exira Center Katowice

Benefits of medical treatment in Poland

Advantages of Polish cancer treatment:

  • Fast and accurate examination, low-traumatic technologies.
  • Complex treatment, including thymus surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy.
  • Remote consultations with doctors after completion of therapy.

Top hospitals for thymus cancer treatment in Italy

University Hospital San Raffaele Milan

European Oncology Institute Milan

Agostino Gemelli University Policlinic Rome

Benefits of medical treatment in Italy

A whole list of hospitals in Italy has such advantages:

  • The best doctors with extensive experience treating thymus tumors.
  • Diagnostics are carried out on innovative equipment that provides 100% accuracy of results.
  • Healthcare costs are more affordable than in America, and the quality is not inferior.

Top hospitals for thymus cancer treatment in Germany 

Helios Clinic Berlin-Buch

University Hospital Charite

University Hospital Heidelberg

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

Several advantages of hospitals in Germany:

  • Hybrid operating rooms, robot-assisted surgery.
  • Close cooperation of German thoracic surgeons with many narrow specialists.
  • Pediatric thoracic surgeons and oncologists are at the disposal of young patients.

Best thymus cancer doctors worldwide

The best doctors in thymus cancer treatment:

Prof. Dr. med. Maximilian Bockhorn

Dr. med. habil. Krzysztof Wrobel

Prof. Dr. Thomas Vogl

Prof. Dr. Hans Hoffmann

Prof. Dr. Helmut Friess

Best treatment solutions for treating thymus cancer 

Doctors of the best hospitals in the US and Europe treat thymus cancer using conservative methods and surgically, taking advantage of the latest oncology achievements that allow achieving success in more than 90% of cases. You can read more about each treatment method for thymus cancer on our website.

Here we will mention only a few:

  • Da Vinci’s robotic thymectomy. Minimally invasive surgery through four small incisions for the video camera and the robot’s “hands.” The system provides an accurate 3D image of the operating field and the accuracy of movements inaccessible to humans.
  • Ablation. A needle-like electrode is inserted into the patient, and an electric current is applied. It leads to a local increase in tissue temperature and the destruction of cancer cells.
  • Brachytherapy. It is the irradiation of the tumor with radioactive isotopes from the inside. Unique seeds with an active substance are injected directly into the cancer tissue with the help of endoscopic equipment.
  • Targeted therapy. Angiogenesis inhibitors (drugs that prevent the formation of blood vessels) and growth factor inhibitors are most often used.

How to get treatment in the best clinics for thymus cancer

Some diagnoses divide a person’s life into “before” and “after.” You can’t be prepared for them; they sound unfair and scary. Every day in our work, we encounter people tired of endless, fruitless trips to doctors who have almost lost hope of recovery. And how nice it is to see how people’s attitudes to life change after the first positive treatment results.

The AiroMedical project aims to help people who are faced with thymus cancer. On our platform, you will find:

  • Consultations of leading oncologists, information about the features of diagnosis and thymus cancer treatment.
  • Hospital contacts and appointments for diagnostics and treatment without queues and tedious waiting.
  • New therapy methods are used only in a few cancer centers.

Treating thymus cancer with AiroMedical is an opportunity to entrust your health to the best oncologist, constantly improving their professional skills. So leave us a request and get a personalized treatment program.


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