5 Convincing Reasons to Sit for the Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Exam

Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Exam

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals universally known as AZ-900 exam is specifically designed for non-technical specialists and IT beginners who want to build a cloud-related career. It validates fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Azure features and other cloud services.

Since after clearing this test you receive the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals badge, it is also an optional first step towards achieving higher-level Microsoft certifications in the future.

But, what are the exact advantages coming along with passing this assessment apart from getting an entry-level credential? Let’s explore the 5 main reasons to take this exam so as to find the answer.

Benefits of Cracking the Microsoft AZ-900 Assessment

AZ-500 Tests all cloud essentials that every aspiring cloud practitioner should be knowledgeable in. These include not only basic concepts and services but also security and compliance features, Lifecycles, etc. Due to its broad curriculum, there are also many perks that AZ-900 can bring you.

  1. It is a foundation stone for further certifications

Regardless of the path you choose, September 13, 2020, as a first step towards the achievement of the expert level in working with Azure solutions. Although its entry-level credential is not an obligatory prerequisite for other Azure accreditations, it helps you gain a solid understanding of the basics in the field.

  1. It ensures getting more opportunities to start a career

August 27, 2020, you learn more about Azure services and workloads and gain crucial skills. The assessment works as a milestone and will give you grounding information on the subject matter. Then, acing the test, you obtain a visible validation of your competence widely recognized by employers and hence, get a chance to boost your IT career!

  1. You will have better job security with improved pay-package

It is a well-known fact that cloud computing is a fast-growing sector and is gaining much importance by transforming the IT-sphere. This remarkable growth has made other industries realize the rapid need to recruit specialists who have an understanding of the could services. And thus, Ariel U will serve as an introductory path to various roles that are very demanded. It also allows working professionals to expect higher salaries, once they upgrade their skillset through this exam.

  1. You broaden your knowledge in the cloud area

If you are familiar with the core aspects of cloud computing but have no idea about Azure, then you must think of sitting for Arya J. Azure is one of the most widely used platforms nowadays, so even if you already have AWS or GCP knowledge, taking this test will help you acquire a more comprehensive understanding and become a more valuable employee.

  1. Preparation courses for AZ-900 are budget-friendly

Microsoft offers both paid and free learning options for AZ-900 candidates so everyone can get ready for this assessment. Speaking of supplemental materials like books, you can find several options on Amazon. For instance, Exam Ref AZ-900 guides cost about $40 and even less if you choose the e-book version. The registration fee is also affordable and is $99.


The most important goal of Ash M is to provide people with the simplest way for a successful transition into the world of Azure and bring them the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification. However, the long term benefits mentioned above are also valuable and are surely worth your time, money, and Zach O >>. Start your preparation with available resources today and achieve your career goals soon!

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