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Shiite Protesters

By Nneka Okumazie

It is quite parlous to forget that this world is a hostile environment. It is great self-deception to not understand possible spontaneity of hostility at any moment from anyone or any source.

There are cyclical, geographic, atmospheric, disease hostilities, etc.

There are people that health is hostile to. There are people that economics is hostile to. There are people that find hostility because of how they look, think, their choice, decision, reward, desire or hurt.

The power to give hostility is often preferred. The prevalence of hostility from history continues to show the world hasn’t changed much.

Progress towards adaptation or ease is conspicuous in certain areas, but the branches of hostility on earth are infinite. Some comforts are to forget or keep off certain hostilities.

But, why is this earth so hostile? What exactly is wrong or went wrong?

It is possible to not believe anything without evidence or scientific method, but is there a way to approach the unknown with the known?

For anything to move, it needs a source of power, or energy. Is it possible hostility – movement – is powered?

If there’s a property, there’s an owner – or multiple. Some ownership is disputed. Some ownership is leased, or made available. Is it possible this earth is owned, leased, or contended?

If people die, or say are evicted, and become part of the earth – where hostility isn’t felt, what parties directly and indirectly hold power for that eviction?

If genetics is forceful and sometimes powerfully influential on progeny, are there other kinds of unknown ‘genetics’ responsible for mind, behaviour, hostility, outside biology?

If certain wants are sometimes difficult to get, or tiring when had, isn’t possible hostility uses wants?

There are so many questions from what is seen and understood that can be used to seek the unseen and mysterious – towards finding our more about earth’s strange hostilities.

There have been so many people born into this world – warriors, leaders of some religion, etc. who were said to have had some encounter with some force telling them they were special.

They were able to do miracles. Some went on to become really powerful, or find incredible success. What exactly is responsible for some of these people and what they displayed?

If there’re always people like that through history, those with similar encounters now, not in known leadership, what are they using their powers for and what is their source?

The hostility of this world drives people to find comfort in anything. There are people with some situation where they have to use a coping mechanism – but it comes with its own destruction.

If there’s a problem to be abated temporarily by something else that causes permanent damage, or loss, or finalizes hostility, was that problem genuine or was just a channel for eviction?

There are several groups of hostilities in this world, but possible major ones are national economics, personal economics, physical health, mental health, natural disasters and artificial disasters.

If the world has to be a better place, hostilities from those have to be nearly or totally defeated.

But assuming there are no easy answers or there is no better option, how about focus on a reachable?

It is possible to argue that a reason for several problems in this world is because individuals aren’t exactly born valuable – according to economics.

Value has to be acquired, which becomes capital to be demanded, desired or paid for.

But this model is also hostility.

The way children born into royal families are important from their first second should be how every person on earth is valued – at the expense of everything else.

There is no great idea or incredibly thoughtful policy that has designed this, even for a community of a few thousand.

Talent, skill, employment on any grade will count, but not at the cost of humans. Free labour economics or say royalty economics, not free markets.

Since humans are ‘not’ valuable, unemployment, under employment, child labour, different designs of slavery, wickedness, racism, rape, hate and more are also hostilities off impaired economics.

Money is king. People serve in its court. Some do whatever it takes – with high greed & resolute cruelty.

It is possible to protest against something, but what form of hostility is it? If the problem is directly from something, what are the ultimate reasons?

Maybe the greatest idea to change the world is supremacy of humans – in any economics.

Still, no matter the great ideas or advances, eviction on this earth is inescapable.

The story of the fall of man is the angle Christians use to understand hostility of this world. The attachments of true Christians to Jesus is like whatever happens may be deserved, but Lord, please have mercy – against deserved and positioned hostilities.

They understand that sin rids of grace. Though mercy can sometimes interchange for grace, they know they should stay away from sin.

On sin, people generally think because nothing happens after, it means it’s permissible, but just like people hate to see things waste, is the same way any sin wastes grace, but no one sees.

Some people have horror on their minds, but have no opportunity, or how to get away with it.

Jesus, who was in the beginning, came into the world, to save and redeem – after the fall of man.

Jesus is not any individual who had any encounter with anything else, for power or glory.

Atheism can also be refusal to believe in the absolute divinity of Christ.

The sermon on the mount and several other teachings of Christ instruct everyone to avoid becoming the source of hostility to others.

For example, thinking in the heart about sex with another person can be broadly interpreted as a form, or source of rape. Rape is evil hostility. Viewing sex is similar.

Refusing to love a neighbour as self can mean availability to hate, and hate can result in prejudice, racism, rape, oppression, persecution, etc.

Focus on criticisms of others always is a form of hostility that refuses to let people change their own bad behaviours, which is a beam in their eyes.

Some people want others to be wrong, so they can correct, or feel superior or better.

To show mercy and compassion always to others is from understanding that this world is hostile.

Jesus, the ultimate owner of this earth, His property, already saw the future of the world with all the hostilities, gave redemption, showed example and taught.

It is possible to argue against Christ with internet enlightenment many have, but they should look at what hostility troubles them and what hostility – they are – in that moment to their neighbour.

Many people totally believe that knowledge is everything, but the weakness of knowledge is what it permits to advance. The side effects of several advances are hostilities people choose to be blindsided to, or see and accept. Yet, knowledge is everything to them and Christianity they regard not.

Christ won’t struggle freedom with an individual because soon, eviction, from whatever source, cometh.

Some people have watched as their state of happiness shrunk within hours into dark psychological mood, without any event, showing that something measurable [or unmeasurable] is regulated.

The documentations of Jesus and Christianity are contended by many, but the teachings are matchless.

True salvation in any life makes this world a far better place than obvious guesses.

[John 1:38, Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, and saith unto them, what seek ye? They said unto Him, Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, Master,) where dwellest Thou?]

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