Mushe (XMU) Holds Strong, Terra (LUNA) Continues to Struggle

May 16, 2022
XMU holders

The crypto arena may be on unstable ground, with the likes of LUNA and BTC struggling, but it could yield great returns for XMU holders.

It’s safe to say that May has been a difficult month for millions of crypto investors around the globe. One look at the current state of play in the cryptocurrency landscape will show that a lot of digital tokens are seeing red. In the worst cases, like Terra LUNA, over 99% of its value has been lost within a matter of days. Yet, despite the widespread problems, some coins like Mushe (XMU) now look even stronger than ever.

Mushe (XMU) stands firm while others crash and burn

The current crypto crash is unlike anything ever witnessed in the 13 years of trading digital coins, and it’s not only LUNA that has seen its value plummet. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) are just three of the big players to see a major slump over the past week. Yet, XMU continues to see growth in its pre-launch phase, rallying from 0.005 to 0.027 per token.

In fact, with over 53 million – and rising – tokens already sold before going public on July 4, experts still predict that Mushe can take on Lucky Block (LBLOCK) to enjoy the biggest launch of any digital coin in 2022. Tokens stemmed from Layer_0 blockchain infrastructure have performed well in the first few months of this year, while many of the best altcoins over the past five years have enjoyed healthy growth in their first 12 months.

XMU has long been touted as one to watch in Q3 and Q4 of 2022. It has been suggested that buying the dip might not be a great strategy, with Oleg Giberstein warning, per Forbes: “Many a novice investor has been burned trying to ‘catch falling knives’. Despite the anticipation that the slump will last, the market should begin to correct itself and rally by July, which may leave XMU as one of the prime candidates to keep growing.

Ultimately, the Mushe roadmap has not been disrupted by the industry’s current problems, thus enabling it to stay firm in the face of a crash.

Major damage to Terra (LUNA) investors

While XMU is aiming to reach every digital wallet, investors of LUNA and other decimated tokens are cutting losses in their millions. Widespread stories of lost life savings have dominated column inches in recent days, while millions of investors have seen their portfolios become far less valuable as a direct result of the situation.

Meanwhile, the fact that the TerraUSD (UST) digital coin has lost its $1 peg is telling. The stablecoin has been linked to the USD but has been hit hard over the past week, resulting in suspended withdrawals from several trading platforms. Similar situations have been seen in relation to other struggling digital assets.

The episode has underlined how volatile the crypto landscape can be and how quickly the top 10 biggest crypto tokens can change. Just as quickly as they can slump, though, digital assets can soar. Mushe (XMU) has cemented its place as one of the most relevant coins during the crash investors can embrace the presale with immediate results.

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