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Why We Are Championing Crusade For NIMMA—Odiakose



Why We Are Championing Crusade For NIMMA—Odiakose

Philip Odiakose

Lead Consultant of Nigeria’s leading and fastest growing Independent PR measurement and evaluation agency, Mr Philip Odiakose, has been in the forefront of establishing the Nigerian Media Monitoring and Measurement Association (NIMMA).

In this interview with BrandArena, Mr Odiakose explained why he is backing this and also the benefit of having that body to regulate the activities of Independent Media Monitoring and Measurement Agencies in Nigeria.

You have been a strong advocator for an Independent Media Monitoring and Measurement body in Nigeria for a year now, what has been the reaction of the IMC industry at large to your advocacy?

As I have always said, independent media measurement is the future and we are glad that that the IMC industry has started yielding to our plea. Since we started the campaign for an Independent measurement and evaluation to better brand experience, acceptance from PR agencies and communications managers has increased by 20% from 0%. Again, we are not there yet, but we are taking giant strides to make both PR agencies and clients understand the value of  an independent measurement and evaluation service.

You were recently in Ghana for AMEC Measurement Month, can you share with us some of the highlights of the event and what can you say the acceptance of Independent Measurement and Evaluation in the continent like presently?

Yes, we co-hosted the event with Media Monitor in Ghana for the AMEC Measurement Month. The AMEC Measurement Month initially used to run within a period of one week, but due to the increasing interest of practitioners in Measurement and Evaluation, AMEC Measurement Week became extended to a period of one month. It was a forum that required PR Measurement consultants around the world to sensitize PR agencies, communications managers and media practitioners on the importance to integrate measurement and evaluation into their communications strategy and the importance of the new AMEC framework.

We were also there to communicate our success rate as there has been an increase in awareness for brands and communications managers to see the need to engage an Independent measurement and evaluation agency for brand health check and performance audit, which is something that P+ has been pioneering and preaching for the Nigeria market. Brands are starting to understand that allowing their PR agencies to mark their own homework is doing a lot of damage to brands.

Is the current Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) method being used by practitioners good enough for communication/PR evaluation?

The fight against the use of AVE has been on for decades, the use of AVE in this part of the country is still very high as agencies believe it is the only way to show value for their spend, which the AVE analysis has been doing a lot of damage than good to brands in their care. It is important to note that at P+ Measurement Services we use measurement standards which are acceptable all over the world and we stand with the Barcelona Principle 2:0 vs 5 which states that AVE is not the true reflection of value for ROI. Let me make this clear, that the word ROI is wrongly used in the PR practice, as all eyes tend to look at the financial figure in PR, neglecting the fact that PR is all about reputation, image building, crisis management and media relations. So when measuring the impact of PR on brands, key KPIs like, JRM, SOI, SOV, reach, cyberspace analysis, spokesperson impact, reputation measurement, journalist/Blogger loyalty analysis, message sentiment analysis, competitive analysis should be looked deeply into.  Public and Media perception Audit of a brand should be checked quarterly or bi-annually; which will require the input of an Independent Measurement and Evaluation agency.

Why do you think we should have an Independent Measurement and Evaluation body in Nigeria? What are the pros and cons?

I think the creation of such body is long overdue, we have a lot of media monitoring and evaluation agencies in Nigeria, which have been in operation in Nigeria for years under the umbrella of PRCAN and APCON. I think it is time we own an association and a body that regulates and creates best practices for media monitoring and evaluation in Nigeria. For example, South Africa has an Independent Association called SAMMA (South African Media Monitoring and Measurement Association) governing the Media Monitoring and Measurement consultant. There are no Independent associations in Nigeria for the consultant in Nigeria, which is why some of us run to APCON or PRCAN when an association letter is required to get certain businesses which are very wrong.

Secondly, the non-availability of an Independent monitoring and measurement body, gives the reason why PR or advertising agencies can take Independent monitoring briefs; which is unethical, unhealthy and unprofessional for an agency to mark their own homework. It is not right for you to be the accused, the judge and jury of your work

Having an Independent Monitoring and Measurement association will break such unethical practices and bridge the gap between PR agencies and independent measurement practitioners.

There are rumours that some PR agencies are considering the establishment of new agencies that will cover communication measurement and evaluation, do you think it’s possible for such agencies to be objective in their reports?

Really, that will be unprofessional for such PR agency, as well as unhealthy for a brand. I think we need to stop looking at the monthly PR retainer for a minute and think of the brand health, questions like ‘Is it healthy for me to mark my own homework and still deliver value to the brand”?

It is still awkward when I hear PR agencies say they do media monitoring in-house,  a known Communications director said and I quote “PR agencies marking their own homework  is just like a student who writes an exam and also mark his own scripts”. I think PR agencies should start seeing Independent Measurement and Evaluation agencies as friends rather than competitors as we are all in the business to create an unforgettable brand experience.

Are brand owners giving encouraging support for your operations so far?

I will say the sensitization is penetrating gradually and fast, as brands are beginning to separate Media monitoring and measurement from PR agency briefs. Communications and PR managers are also turning advocates for the independent measurement as they have seen the impact and value we have provided with our timely media intelligence report. Business decisions are made and strategies are created from our work and we expect more ownership from more communications and brand managers in the future to be advocates. An example of such is the just concluded Edo state governorship election, which P+ Measurement Services was appointed as the Independent Monitoring and Measurement Consultant for one of the aspirant, our timely delivery and media intelligence report played a major role in the emergence of the current elected Governor of the state; in which we worked alongside Tony Usidamen, the CEO of UBURU an Independent communications agency in Lagos, and Media manager to the Governor during the campaign.

How many Independent Monitoring and Measurement agencies do we have presently in Nigeria?

You will be shocked to know, we have over 7 known media monitoring and measurement agencies in Nigeria;  that is why it is imperative to create an Independent Monitoring and Measurement body to regulate and set best practices for our industry and  guiding measurement and evaluation activities in the right direction.

Any on-going plan towards the establishment of a government recognized body a reality?

The plan is already in motion and being implemented as we speak, but that will not stop members from belonging to the global body AMEC, which governs the activities of all measurement and evaluation practitioners in the world.  P+ Measurement Services happens to be a member of AMEC.

What else will you like to share with us?

The future of the monitoring and measurement industry in Nigeria is an industry where we are called in during the planning phase to help determine a scope for how to measure results of  campaigns on all media platforms from the start. Where brands and consumers will enjoy a full brand experience knowing that the right research and data is given all through each campaign, where agencies and clients are in unison and I will not stop preaching the importance of a unified smooth working IMC which includes independent measurement and evaluation.

Dipo Olowookere is a journalist based in Nigeria that has passion for reporting business news stories. At his leisure time, he watches football and supports 3SC of Ibadan. Mr Olowookere can be reached via


Zenith Bank Retains Award for Adherence to Global Best Practices



Zenith Bank

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

For adhering to global best practices and institutionalising corporate governance, Zenith Bank Plc against been announced as the Best Corporate Governance Financial Services in Africa.

This is the fourth consecutive year the financial institution is running away with the award, setting an industry-wide example of best practices in corporate governance on the continent.

The lender was bestowed with this recognition by the Ethical Boardroom in the Spring 2023 edition of its magazine.

Ethical Boardroom is a trailblazing and leading international magazine that delivers in-depth coverage and critically-astute analysis of global corporate governance issues to help boards stay ahead of the governance curve.

The chief executive of Zenith Bank, Mr Ebenezer Onyeagwu, dedicated the award to the company’s founder and Chairman, Mr Jim Ovia, for providing the template for an enduring and very successful institution.

He also dedicated it to the board for their vision and outstanding leadership, the staff for their dedication and commitment, and the bank’s customers for their unwavering loyalty to the brand.

“I am extremely pleased that Zenith Bank has been awarded the Ethical Boardroom Corporate Governance Award as a regional governance champion for the fourth year.

“No doubt, the bank’s board has pioneered the exemplary governance culture for which we are now renowned. Indeed, this recognition reflects our steadfast commitment, discipline and high ethos in the conduct of our business and dedication to the principles of good corporate governance.

“This award will motivate us to strengthen this culture internally and advocate for good governance at every forum,” Mr Onyeagwu said.

Zenith Bank has been generally adjudged a Corporate Governance compliant bank by the Nigerian Exchange (NGX) hence its listing on the Premium Board of the Exchange.

The firm continues to sustain this reputation and reappraise its processes to ensure that its business always conforms to the highest global standards.

Its track record of excellent performances has continued to earn it numerous awards, including being recognised as the Number One Bank in Nigeria by Tier-1 Capital, for the 13th consecutive year, in the 2022 Top 1000 World Banks Ranking published by The Banker Magazine; Bank of the Year (Nigeria) in The Banker’s Bank of the Year Awards 2020 and 2022; Best Bank in Nigeria, for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2022, in the Global Finance World’s Best Banks Awards; Best Commercial Bank, Nigeria 2021 and 2022 in the World Finance Banking Awards; Best Corporate Governance Bank, Nigeria in the World Finance Corporate Governance Awards 2022; Best Commercial Bank, Nigeria and Best Innovation In Retail Banking, Nigeria in the International Banker 2022 Banking Awards. Also, the bank emerged as the Most Valuable Banking Brand in Nigeria in the Banker Magazine Top 500 Banking Brands 2020 and 2021, and Retail Bank of the year, for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2022, at the BusinessDay Banks and Other Financial Institutions (BAFI) Awards. Similarly, Zenith Bank was named as Bank of the Decade (People’s Choice) at the ThisDay Awards 2020, Bank of the Year 2021 by Champion Newspaper, Bank of the Year 2022 by New Telegraph Newspaper, and Most Responsible Organisation in Africa 2021 by SERAS Awards.

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Small Business Owners in Edo Hail Wema Bank for Support



Wema Bank small business owners in Edo

By Dipo Olowookere

Wema Bank Plc has been praised by small business owners in Edo State for equipping them with the skills needed to scale up their operations.

Between May 22 and 26, 2023, the financial institution trained 250 participants on business management skills, entrepreneurial knowledge, and financial and marketing management skills to boost the success of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the South-South region of the country.

The workshop, organised under the Wema Bank SME Business School, was the fifth edition held at the Uyi Grand Event Centre, Benin City, the state capital, and comprised SME customers and non-customers.

One of the beneficiaries, Ms Edith Igabali, commended Wema Bank for the knowledge-laden seminar which has broadened her perspective on SME management.

“Wema Bank is trying for me; they have made me what I am today. The session was power packed, fun, and educative,” she said.

Another participant and SME owner, Ms Love Onobrakpor, expressed gratitude to the bank for the highly impactful programme, adding that she had no regrets about taking time off work to attend the one-week session.  “It was interesting and highly interactive, well worth it,” she stated.

For Ms Precious Izedonmi, she said, “I have been greatly impacted, and I am grateful for the privilege; it can never be trivialized.”

The Head of SME Banking at Wema Bank, Mr Arthur Nkemeh, after the session, expressed his appreciation to “our partners and every facilitator for the session and most importantly our customers who trust us to give them excellent financial services.”

“We will continue to offer superior customer service to our customers with business facilities and advisory services that will help scale up their business; this is one of the many offers to come from Wema Bank,” he said.

The Wema Bank SME Business School was launched in Lagos in 2021 to boost the capacity and skills of SMEs to help them achieve their business objectives.

The second edition took place virtually, while the third and fourth editions happened in Abuja and Port Harcourt, respectively.

The Edo State edition had a very rich and relevant curriculum that directly addressed the issues within the Nigerian SME sector.

The faculty and facilitators also comprised experienced and highly knowledgeable experts in various fields who made the training not only worth the while but beneficial in terms of knowledge gained and new insights revealed about SME management.

The curriculum included a macroeconomic review of the Nigerian economy, business strategy formulation and execution, sales and marketing, customer experience value management, financial management, sustainability, leadership, communication and people management.

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NAMB Directs MFBs to Update Recapitalisation Status 



Microfinance Banks

By Adedapo Adesanya

The National Association of Microfinance Banks (NAMB) has directed all licensed Microfinance Banks (MFBs) nationwide to update it on their recapitalisation status for assessment and follow-up actions with the regulatory authorities.

This was disclosed by the Executive Secretary of the association, Mr Shikir Caleb, after the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) revoked the licences of 179 banks for not adhering to regulations.

The central bank had said that it revoked the MFBs licences due to failure to fulfil or comply with the conditions subject to which their licences were granted.

The apex bank said the banks were sanctioned because they failed to comply with the obligations imposed upon them by the apex bank in accordance with the provisions of Banks.

Now, NAMB said that the latest decision was taken in Abuja at an emergency meeting of the leaders of the NAMB after vigorous deliberations on the latest licence revocation action of many MFBs by the CBN.

According to NAMB, the meeting had in attendance the Board of Trustees, the Past Presidents, and members of the National Working Committee.

The association said that the meeting had its main agenda the revocation of the licences of the affected MFBs and how to proactively forestall future negative occurrences in the MFB sub-sector of the financial system.

“Following the review and deliberations on the licence revocation matter, the top leaders of the NAMB directed that the various state chapters should categorize the affected micro lenders into MFBs that have fully re-capitalised but yet to be approved by CBN.

“MFBs that have not been fully re-capitalised but had ongoing discussions for funding; MFBs that were yet to re-capitalise; and MFBs that have long closed shop,” it said.

According to the statement, the leaders further advised any MFB that had fully re-capitalised but yet to be approved by CBN to present its submissions to the Secretariat with a summary of its recapitalization status as of date.

It was also disclosed that leaders also agreed that the association would review the submissions and have a meeting with all MFBs this Thursday (June 1) in Abuja “with a view to collating all submissions for engagement with the management of CBN.”

Commenting on the licence revocation, the NAMB National President, Mr Joshua Ukute, rued the ugly development and promised that the “leadership of the association would continue to intensify its self-regulation activities in all MfBs nationwide to forestall this type of occurrence.

“We have also mandated the Secretariat of the NAMB to do more by enlightening the public, especially all stakeholders in the association’s financial inclusion drive value-chain with the aim of building confidence in the microfinance Bank sub-sector of the financial system.

“As you all know, the MFBs have, over the years, remained at the forefront of the financial inclusion strategy agenda’s implementation.

“And, they will continue to do their best to deepen financial services, especially in remote communities that the big players are not ready to go,” he added.

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