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Eko Shortlets Expands Services With Holiday ShortStays



Holiday ShortStays Eko Shortlets

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

A top apartment management company in Nigeria, Eko Shortlets, has expanded its business with the unveiling of Holiday ShortStays, a service aimed to benefit property owners and travellers.

A statement from the firm disclosed that in addition to helping travellers get seamless accommodation in strategic locations in the country, Holiday ShortStays will help them locate the best hotels, boat rentals, and car rentals.

“Holiday ShortStays is a marketplace where people who have apartments can put it up there to find those who need these services, including property owners, managers, car and boat rentals, and hotels,” the Managing Director of Eko ShortLets, Mr Tobi Misan Adegboyega, stated.

“What this offering solves is that it makes your travel plans seamless. You as a customer don’t have to worry about stress because Holiday ShortStays has handled it,” he added.

It was gathered that the new business is positioned to serve travellers who want to vacation anywhere in the world and will help them with the best of planning and lodging solutions in their destination of choice.

Eko Shortlets commenced operations in 2020 and has shown that it can achieve anything as the uncertainties brought about by the coronavirus pandemic created new opportunities, one of which is the expansion of the company to other parts of the country.

Mr Adegboyega disclosed that Eko Shortlets will expand its footprints from Lagos to Abuja, Delta, and some other parts of Nigeria, adding that the growth will see the company launch its presence in the international scene with locations like the United States, London, Dubai, Australia, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania.

“It is really good when you understand the market as we do at Eko Shortlets, we value our clients and the importance we put on them is why we will be able to serve them in other parts of the world.

“Banking on the trust they have shown them with what we have done in the last 12 months, the feedback that we have gotten from them has also led to the creation of Holiday ShortStays.

“Holiday ShortStays will cater to your need in any location in the world, the hospitable treatment we give people in our country will be extended and if we can serve you better here, imagine what we can do anywhere else.

“It is really a thing of delight to be able to expand the footprints outside the shores of Nigeria to anywhere people choose to go,” Mr Adegboyega added.

He assured that the organisation will continue to place its customers first by providing affordable apartments while providing solutions to the housing market in Nigeria.

Eko Shortlets Expands Services With Holiday ShortStays Eko Shortlets

Modupe Gbadeyanka is a fast-rising journalist with Business Post Nigeria. Her passion for journalism is amazing. She is willing to learn more with a view to becoming one of the best pen-pushers in Nigeria. Her role models are the duo of CNN's Richard Quest and Christiane Amanpour.



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Best 4 Ways Video Marketing Can Help Your Business



Video Marketing

By Kenneth Horsfall

As you already know the world of marketing is ever-evolving, the ways we use to market our products and services have changed.

We are living in a content-driven world and one of those fast-paced growing content is video marketing; video marketing content helps businesses a lot for so many reasons and one of those reasons is the fact that Videos help your company improve the relationship with customers and build trust with potential clients not just only that alone, Videos evoke emotions online better than any other medium. You can use the tone of voice, music, and facial expressions to your advantage. This marketing tool can help humanize your brand.

According to a recent Aberdeen report, marketers who use video see much faster revenue growth (49 per cent) than those who do not. However, video has become more than just a marketing tool. With their capability to visually explain and demonstrate things and concepts, videos can help businesses not only showcase their products and services, attracting new customers, but they can help companies attract new employees and even make workers more productive.

If you’re a business owner or marketer, then you probably have a specific strategy in place for marketing your business.

Wait, you don’t?

Well, then it looks like (unfortunately) you’re in the majority.

In fact, 70% of marketers lack a clear or consistent marketing strategy. Ouch.

Luckily, it’s never too late to implement some marketing tactics that will help give your business a boost.

You see, there are countless ways to market your business, but not every method is equally effective.

You can try creating traditional advertisements, email marketing, social media marketing, knocking on people’s doors, etc.

But there’s one extremely powerful strategy that can help your business: Video Marketing.

Video marketing is so powerful that it can generate up to 1200% more shares than text and images combined!

That is a ton of engagement (and potential sales) that you’re missing out on by simply not implementing a video marketing strategy.

With that in mind, let’s go over a few videos marketing tips that can help engage your target audience while helping you grow your business.

  1. Start With A Plan Of Action

Before you create an effective marketing video, you need to have a clear idea of what you want your video to accomplish.

Do you want it to help sell a particular product or service? Or are you trying to show off your amazing company culture?

Whatever your objective is with this video, it’s important to develop and write down a marketing strategy.

How important is a marketing strategy?

According to one study, 33% more goals are accomplished by those who create and write down a clear plan of action.

Once you have a strategy, it’s important to give your customers something memorable so they’ll want to support your business.

Now that you’ve got a strategy, it’s time to…

  1. Craft A Great Story

So maybe you’re thinking, “Well, I’ll just pull out the old iPhone, record a few shots of people talking about my business, and then call it a day.”

Well, that’s certainly one way to start your video marketing process…

…down a very, very dark and difficult road.

You see, creating a video is one thing, but creating a video that attracts customers and makes them want to buy from you is a whole different animal.

And as we’ve mentioned before, even a 30-second commercial requires a ton of time and careful planning.

So, one of the first things to keep in mind when creating a video is: the story.

The story is, in a sense, the engine of your video. Without it, your video is going nowhere.

When Developing A Good Story For Your Video You Want To Make Sure To:

  1. Be honest and personal. Your content needs to be a reflection of your company. Make sure you are genuine with your audience; don’t be afraid to get a little personal.

Honest can really resonate with your customers, and it can help you build a bond that will also promote brand loyalty—a factor that will give you a leg up over your competition.

  1. Have a beginning, middle, and end. Like every good story, your story needs to feature these three stages or else the message could get a bit muddled.

You don’t need to get Shakespearean by any means, but a story that goes through a beginning, middle, and end has power.

How so, you might wonder?

With this kind of structure, you can build up the emotions of an audience, keep them enthralled, and set them up for a resolution (or a good call to action).

  1. Get creative and stay true to your brand. Have you noticed any trends in commercials or advertisements lately?

Perhaps you’ve seen a lot of them that feature random quirky characters or talking animals spouting off cheeky one-liners?

This style of commercial is usually good at grabbing the attention of viewers because of the humour and creativity involved.

And if you want to craft a video that will effectively market your business, you’ll need to get a little creative as well.

The best way to start this process is to develop a central theme around what your video is marketing (maybe a specific product/service), and then infuse your company’s personality into it.

Whether your company has more of a slapstick culture or a more serious-minded one, it’s important to stay true to your brand.

That way, your audience will instantly recognize you, and you can develop the ever-important brand loyalty we mentioned earlier.

Are you lacking some much-needed inspiration? Check out these 40 creative video ideas that can help spark your imagination!

Now that you have a great story to share, you want to make sure that you…

  1. Keep Your Videos Short

With blogging, long-form writing can help with SEO and give a writer enough space to provide a lot of valuable content.

With video, however, you should keep it short and sweet.

Why is that?

Because with the many advances in technology, people now have shorter attention spans than goldfish!

A good tip for creating an effective video that will hold the attention of your audience is to keep the duration of the video to around (or less than) one minute.

With the proper video length set, now you want to…

  1. Promote Your Video Everywhere

After you’ve created a quick and compelling marketing video, it’s time to share it with the world.

One of the first places you want to share your video is on your company’s website.

This will help you drive customer traffic and create engagement with your site.

Next, you should add your video to landing pages and emails. By simply including a video on your landing pages, you can increase conversions by 80%.

And by including videos in your email campaigns you can increase click-through rates by 50%!

After that, you should post your video on your social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (etc.), to help increase your reach as well as your conversions.

Looking to share your video with an even wider audience?

Here’s a list of 28 video sharing sites that will allow you to promote your new video to even more viewers.


Does it sound like there’s a lot that goes into creating a marketing video?

Well, there is!

Not only do you have to plan out an effective strategy, craft a compelling and concise story, and promote it like crazy, you also have to consider the time and financial investment involved in doing all these things.

It may seem like a lot, but the investment in cost and time for a well-produced video is definitely worth the ability to:

  • Connect with your target audience
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase sales
  • Grow your overall business

Kenneth Horsfall is the creative director and founder of K.S. Kennysoft Studios Production Ltd, fondly called Kennysoft STUDIOs, a Nigerian Video and Animation Production Studio. He is also the founder and lead instructor at Kennysoft Film Academy and can be reached via

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HP, Police Raid Sellers of Fake HP Print Cartridges in Nigeria



Fake HP Print Cartridges

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

With the operatives of the Nigeria Police Force, HP’s Anti-Counterfeit and Fraud team recently stopped three major counterfeiting operations trading fake HP print cartridges in the Nigerian market.

This was part of the tech giant’s efforts to ensure its customers get quality service, which the original print cartridges offer.

Although counterfeit cartridges may look like genuine HP cartridges, they do not provide the high print quality, reliability, and yields that customers have come to expect from original HP products.

Instead, using counterfeit cartridges can entail significant risks. These risks can include cartridges that fail prematurely or do not work at all, and even damaged printers due to ink or toner leakages.

Due to their often-poor print quality and necessary reprints, counterfeits are likely to waste valuable resources such as paper or energy. At the end of life, it is unlikely that counterfeit cartridges are recycled.

By comparison, more than 875 million original HP ink and toner cartridges have been recycled by customers with HP Planet Partners, and more than 4.7 billion recycled plastic bottles have been used by HP to manufacture new original hp ink cartridges.

Recall that in July 2021, local Nigerian authorities conducted three major raids on several large-scale counterfeiting premises in Nasarawa State and Abuja.

The resulting seizures saw officials confiscate over 5,000 illicit items from various commercial sites, preventing their unlawful sale within Nigeria.

“Counterfeiting is an illegal activity that not only negatively impacts the business of resellers and distributors but also affects the product experience for our customers.

“HP Original ink supplies have been developed to consistently deliver high-quality results while ensuring minimal impact on the environment,” said Emmanuel Asika, Country Head, HP Nigeria. “We value our longstanding partnership with the Nigerian authorities and the exceptional success of our Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud Programme in safeguarding our customers from the illegal sale of fraudulent HP products”

Counterfeiting is not only illegal activity, but it also negatively impacts the businesses of both resellers and distributors.

A recent study by the Organisation for European Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) shows that international trade in counterfeit and pirated goods represents up to 3.3 per cent of world trade, or as much as $509 billion.

In the European Union (EU), counterfeit and pirated goods amount to up to 6.8 per cent of imports or as much as €121 billion. The report also notes that counterfeiting causes companies to lose revenue, leading to direct and indirect job losses, in addition to lost revenue for the government.

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Kwik Delivery Grows GMV, Revenue by 400% in 2021



Kwik Delivery isothermal delivery bags

By Adedapo Adesanya

Kwik Delivery has disclosed that its gross merchandise value (GMV) and revenue grew by over 400 per cent year-on-year in 2021.

GMV is a growth metric that shows the total value of merchandise sold over a given period of time through a customer-to-customer exchange site.

The platform also reached 100,000 business-to-business (B2B) users during the period.

Kwik Delivery is a digital platform connecting delivery partners and corporate customers in large African cities and offering digital solutions for e-commerce payment and fulfilment.

The service was launched in June 2019 and opened to B2B customers in Lagos, Nigeria, and has since rapidly expanded both in terms of customer base and services.

Speaking in this development, Mr Romain Poirot-Lellig, Founder & CEO of Kwik Delivery said, “2021 has seen explosive growth of our delivery service as merchants and businesses have shifted more and more of their distribution structures toward e-commerce platforms.”

“Kwik is one of the few digital players able to propose access to end-to-end fulfilment and delivery services to its customers,” he further said.

He added, “We believe this trend will create further growth for 2022 and beyond as businesses go digital and streamline their supply chains. We anticipate similar growth for fiscal 2022 as we expand our current verticals and launch new digital services, in particular, to help merchants go online and grow their business.”

The past year was also one of recognition for Kwik Delivery as the company was named Most Innovative Logistics Company of the Year by the influential Nigerian business publication BusinessDay.

In March 2021, Business Post reported that Kwik Delivery closed its pre-Series A financing round, raising $1.7 million in equity from institutional and high net worth investors.

The company used the financing round to grow its service faster to disrupt and conquer new markets as well as expand to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

It also signed fresh ambassadors including Nigerian football legend, JJ Okocha and celebrity biker, Fehinty, and also deliver better packages in the delivery space.

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