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Christianity: Fake Philosophy, Social Media and Present Psychology



By Nneka Okumazie

This world of wars of the major scale – across fronts, many times in the past is now a different place with a predominance of peace – in most places.

Many lived through battles, saw pain, losses, cruelty and sometimes nothingness, emanating, from their side.

Though there were also times of major peace in the past, it looks like – for now, the world’s war isn’t in the same setting as battles of the past.

At the spots of wars, losses left less and the people had to adjust to relevance, growing again – over time to make up the population.

Peace keeps population – so long diseases, disasters, b/d rates, etc. aren’t disruptive.

The world has adjusted to peace – mostly, but other things have resulted to ensure that many are less and less relevant to anything.

The smartest time to be alive for anyone with more information than can be consumed is an era where many reject knowledge, seek comfort only, understand fewer things, less interested in collective progress and just outright out-of-position.

Life can be hard presently, but the hardship that would result in the future because of present errors would pale in comparison.

For example, senators who thought that by assassinating Caesar, they were saving the Roman Republic never thought that the story of that day would be in the minds of future foreign dictators – ruling with paranoia and grip on power not to end the same way.

Lots of countries have been ruined by leaders who held on to power – using it for destruction, suspicious of all and listening to none.

Presently, across social media, there are all kinds of fake philosophy, with expressions, witty remarks, phrases, etc. of stuff to say make an individual think better than others, even if untrue.

People see all sorts, agree so quickly, share them – staying on the side of the show.

Life is not some simple calculator.

Internally, it takes much for organs and systems to function properly. Externally, there are all kinds of pressure on everyone else that no one sometimes seems to care about – no matter how hard it is for another.

Many of the problems of today – in some places, or in some situations can be traced back to the past, as someone at some point had some power, who would have changed or adjusted something, but refused, instead lived in the time only, focused on their present absolute, driving out hope for the future.

Even if the theory of the future – as per progress is not accepted, it should be known that some of the things used in the present are a result of past work.

There are many with cheap wisdom right now, focused on entertainment, funny gifs or videos, intoxicated with social media, but miss what they can learn, know, or find, that can answer for the present or be useful for the future.

Some have blamed Christianity especially some of its aspects that some are practising, casting a broad brush over the faith, but they now see fake philosophy everywhere, corrupting a subject that sometimes bears life’s general wisdom.

Just like education is everywhere, but meaningful for a few is how long life seems everywhere to little relevance for most.

The answers to life’s questions are in the scriptures. It may not make sense to many. Or it may not be the truth accepted or truth they allow to change their behaviour, but Jesus is the truth.

[Mark 9:24, And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help Thou mine unbelief.]

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