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What is the Difference between Level 1 and Level 2 Background Check



CocoFinder background check

We meet people at various facets of life and people do not have halos or horns on their head for you to ascertain if they are good or bad.

If you are under an impression that someone’s social media platform will have all requisite information about them, you will be proven extremely wrong.

A lot of online crimes have been crafted with the assistance of social media profiles as well. The social media profiles cannot be trusted with the accuracy and legitimacy of information you see. Everything can be crafted- from profiles to pictures to data. You will see what people intend you to see.

So, what is the best source to know someone’s background information or run a background check on someone? If you are new to the procedures of background check, you must know that there are evidently two levels of a background check. Here, we will know all about them.

Difference Between Level 1 Background Check and Level 2 Background Check

Background check on someone is mostly needed as a pre-employment procedure. Now, the levels of background checks vary when it comes to the position on which the person is being hired.

The kind of background check you would do for someone at a very high position will be different and more extensive than what you would do for a person at a lower position or for an operational role.

CocoFinder background check

To start with the Level 1 of Background Check, it implies to not only run a background check on someone within a particular state but also less deep than you may need to know. When it comes to Level 2 of Background Check, check searches exceed the state limit for disqualifying offenses.

The Level 2 goes deeper and accesses almost all relevant resources and there is extensive detailed digging up of information. More reliable and verified sources are used for such background checks.

You can learn more about level 2 background check and what information it entails to provide about the person under question. The Level 1 background is more superficial in nature and Level 2 check is more extensive and elaborate.

Running Background Checks through CocoFinder

Even if you want to run a background check on someone for personal purposes or for professional reasons, CocoFinder is the best and most trusted resort to do so. There are multiple ways through which you can run a background check on someone.

In a surprisingly prompt and quick manner, you can attain all sorts of information about the person under question. The search is extensive and data obtained are only from verified sources. When it comes to the authenticity of data, you can trust CocoFinder blindly with it.

Check Background from Name

Even if you want to just run a Level 1 background check on someone, you can just check their background based on their first and last name. If you also know their state of residence, the results will narrow down further for you.

Check Background from Phone Number

In addition to having someone’s name, if you also have their phone number, the search results will be more specific. Thus having the phone number gives further shape and purpose to your search.

Check Background from Address

If you also are aware of the address or the Street name or other vague details of a person’s residence, you can attain their information based upon that data. The data will be more concrete and precise.

How to Check Someone’s Background

There is no technological prowess or intense understanding that you need to develop for the background check. The beauty of a platform like CocoFinder is its simplicity. It is extremely simple to use and its dashboard and user interface has been designed to make it more user friendly.

The process of background check can begin when you visit the CocoFinder web page and then look for the tab ‘search now’. In the search now column, you just need to enter all the information that you have about the person under question.

The results that will be generated will be curated as per the information and data that you have shared about such a person. As mentioned above, you can get a lot of information about a person prominently through their name, phone number, address and even their email.

The authenticity of the data retrieved from CocoFinder is extremely accurate and authentic. The details obtained will be unquestionably perfect and trusted upon. You can back upon the legitimate sources from which CocoFinder curates and presents the user data.

Cocofinder public records

The record time in which CocoFinder attains user information is surprisingly quick. There is no lag in information and data retrieval. Other web-based applications of this nature take eons to extract relevant data. The wait time literally tests the patience of the users.

Why CocoFinder is the best

The minimalist structure of CocoFinder’s dashboard is an attractive feature. It qualifies as an information source presenting the most reliable information. There are some other core features of CocoFinder that make it the most desirable background check website:

100% Authentic Details

The details and information that you extract from CocoFinder are the most authentic. This is because the database of the website extracts information from only verified pages. The authentication and integrity of information are never compromised.

Instant Results

CocoFinder provides immediate results. There is no delay at all in information retrieval and information can be extracted almost instantaneously. There is absolutely no delay caused by virtue of buffering.

Multiplicity of Records

CocoFinder could turn out to be your one-stop-shop with respect to detail extraction. You can ascertain multi-faceted information and multiple kinds of documents of one single person. All details of one individual in one place.


With CocoFinder you can tick off almost all levels of background checks that you want. If you want to learn more about Level 1 or learn more about level 2 background check, you can know everything about someone from one sole platform.

CocoFinder is the best possible fact-finding platform that you can find online. It has every information and detail that is imperative for you to have a conclusive background check.

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We Cater for Over 17.5 Million Nigerian Orphans—SOS Children’s Villages



SOS Children's Villages

By Ashemiriogwa Emmanuel

Over 17.5 million orphans in Nigeria are being catered for under the watch of the SOS Children’s Villages in Nigeria.

The independent, non-governmental, non-profit international development organization, in addition, runs family strengthening programs, where children and families in need benefit from vocational training, care, medical and food assistance.

The National Director of the SOS Children’s Villages in Nigeria, Mr Eghosa Erhumwunse, recently disclosed this in Isolo, Lagos, while receiving food items donated by Crown Flour Mill (CFM) Limited, producers of the popular Mama Gold flour and semolina brands and Crown Pasta food products.

Thanking the firm for the humanitarian gesture, he said, “By making this food donation to bring relief to the children at the Villages, Crown Flour Mill Limited has demonstrated that it is a business that values the wellbeing of its host communities.

“We cater for over 17.5 million orphans in Nigeria. Our in-country strategic partners have been instrumental in ensuring the vulnerable segments are able to survive the various shocks of the ongoing global crises and local challenges.”

Some of the food items donated included Crown Premium Spaghetti bags of Mama Gold Semolina and Crown Supreme Semolina and a range of sanitary products and toiletries.

In addition to these, a cookout for over 480 students of Biyamusu Primary School, Ajingi, Kano was also organized by the firm along with the donation of food products and toiletries to the wards of Nasarawa Children’s Home an orphanage also in Kano state.

These contributions supported by the flour milling firm were in line with its series of activities lined up to commemorate the 2021 World Food Day (WFD) tagged: Our actions are our future – Better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life.

Speaking during the visit, the Managing Director of Crown Flour Mill Limited, Mr Ashish Pande, lamented the gap that exists between many children and their access to a healthy future.

He reiterated the firm’s determination in providing consumers, the underprivileged, and people affected by food shortage with access to affordable and nutritious food options.

On her part, the Corporate Affairs Manager at Olam Nigeria, Ms Damilola Adeniyi, said, “No one, most of all children, deserves to suffer hunger or lack access to good food.

“Therefore, we are taking actions that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of achieving zero hunger in the world in our business operations, which lay emphasis on food safety, fortification, security, and Corporate Social Investments (CSI) such as this.”

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200 Retirees in Jigawa to Share N331.7m



Invest Jigawa Roundtable

By Adedapo Adesanya

No fewer than 200 retirees in Jigawa State will share N331.7 million, the Executive Secretary of the Jigawa State and Local Government Contributory Pension Scheme, Mr Kamilu Aliyu, has disclosed.

Speaking on Wednesday in Dutse, Mr Aliyu stated that the beneficiaries were retired from the service in the state, local government and Local Education Authorities (LEAs).

He said that the payment comprises retirement benefits, death benefits, death pension balance and refund of eight per cent contribution.

Breaking down the figures, Mr Aliyu said that 83 of the beneficiaries were from state service, 72 from local government service and 45 from LEAs.

He said that a total of N331.698 million would be paid to 200 retirees in the disbursement exercise.

“Forty-seven beneficiaries from the state service will be paid N99.709 million as retirement benefit, and 52 retirees of the local governments will receive the sum of N72.653 million, while N26.753 million will be paid to 22 beneficiaries from LEAs.

“For the death benefits, 15 retirees from the state will be paid N38.721 million and 14 retirees from the local government will be paid N27.270 million while 18 others from LEAs will get N47.645 million,” he said.

Mr Aliyu said that under the death pension balance, nine beneficiaries from the state would be paid N9.2 million, six retirees from the local government will receive N1.613 million while five others from LEAs will get N6.9 million.

According to him, 12 beneficiaries will receive N1.25 million as a refund of the eight per cent contribution.

The executive scribe reiterated the commitment of the state government to ensure prompt payment of pension and other entitlements to improve the wellbeing of pensioners.

To achieve this, he said, the board had adopted proactive modalities to hasten payment processes of the retirees whenever their number reached about 200.

“We no longer have to wait until we have a large number of retirees.

“This will enable the retirees not wait for long or suffer before they start enjoying their benefits after disengagement from the service,” he stated.

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Oyo to Implement Social Protection Programme



Social Protection Programme

By Aduragbemi Omiyale

All is now set for the implementation of the social protection programme aimed to address the issues of lack of access to education and healthcare for children in Oyo State.

This Oyo State Social Protection and Implementation Plan is being put in place in collaboration with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

According to the Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning in Oyo State, Professor Musibau Babatunde, the idea of this scheme is to strengthen social protection among the vulnerable people in the state.

Speaking during a four-day stakeholders’ meeting in Oyo town, the Commissioner said the state, through constant engagements with relevant stakeholders, has finalised the production of a Medium-Term Sector Strategy (MTSS).

Mr Babatunde explained that the partnership with UNICEF would provide a unique opportunity for the most vulnerable people in the state to access development and intervention programmes.

“The essence of the partnership on social protection is to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable people in the state. Through this, we will make them an integral part of the development and intervention programmes in the state,” he said.

The meeting, organised by the state’s Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning and UNICEF, was attended by representatives of civil society organisations, media, development partners among others.

Speaking earlier, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning, Mrs Mofoluke Adebiyi, said the workshop was aimed at articulating and mapping social protection programmes in the state for proper domestication of the National Social Protection Policy.

She recalled that a three-day technical working session held in Oyo between August 30 and September 1, resulted in the production of a clean and updated revised policy document that culminated as the working tool for the workshop.

In another development, the Oyo State government has reiterated its total commitment to the wellbeing of the less privileged, saying it will leave no stone unturned in catering especially for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

The wife of the Oyo State Governor, Mrs Tamunominini Makinde, gave this assurance on Tuesday at the 10th anniversary of Winnie’s Castle Orphanage, Ibadan.

She said the administration of her husband, Mr Seyi Makinde, would provide basic needs and protect every child’s right to survival, development, protection and participation as enshrined in the State Child Rights Law (2006).

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