The Best Way to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria for Cash

April 24, 2023

If you want to sell gift cards in Nigeria for cash, you’ve stumbled on the right post. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about selling gift cards in Nigeria, the top gift cards with the highest rate, the best platform to sell gift cards, and the best way to sell gift cards in Nigeria for cash without getting ripped.

Before we proceed to guide you on how to sell gift cards in Nigeria for cash, it’ll be good for you to know what gift cards are, how to use them, where to use them and their usability in Nigeria.

What are gift cards used for and why they are invented

Gift cards are payment cards that allow you to gift a loved one without having to carry a physical gift to them or having the trouble of trying to get what they like or want.

Most popular online stores have gift cards associated with them. Platforms like Walmart, Google Play Store, Target, Sephora, iTunes etc have dedicated cards that you can send to loved ones to make choice purchase with instead of you having to worry about how to get the gift and ship it to them.

For example, you can send a loaded Nike or Sephora gift card to someone to purchase items from the respective store based on their choice of an item which is also dependent on the amount on the card.

Types of gift cards

Gift cards can come in two forms. Physical gift cards and virtual cards. Virtual cards are sometimes called e-codes. With a physical card, you can own or send a card that can be used to purchase items from the store where that card originates.

If you want to gift someone who stays far away, you can purchase an e-code instead and just share it with the receiver online to make the purchase of their choice.

Usability of gift cards in Nigeria

You may have relatives or friends abroad who gifted you some gift cards during festive seasons or special occasions. Can be an iTunes card, Amazon gift card, Steam gift card etc. Definitely, there are some of these cards that can be used in Nigeria like iTunes cards.

However, one big issue is no one wants to buy an item for $100 from Amazon using a gift card and pay up to the same amount to ship it to Nigeria.

Sometimes the associated stores aren’t even present or within reach in Nigeria like Sephora. So the only option left for gift card holders is to cash out on them.

Best way to sell gift cards in Nigeria for cash

With the arising issue of having unwanted and unused gift cards at hand, a lot of solutions have sprung up to enable individuals to cash out on their gift cards easily. One of the most popular and safest ways to cash out on your gift cards is to sell them to gift card exchange platforms.

However, one problem with this method even if it is the safest is that there are always scammers and rippers who are just out there to steal your card funds from you for their own benefit. If you want to avoid getting ripped off your card, follow these steps to sell gift cards in Nigeria for cash at a high rate. Fast transaction guaranteed;

  1. Download Dtunes App: One of the best, tested and trusted platforms to sell gift cards for cash in Nigeria is Dtunes. Dtunes have been around for quite some time and are always the go-to app to sell gift cards for cash in Nigeria for most people.

You can download the Dtunes app from either the Google play store or the Apple App Store depending on your smartphone OS. Below are the links to download the apps.

SignIn Copy 7

   2. Create An Account | Login: After downloading the app, go ahead to create an account and login into the app. It is a very simple process that will only take few seconds.

  3. Add Bank Details and Transaction Pin: Once you log in, you’ll get two pop-ups requesting that you add your bank details which will be used to withdraw your funds and also a transaction pin to make sure your funds are safe on the app and to prevent a third party from withdrawing your funds without your consent.

If you mistakenly close the pop-ups, you can go to settings to set them yourself.

The Best Way to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria for Cash

The Best Way to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria for Cash

The Best Way to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria for Cash


  4. On the Home Page Click Trade Gift Card: When you’re done adding all your details, you can now proceed to trade by clicking the home button and then tapping on “Trade Giftcards”

The Best Way to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria for Cash

  5. Choose The Gift Card To Trade: By tapping “Trade GiftCard” you’ll be directed to a page where you can select the gift card you want to exchange for cash. Go ahead to swipe through or click the drop-down to select your gift card type

The Best Way to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria for Cash

  6. Fill in card details: After selecting your card type, you’ll need to fill in your card details be it physical card or e-code, the card value, and other details like receipt, debit, no receipt, debit receipt etc.

The Best Way to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria for Cash

Once you’re done filling in the details, you’ll get to see your card exchange rate.

  7. Go ahead to click on proceed: This will take you to another page where you can upload your card info which can be code or an image and also specify the exact amount you want to sell off the card.

  8. Once all the details are filled in, you can then submit your card for trade. Once it’s been verified your wallet will be credited and you can proceed to withdraw to your bank account instantly. It is as simple as that.

Now that you know how to exchange your gift cards for cash easily online, you may also want to know which gift card types have the highest exchange rate in Nigeria.

The Best Way to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria for Cash

5 Gift cards with the highest rate in Nigeria

In case you’re the type who loves to cash out on gift cards, below are gift cards with the highest rate that you can request to be able to get a good retune in case you decide to sell.

Amazon Gift Card: One of the most well-liked gift cards in Nigeria is the Amazon Gift Card, which also offers a high exchange rate. On the Amazon platform, the card can be used to buy a wide variety of items, including books, gadgets, clothing, and more. You can be confident you’ll get high value for your Amazon gift card on Dtunes.

iTunes Gift Card: The card can be used to buy movies, TV series, music, and other items from the iTunes store. With a high exchange rate and outstanding value, iTunes Gift Cards are a fantastic option for anyone who enjoys entertainment.

Google Play Gift Card: For people who are interested in Android devices and the Android software ecosystem, the Google Play Gift Card is a popular option. The card can be used to buy a variety of Google Play Store products, including applications, games, books, and more. The Google Play Gift Card has a high exchange rate, making it a great option for tech-savvy those who enjoy trying out new games and apps.

Steam Gift Card: One of the greatest gift cards for PC gamers is the Steam Gift Card, which is a common choice among players. On the Steam platform, the card can be used to buy games, DLCs, and other things. Steam Gift Card is a great option for individuals who love to play games and want to play the newest releases. Be assured that you’ll get huge value if you decide to sell the card.

Walmart Gift Card: For people who enjoy shopping and are looking for the best bargains, a Walmart gift card is a fantastic option. Groceries, electronics, household appliances, and other items can all be bought with the card through the Walmart platform. However, since you’re in Nigeria your best bet is to cash out on your walmart gift card. A high rate is sure on walmart gift cards on Dtunes

How to check a gift card’s current rate

The Best Way to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria for Cash

In case you want to be up to date with gift cards rate so you can make better decisions when requesting gifts from your relative abroad, Dtunes have an online calculator you can use for free to check any gift card rate.

Just click Dtunes Gift Card Rate Calculator to check the rate of any card you may want to sell now or later on.

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