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Worship God

By Nneka Okumazie

One advantage for devout Christians in whatever challenge or situation they face is worship. There is always one thing to remember about the creator that could take the mind through the rough road of life’s tribulations.

Sometimes, it is to remember the creation. Sometimes, it is to remember the miracles in the scriptures. Sometimes, it is to look at scientific revelations to appreciate God’s almighty.

Sometimes, it is to remember battles and wars He won for His people in the scriptures. Sometimes, it is to remember that God knows and sees everything in a world where everyone’s physical ability is limited.

Sometimes, it is to remember the promises of the Lord. Sometimes, it is to remember the humility of Christ. Sometimes, it is to remember God’s grace.

But some people have said grace is selfish, if grace does something for one and not others.

No, grace is not measured by inverse proportionality.

If privilege of birth from a country, or family, or a certain physical or mind advantage is read as unfair, that is not the same measure of grace.

True Christians found forgiveness of sin and change with Christ, that isn’t possible anywhere. They hear from the spirit of God, as their comforter, guide, helper and more. They go through sanctification and consecration, solidifying obedience – to Jesus – as the only option.

Grace is a reason to worship, looking far beyond physical advantage.

Heaven also, is another reason to worship.

The creator created life – in part, to fellowship with and worship Him.

The creator gave people the option to come unto Him.

For believers, the ultimate location for eternal worship is heaven.

Some people said, but heaven will be boring. Well, no.

There are lots of things on earth to prevent boredom that people have, but all satisfaction in this world levels out, losing its initial spark, and would consistently require tweaks for spikes in happiness.

Heaven, where God – the creator, dwells is immeasurable.

The wonders of present day technology were never accurately predicted half a century ago, so are the exact advances of the next century unknown, except guesses, efforts and uncertainty.

So, how can anyone know the possibilities of heaven, beyond any future this world would ever have?

If a devout Christian is in trouble, or facing challenges, even if some worship may not get the mind in good shape at that moment, it is always great to seek out the right worship to be lost, in God’s endlessness.

[Deuteronomy 33:27, The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and He shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, destroy them.]

Dipo Olowookere is a journalist based in Nigeria that has passion for reporting business news stories. At his leisure time, he watches football and supports 3SC of Ibadan. Mr Olowookere can be reached via

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