Christianity, Psychology, Mind-Body Supersymmetry & Biology

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By Nneka Okumazie

Every human being on earth is – a twin and this identical nature is the most blended supersymmetry in the universe.

Often, people point to the temple in describing where it is happening, or some – to the area of the heart, but in a major way, it is to point to [the side] where the other, is.

Mind-Body-Supersymmetry is another way to understand why the mind controls most of life.

There are people healthy, but their mind – the other, is heavy, weak, laying, troubled, etc.

The mind – like the body has physical interactions – has its environmental interactions.

It has what it sees, conversations presented to it, how it interprets things for the body and how it is positioned on certain topics.

The mind can be supportive, opposing, deceived, or captured.

There are many scenarios in life, where nothing else is more important than capturing minds, and for those whose minds are captured on ideology, they may be smart, exposed, or whatever else, but may remain unflinching over that matter.

Many times, the body can be defeated or held, but the mind remains anchored.

The mind is active – never going to rest, even when the body is asleep.

The mind often needs a boost – because of how prone it is to be languid, as it works continuously.

The mind brings, meets, takes and gets fed.

Sometimes, it is the mind that provides confidence for the body to be courageous.

The mind interacts – independently at times with other factors, putting the body in a position where it is hard to explain how come.

This supersymmetry remains opaque, though there’re observations, theories and experiences.

As people walk, talk, act, play, reach and try, there is the mind just by them, responsible for what they may never understand or acknowledge.

This is the reason why salvation – the gift of the Saviour, is to submit the mind and body to Jesus. This is not capturing as it happens everywhere else, but a submission, so that the mind has a superior leader.

This submission takes away the freedom to prevent the environment of play that the mind operates, to determine how life gets navigated since the body is not above the mind.

And on freedom, no one can just do anything, the laws to life and living says restrictions are inevitable, so if the mind has the best Leader – Christ, whose example, is a continuous aspiration, it makes the world a better place.

[1 Corinthians 2:16, For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.]

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