Christianity, Cluelessness, Conflict and Decision Making


By Nneka Okumazie

Making the right decision is often seen as a good thing – but the right decision based on what?

There are many right decisions in the past that became future mistakes.

There are many decisions measured on agreement with ideology, desires, trends, status, etc. They may seem right, but they aren’t necessarily so.

There are layers to how right – decisions – are.

From overall, to mid and mildly, towards correcting the past, making the present better and preparing the future, even for those unconnected to one.

There are numerous disquisition of history, expressing mistakes that many made, even if at the time, they thought were okay.

Through history, people often look back, assessing what those who lived before did wrong – but almost likely, they do correlated stuff and their future looks back at them and their wrongs.

It is possible to say that at any time – only a few people really know what they’re doing.

Majority of people will not know what they are doing, and this, sometimes, can be everyone.

It is hard to find balance in a world where everyone is often confused in the present time – doing things but unsure of where it would lead.

So, there’s the unknown, with doing, that makes making the – real – right decision a high tower.

A group of two formed alliance with a third of separate ideology because of an evil leader, only to defeat that evil, while the third alliance became a major problem for more than a half-century.

Some people forced labour on others, using ruthless wickedness, forgetting that there will be a future for those people and that experience will continue to be a flashpoint in interrelations, albeit those involved are dead.

There are countless examples of cluelessness through history but was seen as right in their eyes or decision.

Technology is great but would have its lost generation. Some people attached to it, depending on it for much – especially amassing fun or pleasure, may look back later on and not even find ashes.

Carrying a bag, if dropped to the floor, it can be recovered; if dropped on water, maybe recovered and brought back to shape, but if met by fire or meets fire, it would be irrevocably gone.

This is same with wrong decisions everywhere, with everyone at some point – in this life.

The combination of physical and psychological energy for anyone should be an opportunity to make the world a better place in doing but it is often diverted to the wrong stuff, keeping the world on similar problems from the past like deceit, lust, greed, strife, wickedness, evil, envy, pride, unknown intentions, gossip, traps, harm, hate, etc.

For genuine Christians, the narrow way of the ultimate right decision – accepting and following Jesus – is one to always fit in because the experience of knowing a great mistake was made is often almost injuriously painful.

How about the irreversible one?

[Job 18:8, For he is cast into a net by his own feet, and he walketh upon a snare.]

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