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GROHE Revolutionises Bathroom Technology with Eurosmart



GROHE Eurosmart

By Adedapo Adesanya

In line with its commitment to creating innovative and future-ready homes, Grohe has drawn from demographic research to re-design one of its bestseller products – the GROHE Eurosmart. The forward-thinking bathroom design created with extra protection was designed to serve the needs of consumers at different stages of life.

The company in a statement announcing the product said, “Undoubtedly our society is changing – not only is the population constantly growing, but we are also getting increasingly older. Demographic change is challenging our entire society and forcing us to rethink – away from the previous anti-ageing mindset and toward a pro-ageing attitude to life.

“The so-called ‘silver society’, the population over 60, ages differently – they want to stay fit and actively shape their own lives in the place where they feel safe and happy: at home. GROHE has taken these insights into account when redesigning one of its bestseller products – the GROHE Eurosmart.”

Commenting on the innovation, Mr Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA, said  “When we think about our customers of tomorrow, they are most likely approaching their silver years. While they are officially near or of retirement age, the modern seniors are fit and want products that support them with daily obstacles, even in 10-20 years when their vision decreases or their motor skills are less diminishing.

“So, we need to ask ourselves: How can we create beautiful products that are future-ready? Our GROHE Eurosmart has evolved with every generation and is a great example of how to react to changing needs with meaningful products.”

Grohe ensures that the Eurosmart portfolio always grows in line with a changing society’s requirements and that it keeps adapting to modern needs. This is shown by the different lever variants which directly relate to people’s lives.

The timeless design of relaunched Grohe Eurosmart also subtly addresses the special needs of bathroom care for the elderly or people with limited motor skills.

In addition to comfort, safety also plays a special role in ageing. The Eurosmart SafeStop provides effective thermostatic protection by limiting the maximum hot water temperature to a pre-adjustable value. This ensures that the desired water temperature remains constant, and effectively shuts off the hot water if the cold water supply fails. Particularly important for facilities for children, senior citizens, or people with restrictions in sensory or motor skills.

“The combination of modern design, a high level of comfort, easy installation, and the versatile options to choose from makes the Eurosmart faucet a real hero for the future-ready bathroom,” the company explains.

Adedapo Adesanya is a journalist, polymath, and connoisseur of everything art. When he is not writing, he has his nose buried in one of the many books or articles he has bookmarked or simply listening to good music with a bottle of beer or wine. He supports the greatest club in the world, Manchester United F.C.

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Twitter Launches Optimisation Tools for Better Business Advertising



business advertising

By Adedapo Adesanya

As part of efforts to make business advertising better, Twitter has announced three new products that will further advance its optimisation models, conversion options, and measurement solutions.

In a statement, the platform said, “We’re excited to share that the new and improved Twitter Pixel, Conversion API, and App Purchase Optimization are launching globally to all Twitter advertisers. We’ve been hard at work since our last update, and have now hit an important milestone that creates value on top of the measurement and optimization solutions we launched earlier this year.”

The new Twitter Pixel is a measurement solution that enables conversion tracking, the backbone of performance advertising and will enable advertisers to measure their return on ad spend by tracking the actions people take after viewing, clicking, or engaging with ads on Twitter.

Twitter Pixel will help with improved web attribution such as allowing advertisers to measure more actions than before, such as when someone adds an item to their digital shopping cart.

It will also ease measurement setup and troubleshooting to help advertisers better understand the impact of their web campaigns and provide clearer support when checking to see if the Pixel is implemented properly.

The Conversion API (CAPI) is a measurement solution that enables advertisers to connect to Twitter’s API endpoint and send conversion events to Twitter from their servers without using third-party cookies.

This will enable it to improve value for businesses while maintaining our privacy and security commitments by relying less on third-party cookies.

CAPI will also help improve optimization and ad targeting without the need for a Twitter Pixel, which is the first time an advertiser can finally connect data to see conversions without placing a tag on their site. Multiple data signals with Conversion API (CAPI) can be used—including Twitter Click ID or email addresses to send conversion events to the API endpoint and help advertisers further understand actions that people are taking as a result of their advertising.

Meanwhile, App Purchase Optimization will aid performance. It will enable advertisers to deliver ads to people most likely to install an app or make a purchase by using machine learning to identify audiences that are more likely to take an action.

In early testing of this, Twitter via its internal research said that 89 per cent of advertisers saw a reduction in cost-per-purchase, a median 30.4 per cent decrease in cost-per-purchase compared to Install Optimization when using Click Billing, and a median 12.8 per cent decrease in cost-per-purchase compared to Install Optimization when using Impressions Billing.

Looking ahead, the company said it aims  to build a more effective performance advertising business, adding that, “we are increasing our investment across various initiatives, including updates to our optimization models, conversion options, and measurement solutions.”

“As we continue to build upon our performance roadmap, we’re excited to continue to drive value for our customers with upcoming product launches, such as Collection Ads, which will be a new way for advertisers to tell stories and showcase their products to consumers. It said brands can also display a primary hero image with smaller thumbnail visuals. Each image will drive consumers to a different website or product landing page, driving various advertiser objectives,” it said.

Also, it is looking at Web Conversion Optimization that will help improve the way it reaches people who are more likely to convert on a lower-funnel Website action, such as making a purchase or adding an item to their cart and Dynamic Product Ads, which will dynamically deliver relevant products to the right person, at the right time, based on their activity both on and off Twitter, in order to help drive sales or conversions.

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Old English Supermarket Opens New Outlet in Surulere



Old English Supermarket Surulere

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

A new outlet of a novel superstore, Old English Supermarket, has been opened in the Surulere area of Lagos State, increasing the number of outlets of the company to five in the commercial capital of Nigeria.

The new store will serve residents of Surulere and its environs and it followed the demand for the brand in the area.

With its branches in Omole, Abule Egba, GRA-Ikeja, and Isolo already satisfying customers and enjoying good patronage, the new outlet will cater for a new set of customers who want quality service and an innovative approach to customer satisfaction and service delivery.

Old English Supermarket was founded a couple of years ago and is a rare combination of visionary enterprise, diligent service, public affection and love. The idea is herculean in execution yet audacious in its simplicity and excellent returns.

The company was established by a renowned journalist turned entrepreneur extraordinaire, Mr Lanre Alfred. He aims to build the brand to become the largest retailer in Nigeria and Africa. He also seeks to achieve commercial success by adopting a mass distribution business model that incorporates the input of every stakeholder to successfully integrate accountability and commercial success.

According to its objectives, the mission is to help families save money so they can acquire their needs and live better. OldEnglish scale to provide access to high-quality goods and fresh, nutritious food at low prices while creating opportunities for its associates and small and medium-sized global suppliers.

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Firm Launches Yellow Pay to Facilitate Easy Intercontinental Transactions



Yellow Pay

By Adedapo Adesanya

Yellow Card Financial has announced the launch of its new payment feature, Yellow Pay, to make it easier for customers to send and receive money through the company’s crypto exchange platform.

The firm said the new product will be coming without any extra charges for users.

The Director of Operations for Yellow Card, Mr Oparinde Babatunde, said one of the biggest challenges in Africa is the difficulty in money transfer, stating that it is easier to send money from Nigeria to the US than it is to send money from Nigeria to Ghana or Zambia, and in the instances where it is possible, it is usually through the United States Dollars.

However, “Yellow Pay simplifies money transfer between African countries by building a solution that understands the way Africans already interact with financial products.

“We’ve managed to simplify it further by reducing costs and waiting time of remittance across the continent drastically compared to traditional money transfer rails.

“With Yellow Pay, Africans can send money across borders using their phones.”

Yellow Pay uses Yellow Card’s crypto exchange platform to complete customer transactions in USDT (Tether).

It is important to note that Yellow Pay is not a money remittance or foreign currency exchange service. Rather, Yellow Pay is an advanced crypto exchange product.

The company explained that there are several benefits to using Yellow Pay. Firstly, the service is powered by blockchain technology making it cheaper. Secondly, transactions are instant so there’s no waiting period. Lastly, money transfers are absolutely free. And lastly, the uses are endless as one can: send money for business, school and healthcare. Gift cash to friends and family across Africa, pay vendors in other countries, receive payment for services, pay bills and fees in other African currencies and so much more.

Mr Oparinde adds that “The people that will benefit from Yellow Pay the most are the unbanked and underserved people living in peri-urban areas and rural parts of the continent. They usually do not meet the necessary requirements to open a dollar account with banks and as such are cut off completely. Yellow Pay will service this market.”

The company added that the launch of Yellow Pay not only makes it easier for money transfer but also opens up the continent to more investment, access to credit, and business grants, and generally will improve the ease of doing business.

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