Christianity, Electoral Fraud and Vanity

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By Nneka Okumazie

There’s tragedy with vanity, in being unable to see how gone away – an individual has.

There’s wisdom in vanity check or measures of vanity in anything or activity.

There were people, just a few decades ago, who at their peak, did whatever they chose, avaricious, ruining and inexorable but are dust at present, with all their build – gone and sour to memory.

There’s often a lot of deceit in the present, with what is seen, felt, wanted, rated or deemed vital but vanity is written all over.

There is so much vanity of the past, affecting the present, so will many of what is getting destroyed now, affect the future – in ways and measures beyond the imaginative scope.

There’s a lot, contended for, that can be classified with vanity – power, pleasure, desire, status, security, etc.

But is bad air to this world.

The way the world works, as often said, is like saying remember others will pursue vanity to a very irrational degree.

There are some whose misadventure is being collateral damage to the vanity of certain people.

This world is at the edge.

It is not until conflicts that seem like risks abound. Just with existing or extemporaneous vanity, things could be ruined for the present and future.

But is it possible to find people with little vanity?

What, if any, is the place with checks on the pursuit of vanity?

Who has shown a living example, of no vanity – in words, conduct, example and gift?

If it is possible to pursue the example of fewer vanities, societies would be better, but this world is not that venue.

There’s an afterlife – as described in the Scriptures. There’s also a future – on this earth if Christ tarries.

The choice of the path of vanity or the way of life is to individuals.

There is so much to pursue – but little use capacity.

There were people who in their ruthless capitalist or other ideologies amassed lots of wealth, yes died rich, but in life could not wear it all at once or eat it all at once and in death can touch nothing.

There is often the talk of the weak, underprivileged, or those at the receiving end of injustice, but who is better than anyone and can say that in another hundred years?

Jesus told His people about what to seek and showed how to live.

Following Christ genuinely is social distancing from vanity far and away.

It counts – every action in this life.

If for vanity it sets the world back.

If not, it makes the world a better place.

[Psalm 62:9, Truly men of low birth are nothing, and men of high position are not what they seem; if they are put in the scales together they are less than a breath.]

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