Average Bus Fare Rises 8.2% in April 2020

Bus Fare

By Adedapo Adesanya

The average fare paid by commuters for bus journey within the city increased by 8.2 percent month-on-month from N206.73 in March to N223.71 in April, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has published.

This was contained in its Transport Fare Watch report for April 2020 released on Wednesday, May 27, showing that there was a 23.4 percent increase year-on-year.

According to the report posted on its website, states of the federation with highest bus journey fare within city were Zamfara N410.00; Kebbi N348.00 and Abuja N332.29.

Meanwhile, states with lowest bus fare within city were Bauchi N140.00; River N150.00 and Sokoto N155.00.

The NBS said the average fair paid by commuters for bus journey intercity increased by 5.2 percent month-on-month and increased by 10.9 percent to N1.779.51 in April 2020 from N1,691.23 in March 2020.

States with the highest bus journey intercity fare were Abuja N14,200.00, Adamawa N2,650.00 and Borno N2,600.00, said the report, adding that states with lowest bus journey fare within city were Enugu N1,000.00, Abuchi/Bayelsa/Zamfara N1,200 and Edo N1,220.00.

The report said that average fare by air passengers for specified routes single journey was flat month-on-month but increased by 0.07 per cent year-on-year to N30,743.65 in April from N30,743.66 in March 2020.

The bureau further said states with highest air fare were Jigawa N35,400.00, River N35,000.00, Abuja FCT N34,000.00 while states with lowest air fare were Sokoto N22,500.00, Katsina N25,000.00, and Kano N25,500.00 respectively.

According to the report, average fare paid by commuters by journey motorcycle per drop increased by 10.6 percent month-on-month and by 27.5 percent year-on year to N148.22 in April 2020 from N134.07 in March 2020.

NBS explained that states with highest journey by motorcycle per drop were Rivers N254.00, Lagos N250.00 and Kogi N231.11 while states with lowest journey fare by motorcycle per drop were Katsina N70.00, Adamawa N80.00 and Kebbi N84.00.

The report said average fare paid by passengers for water transport increased by 7. per cent month-month and by 11.85 percent year-on-year to N606.59 in April 2020 from N563.26 in March 2020.

NBS reported that states with highest fare by water passenger transport were Delta N1,975.00, Bayelsa N1,900.00 and Rivers N1,800 while states with lowest fare by water way passenger transport were Borno N130.00, Gombe N190.00 and Abuja N240.00.

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