Christianity, Astronomy, Solar System & Overpopulation of Mars

picture of Mars
Image Credit: BBC

By Nneka Okumazie

It may seem in contrast to sight, but this earth – for everyone, is a place inhabited alone.

It is usual to have loved ones, social and professional circles, supporters, allies, etc. But there are troubles that make anyone, everyone helpless.

For the individual in the experience, regardless of support, care, words or anything, it is just basically alone.

It is like here, but others are there.

Though for some, it is worse, they find no one –any least possible support.

One of their pains is that oh, there’s no one.

But really, is there anyone?

There are things facilities and instruments can do, but there are situations beyond those, and even others beyond what’s beyond, that nothing can move.

The definition of love, for some, is linked to what they can feel, or what they want, need, or expect, but what many experience is bell love: appreciates, peaks then plummets.

It is also often subject to factors and time-constrained.

Yet, to have that is the prevalent desire.

Yes, a physical world has to run on what can be seen, felt, heard, etc.

But broadening situations, more than just those are necessary to prevail.

The love of Jesus is what some already stereotyped – assuming its relevance.

But that love – the greatest, is a mighty fortress.

Not seeing, feeling or able to understand how it totally works, does not mean it is not potent.

In the heart, being able to ask for mercy, in tribulation, with the knowledge of Christ’s love, is mightier than any physical or similar prowess.

Knowing that Christ alone is for one – nothing else is potent.

It may be impossible to fully know the extents of Christ’s love while on earth, but the hope in the love, and faith, is beyond any trouble, position, psychology, knowledge, etc.

[Psalm 46:7, The Lord of Hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.]

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