Valuing Christianity, Emigration, Economics and Foreign Strength

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By Nneka Okumazie

What is the worth of true Christianity at the end of life?

If Christianity is about the above, what is the relationship with the concept of foreign strength?

Or what exactly is the worth of genuine Salvation at any time?

There are lots of situations where people covet or prefer foreign stuff, due to the advancement, quality, value, etc.

But how much of life in the spirit, means activated usefulness in the lives of true Christians – and later on?

First, measurement or valuation as usual around the world does not apply to the Christian faith, not because things to extrapolate can’t be found, but because God is a spirit, and perfection of God is beyond improvement checks – adopted on earth.

There are advances and development – often seen and measured – taking the world forward, but living on earth and operating in the spirit, taps into the perfection of heaven that the stretch of the mind cannot comprehend.

Also, the fight-for-superiority on earth, checking with strength, finance, resources, power, etc., does not also apply to genuine Christianity.

It is possible that in a fight, those who have more advantage among peers take the win, but what on earth insists on pure heart – in total as Christianity?

Just like some people immigrate to another country, work there, or rise and build the civilization of that country, same way that on earth, the ambassadors of Christ are looking at doing their part towards the kingdom of God – which, is at hand.

Will Christianity be worth it at the end of one’s life?

There are scriptural records that show, and for those who don’t believe, they should know that the body is active, the mind is active – and the mind, with input from the soul or other spheres, may really be a signal to something else, beyond the physical.

Death is not an experiment – as Heaven could be for some or otherwise for others, but the choice is there, before all, in the decision of eternity.

[Proverbs 15:24, The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath.]

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