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Can You Get Rich With Sports Betting?



Every year, about N1.2 billion sports bets are played in Nigeria. Steadily increasing, the amounts bet show a growing interest on the part of all sports enthusiasts. So, can you get rich with sports betting?

Can We Get Rich With Sports Betting

If this question may surprise some, it turns out that the reality on the ground gives rise to reflection: with steadily increasing bets and ever more professional bettors, sports betting is attractive, and the phenomenal gains gotten by some tipsters do not push for restraint.

Getting rich with sports betting: one chance in millions, and we will give you some examples of occurring’s in Europe.

  • On March 8, a Toulouse resident won €400,000 by wagering €500.
  • In December 2019, another bettor in Europe reaped 300,000 euros in winnings by betting only 12 euros.

Indeed, some statistics can make your dream for the future, and these things happen in Nigeria too. These cases, highlighted as they should on social networks, do not reflect the reality of the world of sports betting. If these two punters became very rich in an instant, the details of their bets offer another reading:

For the first case, it should already be noted that the initial stake was very high: 500 euros. Then you have to take an interest in the details of your ticket. In this case, the lucky one managed to spend a combination of 21 sports bets!

The second case also illustrates very well the volatility of such a success. To win the stake, the bettor had to pass odds of 15,974.88.

Far from being a subterfuge to discourage the more reckless, these two examples only serve to illustrate the reality of the world of sports betting: getting rich in one fell swoop is a miracle.

Above all, we must not lose sight of the fact that sports betting remains a hobby, a way to make ends meet and thrill through his passion. While some bettors can get rich with 22bet and present significant gains, they are conditioned by two factors: the luck or high stake that allows them to rake in the money without taking significant risks.

But then, what about professional tipsters?

Are Professional Tipsters Getting Rich Through Sports Betting?

It is, however, correct to say that some professional bettors manage to get rich through sports betting. But once again, this observation remains to be verified.

One of the first things to is that most of the great live overseas. Why? Because some country laws do not allow you to bet vast sums on one and the exact match. Thus, foreign bookmakers take advantage of this configuration to attract large bettors by offering them a much more flexible acceptance policy. For example, betting limits are much higher.

However, some professional punters have managed to get rich with sports betting. If this reflection is correct, do not be mistaken. These professional tipsters understand sports betting as a profession, and thus, their starting point differs significantly from amateurs:

  • Here, it is not “shots” that the punters are looking for. Like most workers, the goal of a professional bettor is to earn a monthly salary through intense and constant analytical work. There is, therefore, no question here of winning a large sum at once; most tipsters do not go beyond an odd of 2. It is a question of winning a little each day, as an employee, to generate a regular income.
  • This reality is also to be correlated with a high bankroll. In addition to accumulating “safe” bets, professionals rely on a substantial bankroll, which does not correspond to amateur bettors.

In conclusion, it is possible to get rich through sports betting and not be responsible. However, it is possible to make ends meet by remaining entirely pragmatic in the face of the situation: professional bettors spend their time, so their experience is more important than mine. Following a professional bettor, therefore, means taking advantage of expert analysis to increase your earnings.

Aduragbemi Omiyale is a journalist with Business Post Nigeria, who has passion for news writing. In her leisure time, she loves to read.

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