AfriGlobal to Launch InsurTech Digital Platform, AfriCover24/7

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By Adedapo Adesanya

AfriGlobal Insurance Brokers Limited is launching its InsurTech Digital Platform, AfriCover24/7, a round-the-clock digital insurance transaction platform as part of its effort for strategic growth.

AfriCover24/7 InsurTech Digital Platform will assist businesses, individuals and technology providers access insurance and redistribute insurance products with ease. It is a digital insurance platform enabling 24/7 insurance transaction including claims management from start to finish.

The brand will deliver services and products from insurance underwriters and service providers through its B2B2C channels; web, mobile, social media and API’s interfaces and more to the sector.

The platform allows users to register and purchase real-time motor, marine, homeowner, fire and burglary, travel insurance, rent assurance, loss of employment insurance from start to finish. Users can also visit its website to request for quotes for other life and other classes of insurance products.

While the web app and social media can be accessed through its domain, mobile apps are available on the app stores.

Developers and technology providers who wish to integrate and embed insurance into their applications and app developments can access the API’s documentation at

Africover24/7, which is another first from the foremost Insurance Broker in Nigeria, will combine agility with insights to enable market differentiation and deliver best-in-class customer experience through the web, mobile, social media and application programming interface (API) interfaces.

In recent years, the insurance community has struggled to adapt to the changing demands of consumers. The ability to make the move from analogue to digital is being held back by their legacy estates that are slow to change, difficult to integrate, complex to draw insight from, and lack the agility to deliver innovative services. This is why Africover24/7 is proactively a landscape of dynamic and flexible insurance as a service model.

Africover24/7 will serve as an accelerator asset that is much quicker, cheaper and more sustainable than ever before. It demonstrates a fast and low-cost stand-up of core platform and architecture with the ability to leverage new partners and Insurtech innovation in a plug and play model, and the ability to adopt more customer-centric business models.

The Africover24/7 ecosystem will bring together a new technology collective to deliver data-driven solutions that understand insurance customer needs and meet their expectations.

Technology Solution providers can connect with Africover24/7 core insurance hub and leverage cloud-native technologies and open APIs to create speedy and scalable solutions for their users or customers.

In addition, because it is architected as an open ecosystem, rather than as a pre-defined vendor market place, insurers can also connect new partners without difficulty.

Africover24/7 is designed to deliver the following:

Agility: This will bring about the rapid release of modern technology solutions that are fully digital and cloud- and API-based.

Plug and play integration with a series of Insurtechs and service providers, modular approach to IT, providing the ability to incrementally ‘rip and replace’ key components.

Insight: Scalable platform to consume data and provide intelligent analytical capabilities and consolidated data hub that uses an industry-standard data model.

Differentiation: Quickly launch new customer-centric products, such as parametric or on-demand coverages, meaningful digital experiences built for connected customers and prepackaged data-driven risk mitigations to enable market differentiation.

The Managing Director/CEO of AfriGlobal Insurance Brokers Limited, Mr Casmir Azubuike said, “As the insurance sector is undergoing transformation and tries to future proof itself from further disruption Africover24/7 is a breakthrough to platform economy where it’s easy to develop new products and value-added services, fit for the customer of tomorrow.

“What is more, it provides AfriGlobal Insurance Brokers Limited with a unique opportunity to differentiate itself from competitors with a connected platform that allows the company to understand the customers and their needs.

“The launch of Africover24/7 signifies a new milestone in our relationship with the insurance community globally. We are interested in speaking with Insurtechs, solution providers and insurers interested in participating in this ecosystem initiative.”

Adedapo Adesanya is a journalist, polymath, and connoisseur of everything art. When he is not writing, he has his nose buried in one of the many books or articles he has bookmarked or simply listening to good music with a bottle of beer or wine. He supports the greatest club in the world, Manchester United F.C.

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