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By Nneka Okumazie

It is possible to reach deep depths of philosophical explorations, yet be unable to find Christ.

It is possible that many great philosophers found many of the words of Christ applicable in multiple schools of thoughts, but refused to acknowledge because of what they think is control or submission to Christianity, telling what to do or not.

There’s the knowledge by everyone – at some point – that the world is complex.

There is a sense of curiosity with many.

There is also a sense of refusal to accept answers to unknowns, but to find alternatives, or leave it hard to grasp.

Philosophers often have ranging views, with some seeming contrarian for the sake of it, and others really logical.

Philosophers also have an extraction skill, knowing what to accept or reject from sources.

There have been many star philosophers in recent centuries, whom from their minds, had certain thought breakthroughs. At that peak, they found themselves in the cabin of confidence to question or discard anything.

There are applications of popular philosophies.

There are sometimes wide-ranging views that from observation – is cyclical so that when it happens next, the philosopher is proven right.

However, the most talented of philosophers in their element, will not – always – acknowledge the limitations of mind and knowledge.

It is possible to get many things right – which by itself is the greatness, but the unknowns can turn any feat into the sunset.

The confidence of knowledge and courage to pursue it has been important in how this world became better habitable for all.

But problems that follow advances are often a warning to take heed against absolute reliance on the supremacy of human knowledge.

Though both problems are grand, it is easier – for now, to mitigate poverty than to make every utility biodegradable.

Biodegradation as a priority in lots of recent works and talks is a problem that came with humongous industrialization, which is sweet, but at the sweat of the human labour and the environment.

The philosophers that wrote off Christianity blocked open mind for what some of their followers would have at least learned on history, wisdom and philosophy.

Just looking through the Scriptures to extract the ends of scenarios is remarkably valuable.

There is so much today, that everyone feels is new and a different time, but yes, in what world, a different one, or the same one through history?

On Jesus Christ, many may feel uncomfortable, incredulous or dismissive, but looking just at the concept of power or the ability to have control then use it, mostly to one’s advantage or benefit of choosing, all humans – including the smartest – will always fall short.

[Psalm 82:1, God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; He judgeth among the gods.]

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