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Enyo: Celebrating Four Years of Innovation and Customer Loyalty




The impact of many brands in our society is in how well they are positioned to provide solutions that meet the needs of everyday consumers.

In today’s world, the dynamic of service delivery continues to evolve, and brands are creating platforms that enable growth and sustenance.

In the downstream oil and gas sector, organisations like Enyo is creating a prototype for good service delivery and its investment in community support.

Established in 2017, Enyo Retail and Supply Limited is a customer-focused and technology-driven fuels retailing company with a focus to integrate good service experience and renewable energy products in Africa.

Currently supplying up to 2 per cent of the national demand for refined products in Nigeria, Enyo continues to impact growth in local communities while driving economic development.

The company has grown to be one of the leading players in the downstream oil sector, pioneering technology revolution in the downstream sector for additional value to support households and businesses.

In the past four years, Enyo Retail and Supply has brought an innovative and conducive approach to consumer relations with various initiatives, positioning the company as an enabler of an effective lifestyle for consumers.

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Enyo has 95 stations across 19 states serving over 100,000 people daily. With each station, the company continues to provide jobs for community members and impact small and medium businesses.

The company recently rolled out solar-powered solutions across its outlets to support the sustainable development goal of improving energy efficiency. This effort is also aimed at providing alternative power and clean energy for the environment, as well as improve operations.

The solar initiative enables the opportunity to contribute to maintaining a healthier and sustainable environment within local communities.

Also, it helps Enyo stations to function for longer hours because they do not have to rely on the national grid or generators. The company also partners with local solution providers in achieving this as a way to further support local businesses for growth.

‘‘Our hallmark at Enyo is that we are customer-focused, and we uphold that in all the services we provide. We operate a business where we interface with consumers daily hence, we ensure that we uphold a high level of trust.

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“We set ourselves apart in the products we offer, such that when we say Our litre is a litre, consumers can attest to this when buying from our retail stations.

“Same for our Gas distribution where we ensure that a Kg is a kg. We try as much to invest in building trust because it is very important to what we do.

“What we have achieved in four years is largely because our customers believe in our brand and we have tried to invest in people’s growth with each new outlet we build, impacting the local communities and small businesses in general,” said Abayomi Awobokun, CEO, Enyo Retail and Supply Limited

Enyo has also invested in tech to continuously provide convenience for consumers. With Velox, a wallet-based solution system that can be accessed through a card or RFID stickers to purchase fuel products across Enyo outlets, car owners have access to a platform that enables ease, management and control of their fuel-related spending.

The company also has a Liquified Petroleum Gas called Superior Liquefied Gas (SL-Gas) home delivery system that enables ease for consumers in having access to Gas products. And when you visit some Enyo outlet, be rest assured that you can access ‘Reelax’, a range of convenience store where you can buy the best groceries at affordable prices.

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Enyo has also been at the forefront in empowerment and capacity building for young people through the pilot edition of the ENYO Open Ideas Competition (EOIC). The competition featured an innovative contest to challenge the brightest design minds in the country to create a sustainable design of its service stations.

Over 350 innovative designs were received by youths across the country. The top 3 winners received cash prizes and an opportunity to collaborate with the Enyo team. The platform was indeed a means to expose young individuals to life-changing opportunities.

The 2021 edition is set to launch this June themed around recycling. With more outlets established across various parts of the country, Enyo continues to position itself as a brand available to support the lifestyle of consumers and enhancing value.

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Sainte Croix Brings French Cognac Heritage to Nigeria



Sainte Croix

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

Lovers of cognac in Nigeria who have yearned for long to have a taste of a quality drink do not have to worry again as the premium quality cognac, Sainte Croix, is now in the country.

The brand was brought into Nigeria by Punch Marketing and at an exclusive event held to present the brand to Nigerian consumers in Lagos on June 17, 2021, it was stressed that Sainte Croix delivers the best cognac experience that the Charente and Charente-Maritime regions of France have come to be known for.

The company described the introduction of Sainte Croix into the Nigerian market as the arrival of the French cognac heritage to the country.

The company’s Country Manager (Nigeria), Mr Chris Parkes, said Sainte Croix has been made with passion since 1756 and celebrated around the world.

“Cognac is a native of France and named after the town of Cognac, which is about 250 miles south of Paris.

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“Sainte Croix is a proud ambassador of this origin, delivering the same top quality that has distinguished Cognac and France from every other country that produces brandies. This is the heritage that the brand is bringing to the Nigerian market,” he assured.

He referred to Sainte Croix as a masterpiece, for connoisseurs and friends, saying that the superb quality that the brand has been associated with and celebrated across the world over the centuries, is an attestation to the quantum of patience and meticulousness that go into the making of Saint Croix, it is truly the spirit of courage. He painted the picture of the rigorous process that goes into the making Sainte Croix thus:

“We pick only the finest mature white grapes at the annual harvest to ensure that the white wines that are produced from them are perfect.

“These selected wines are distilled twice to create the flawless eau-de-vie variants and only the boldest and distinctive variants are selected to be placed in aged wooden barrels for a minimum of not two years as is normal for VS but for four years. VSOP is not just the normal 4 years but eight and the XO… not just 15 years but 30.

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“While the Sainte Croix VS Cognac is the perfect partner on its own or with a premium mixer it can create refreshing cocktails beach-side or impress while entertaining guests; the Sainte Croix VSOP comes into its own when you need to impress your top clients to secure those lucrative deals or celebrating in true style; and the distinguished Sainte Croix XO is a rare gem that is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks to be enjoyed in the VIP at an exclusive club or to set the scene on the most special of occasions,” he said.

While he encouraged consumers to explore their own creativity with Sainte Croix Cognac and cocktails, he informed that there are hundreds of cocktail recipes out there that Sainte Croix takes to the next level.

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Mr Parker further noted that the entry of Sainte Croix, which is the most luxurious brand new to Nigeria, has excited the consumers of cognacs and has actually upset the existing status quo in the country, challenging consumers and offering them a chance of a real rich and quality cognac that satisfies both connoisseurs and friends.

“Our entry into the Nigerian market has elicited a lot of excitement among Nigerian consumers, understandably.

“The same premium quality that has come to be associated with Sainte Croix across the globe is the reason for this excitement.

“One thing is sure, this feeling is going to be much more in the coming days as the brand gains a stronger foothold in the country,” he concluded.

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P+ Measurement Prepares for Quarterly Evaluate PR Event



Evaluate PR

By Aduragbemi Omiyale

Public Relations and Communications professionals in Nigeria are already gearing up for the quarterly event hosted by a leading PR audit firm, P+ Measurement Services.

The event, Evaluate PR, is in its 17th edition and will feature communications and measurement professionals who will share key insights from their wealth of knowledge and experience in PR and Measurement of communications to educate the audience, and it promises to be an interactive session.

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These experts include Mark Weiner, Chief Insights Officer for Cognito Insights, New York, USA and Kenneth Adejumoh, Head of Corporate Communications, Nosak Group, Nigeria, who together will provide robust perspectives and answers into the theme of the event and questions to be asked.

They will focus on the theme of the programme, PR Measurement as a Strategic and Imperative aspect of Public Relations.

A statement from the media intelligence and performance agency said the one-hour event is scheduled to take place on Friday, June 18, 2021, between the hours of 12pm and 1pm (West African Time).

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The event, which is often convened via Twitter, is set to take place via the Google Meet platform due to the ban on the use of the microblogging app in Nigeria.

To join in the conversation, intending participants would be required to using the Google Meet link:

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Insight Publicis Emerges 2021 Nigerian Agency of the Year



Ken Onyeali Ikpe Insight Publicis

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

A Nigerian advertising company, Insight Publicis, has been named the 2021 Nigerian Agency of the Year by Gerety Awards.

Gerety Awards is the only creative prize to reward the best in advertising from the female vision.

The agency of the year by country is chosen by the local juries from the portfolio cut and requires a single film no longer than 5 minutes in length and includes up to three pieces of work from the past 12 months.

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At the shortlist announcement on Tuesday, Insight Publicis claimed the top spot for its portfolio cut entry that included work with the Make it Happen CampaignMom-in-Law and Junior for Keystone Bank.

The second place was occupied by X3M Ideas for Mani Mother’s Day Hotline, La Casera Super Heroes and the Board Game Escape 2020.

Reacting to the recognition, the Group CEO of Insight Redefini, Mr Ken Onyeali Ikpe, stated that, “It is an honour for one of our operating companies, Insight Publicis, to be recognised by the jury as The Nigerian Agency of the Year. This award is for the incredible team at Insight Publicis who continue to put in the hard work. They made this possible. It is very exciting indeed.”

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Named for Frances Gerety, the copywriter who in 1948 coined the slogan A diamond is forever, The Gerety Awards marks the first time that a jury has been brought together to select the best in advertising — all advertising, not just advertising made for women — through the female lens, creating a benchmark that is relevant to the market reality, all while redefining the standard to which advertising has traditionally been held.

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