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January 9, 2021
Political Economy

By Nneka Okumazie

As political turmoil mounts in the United States, there’s that giant worry of a question, what does this mean for the future?

How consequential is this event, this act for what is to come in the US, and for the world, in the time ahead of all?

Some of the justifications of the present display are rooted in the said maltreatment received, by others, in the last few years, so delivering a response seems fair game.

But in this orbit of political vengeance, destruction is somewhere in the gravity, seeking re-entry.

Some things have happened that no one thought was possible, and there would be things ahead that’d happen, that no one will see coming or think possible – positive or otherwise.

The problem with hate – at heart is the load it holds with many, finding nothing else as important, than getting higher hate unloaded.

Something collapsed.

Something, with an ensemble of irrationality, runs riot.

There is just no easy dismissing of complex divisions with unyielding ends.

It may be to hope for the best, or to wait and see, or to watch and pray – for genuine Christians, not for those to whom Christianity is an ideology or a signal of fake superiority by a group.

Christ said love – enemies, neighbours, strangers, all, just love.

Not hate, not destruction, not kill, not steal, not violence – regardless of what side, or what right.

Politics has failed, at least in this age of the internet.

Hope in any politics, politician, win, or office is maybe probably naught.

Jesus offers hope – pure heart, life in acknowledgement of the resurrection and rest.

The future may bear unspeakable darkness. The future may carry unknowns of unprecedented scale, but the future of those in Christ remains assured – tracked towards eternal life.

If anyone cannot see that lasting hope or happiness anywhere or in anything is almost likely impossible, then the individual must always look back, and check what sets of previous hopes – years ago – means now?

[Proverbs 27:1, Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.]

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