Civil Rights: The Limits of Racial Kid’s Gloves for African Americans

October 21, 2022
civil rights

By Nneka Okumazie

There are possibilities that some black personalities could undo years of efforts in civil rights and towards racial equality.

The objective was for equal opportunity for African Americans to do better economically, socially, culturally and in other ways against what the experience had been, from those who were forced to come to the continent for unfair labour.

Although there has been progress for decades and it continues, some black personalities have taken it to another direction, to say whatever they want against others under cover of having some protection because of prior subjugation.

There is a music individual who, for whatever reason, would say hurtful things about others that can never bring progress except to reflect badly on his people. He would not open up about his weaknesses, compulsions, motives and directives in a way that no one has to drive society towards looking inward; instead, he would speak of others, sometimes using lines from those who hate his people, claiming his right to, and attack anyone for saying things about him.

There is a former athlete and political individual running for office on another side from regular African Americans with certain views, where the pushback has been strong even in sources where they are cautious of ‘hurting’ African Americans.

The political individual would have realized that protections seem to exist within a boundary, but that out of that opens too much.

For African Americans, the future should be excellence, not doing what is common or what every other person does, but things that are new, exceptional and ahead of others, bearing monopolistic values that many others need.

It is not to seek better treatment in a time when the economy whips everyone, and individuals would often make economic choices, limiting how much can be tolerated, without merit, so to speak.

There are already African Americans excelling in entertainment, politics, business and in other areas, and it cannot be said that they are all being held back. The necessary thing is to lead in new ways for new rewards and pedestal for the community.

There will always be people in the community who would speak or act in ways to bring shame or become an embarrassment, but the lead in other areas would quickly redirect the assumption of those people for all to the necessities some of the community provides.

There is still a lot of hate, racism, and discrimination, and the experience is tough. There is also a lot of hypocrisy on racial equality or fake equal opportunity in some places; however, there must be detours from the protest-driven progress, or high sensitivity, to the sometimes building in silence, to lead others, growing in economic and advancement might.

People often blame money or capitalism for certain actions, which can be true, but human nature loves to dominate others, and money can be a tool, and it happens even when there is no money.

The future of African Americans has more internal work than external work.

[Psalm 146:3, Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.]

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