Modern Capitalism, Organized Crime, Monetary Theory and Economics

September 14, 2021
stacks of money

By Nneka Okumazie

That latest, expensive and sleek vehicle that turns heads, crime can buy it. That shiny object of classy economic pedigree can be afforded without doing legitimate work.

There is often this forgetfulness that crime drives luxury markets in many countries. In some cases, crime, corruption, cruelty and capitalism are all interchangeable.

There are many developing countries whose future is already tacked to organized crime.

There is just no way they’d have a society without a parallel of crime, as a means for survival – for many.

Capitalism, a dominant and thriving economic system, works well with certain parameters.

It maybe should be mostly confined to parts of society of production and exports focus.

Developing countries that allowed capitalism to pervade every part of society made a great mistake. For some, it may be reversible, for others they are almost certainly doomed.

There should be some communities where certain needs can be met without money or any kind of currency.

Those communities can have different systems of this, for different needs, but has to be so established, that certain people can go there if they are unable to find their way in money areas.

These communities would serve to provide ease for many – who may lack certain advantages, and also ensure that the need for crime, by some, who could potentially take it up, wanes.

The lack of these communities tuned everyone to the same frequency in many countries, and in those countries, their currency is pegged to others who have the advantage.

There are some countries that the poorer they become the more powerful money gets, and that powerfulness ripens crime, cruelty, corruption, bribery, deception, cheats, greed, etc. ossifying money in an unfit system.

Why won’t there be organized crime infusion in a country of negative production?

How won’t corruption thrive, when money is so hard, so tough, many justify anything so long the outcome is money?

Absolute capitalism is not exactly great for consumption societies, so something else has to balance out the low production.

There are some countries on all kinds of low interest rates and currency easing, as they continue to grapple with trade deficits.

There are others who would hike taxes, cut budgets while borrowing more because they cannot just afford much.

There is a finite theory of circulating money necessary for capitalism to do cool. There is also something about income within the international economic system, not just national.

The inability to be at advantage – for certain countries, keeps their people at the mercy of crime, without which survival ends.

There is just no way to keep the delusion of fighting organized crime – in the old form, without finding how to prevent some parts of capitalism responsible for it, as well as bifurcate systems in those countries, especially for certain needs in a few communities.

There are low income earners who sell stuff just for survival, maybe if they could survive without looking for those tiny incomes, they may find a way to contribute to outgoing production.

Capitalism sprawl, already weakened by the virus, continues to weaken, dis-focus and setback poor countries.

Inflation created elsewhere also trickles down – sometimes, on some products to locations, whose buying depends on price.

Capitalism should work on trust, growth, fair competition, etc. societies without those traits, evolved from centuries back maybe have monetary systems of catastrophe.

[Luke 2:3, And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.]

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