Christianity, Faith: Deeper Life, COZA, Kumuyi & Fatoyinbo


By Nneka Okumazie

What does anyone want in the choice of a church? What is the actual standard of Christ, regardless of anything? Where should the separation be, between telling people to come to church as they are, and the church having what they mustn’t fall short of?

How much should the church walk in the spirit and not the flesh? If the ministers of God are like a flame of fire, shouldn’t more members catch the fire? How exactly should the church emphasize watch and pray, individually, and for others?

When is it clear that a church is no longer about Christ? How should a pastor, who did wrong, be disciplined without becoming a smudge on the Christian faith? How often should a church preach holiness, sanctification and consecration? What kind of people does a church attract and why?

What do people think true Christianity is about and how is that adjusted or cemented when in a church? How can a church balance judge not, condemn not and forgive others, with allowing all sorts? How should true Christians test every spirit and how should they know the spirit they and others are of?

Why does it seem like everyone forget that in a church gathering, there are different kinds of people, spirits, experiences, influences, wants, desires, unknown intentions, habits, hobbies, etc.?

If where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, should it not be clear that it excludes sin?  Is true Christianity captivity because some feel it’s strict? How much should a church adjust to time, culture, trend and location without missing out on Christ?

Since Jesus is merciful and Jesus saves, does it mean freedom to sin and be carefree about grace? If God withholds judgment on some and all, does it mean people should be carried away that God won’t do anything about evil? If the scriptures say, whatever sowed is what will be reaped, who can escape it?

What is the boundary between having a bad habit, or an addiction and doing something bad for another purpose? How much should the church be clear about NO to sin? How much should a church talk about heaven?

Everyone has a choice of what to accept about the Christian faith, but the word of God is above all else. Sin is sin. No matter who, for what reason, how or when.

Yes, it may seem like no one can live without sin, but that is what the Lord expects of His people, holiness. It better to not regard sin in the heart, it is better to resist with blood, striving against sin.

Sin is a mightier problem for the world, than any disease, disaster or deprivation. The message of salvation is primarily against sin. Genuine salvation is priceless. It makes a better world, and creates hope for the world to come, preventing evil at all cost to that people do for advantage in this world.

The world is in trouble because of sin. People don’t care about hurting others as long as something benefits them or theirs.

There is deceit. There is pride. There is anger. There is insult. There is meanness. There is hate. There is wickedness. There is bitterness. There is evil. There are unknown intentions. There are designed disappointments and rejections. There is strife.

There are those who take pride in saying when they talk to someone, the person would feel like dying. They forget that the last voice people hear or answer to, before taking their lives is not the voice of God; same way is the last voice before sin not of God.

Christ said it is written, my house shall be called the house of prayer. The culture of effective fervent prayer must be emphasized; also, the way of righteousness must be emphasized, so that prayers can avail much. It is hard to imagine any church without the righteous praying fervently. It is also hard to imagine a true church without true Christians who have the ideology of everything for Christ.

[2 Corinthians 12:10, Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.]

[2 Corinthians 11:25, Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep;]

[2 Corinthians 11:26, [In] journeyings often, [in] perils of waters, [in] perils of robbers, [in] perils by [mine own] countrymen, [in] perils by the heathen, [in] perils in the city, [in] perils in the wilderness, [in] perils in the sea, [in] perils among false brethren;]

[2 Corinthians 11:27, In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness.]

True Christianity is beyond a physical faith. God is a spirit. God wants worship to Him to be in spirit and in truth. Christianity is not evidence first. It is faith first. It is hope. It is total commitment, with result or without. It is total loyalty to God, whether it makes sense or not. Obedience whether believed or not. Faith, whether understood or not.

Yes, there is logic, science, economics, psychology, class, location, pressures, status, etc. But Christ wants His people to focus on Him as the author and the finisher of their faith.

Christianity is a choice. But once truly accepted, will is all to Christ. Those who wanted freedom to live recklessly paid with emptiness, sadness, mistakes, addictions, confusion, etc.

True Christianity purely offers love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

[2 Thessalonians 1:4, So that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure:]

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