Study Unveils Most Googled Cryptocurrencies in 2022

December 29, 2022
most Googled crypto

By Aduragbemi Omiyale

The outgoing year 2022 has been filled with many intrigues across the board, and in the cryptocurrency market, there were ups and downs.

Personal finance experts at DollarGeek analysed Google searches for a collection of cryptocurrencies to see which were the most searched this year in the US and worldwide.

From their analysis, Bitcoin was the most Googled cryptocurrency, coming top in the United States and worldwide, while Shiba Inu and Dogecoin occupied second and third in the US, though Dogecoin beat Shiba Inu on worldwide searches.

It was observed that Bitcoin recorded 4,570,000 searches on average every month in 2022 and also had the most searches globally of any cryptocurrency, with 28,410,000 searches worldwide every month. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced, being released in 2009.

Shiba Inu was second on the list, as in the US, the cryptocurrency received 1,290,000 searches a month on average in 2022 and 4,430,000 monthly searches worldwide. Very little is known about the original founder of the coin, who released it in 2020, with the mystery crypto creator only known as Ryoshi.

Coming in third place was Dogecoin, which in 2022 received around 729,000 searches every month in the US. It also beats out the Shiba Inu coin on global searches, with an average of 5,850,000 searches worldwide this year. Dogecoin is considered one of the first examples of a meme coin, created as a joke in late 2013.

Ethereum took fourth place on the list, receiving an average of 611,000 Google searches in the US annually during 2022. Additionally, it received 3,840,000 on average worldwide every month. It’s also one of Bitcoin’s biggest competitors in the cryptocurrency market, being the second largest in market capitalisation.

Rounding out the top five was Avalanche, after it received around 534,000 searches a month in 2022, as well as 861,000 searches around the world every month. It’s another young cryptocurrency, having only been released in September 2020.

The rest of the top 10 was made up of Litecoin, which averaged 269,000 searches in the US last year and 796,000 worldwide; Cardano, which received 247,000 average US searches a month and 1,470,000 worldwide; XRP in seventh with 237,000 US searches a month and 1,300,000 worldwide; Safemoon following with 178,000 monthly US searches and 1,030,000 worldwide; and Nexus in 10th with 175,000 average searches in the US every month and 734,000 worldwide.

“Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency in the US and around the world, having been the first cryptocurrency in wider use since its release in 2009.

“However, its alternatives, while smaller by a large margin, are catching it in popularity, illustrated by the sheer number of searches for some of the youngest cryptocurrencies,” a spokesperson for DollarGeek said.

#          Keyword          US Monthly Searches   Global Monthly Searches

1          Bitcoin             4,570,000         28,410,000

2          Shiba Inu          1,290,000         4,430,000

3          Dogecoin         729,000            5,850,000

4          Ethereum         611,000            3,840,000

5          Avalanche        534,000            861,000

6          Litecoin            269,000            796,000

7          Cardano           247,000            1,470,000

8          XRP                 237,000            1,300,000

9          Safemoon         178,000            1,030,000

10        Nexus             175,000            734,000

Aduragbemi Omiyale

Aduragbemi Omiyale is a journalist with Business Post Nigeria, who has passion for news writing. In her leisure time, she loves to read.

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